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  1. C

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Columbia Film MFA - Fall 2022

    Columbia's deadline was the last of any of my schools, which gave me time to hone the application. The info session I attended was a tad off-putting, but the curriculum seems good and I appreciate the inclusion of a film treatment in the requirements.
  2. V

    Reapplying - how different should the personal statement be?

    Hello, I'm reapplying to AFI, NYU and Columbia this year (got an interview at Columbia last year). I have gained a lot more experience in the past year so will add information about that in my personal statement but a lot of my tastes, formative experiences and storytelling interests will be...
  3. V

    UCLA MFA Film: statement of purpose vs personal statement?

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody knew what exactly the different vibes/content UCLA want for their statement of purpose )1-2 pages) and the general application personal statement? Thanks! MFA Film btw
  4. C

    University of Utah vs University Of New Orleans?

    Hello, Today I received my acceptance letter from the University of Utah and the University of New Orleans. Those are the only schools I applied to. Now I am confused about which one to choose. Both gave me a good financial package. Any suggestions about which one is a better program? Thank you.
  5. J

    Fairleigh Dickinson University - MFA in Film

    Does anyone have any insight into FDU's MFA in film? Here's a link to the program's page: MFA Film | Fairleigh Dickinson University I can't find much information re: alumni or program outcomes, and their curriculum description is a bit lacking.
  6. K

    Denied (w/o Interview) Columbia MFA Screenwriting/Directing

  7. V

    I'm applying for MFA Film at NYU, AFI (directing) and Columbia. I have a few questions about the personal statement and the general portfolio :))

    I'm an applicant from London and have very little guidance about the process in general. I have been seen differing advice online about the personal statement - one side of the spectrum is that it should be heavy on academic intent (the kind of work I want to do later in life as well as at the...
  8. Y

    Applied Emerson College - MFA Film and Media Art -- Fall 2021

  9. Ep317

    MFA Film Photo Option for Visual Submission - USC / NYU / UCLA

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying for the MFA Film program, specifically the cinematography program at USC, NYU, and UCLA. Each school gives the option of submitting a Video or Photo visual sample. I have been doing photography full time for the past couple of years...
  10. Dean

    NYU MFA Grad Film 2018 Applicants

    I'm amazed to see that there is no thread for NYU Grad Film this year. So I decided to become to the first to do so. I'm anxiously keeping an eye on my Vimeo view reports. And I'd like to propose the purpose of this thread as a place to share every fellow NYU applicants received direct and...
  11. Narah

    Greetings from Florida

    Hello everyone! I am a recent graduate from the University of South Florida (USF)! I want to pursue an MFA and I am starting my application process now. I look forward to your insights and being able to collectively help each other! This is my list of schools so far.. 1. USC (CA) 2. FSU...
  12. C


    Hi all! @HBG asked for a dedicated Tisch thread, so here goes. For those who did not see my earlier posts, Susan Carnival told me last Thursday that invites for grad film applicants will go out over the next two weeks. So we should expect emails/calls the weeks of Feb. 13 and Feb.20. I'm...
  13. Christopher Gooley

    Anyone willing to read?

    I would like to get feedback on my Family Guy Spec script and my pilot I wrote! I am submitting it to other programs but I did submit it to NYU and part of it to Columbia!
  14. S

    Film Directing vs Film/Video program at CalArt

    Hi everybody, is anyone has insights about CalArts' these two MFA programs? What is the difference between them? It looks like the Directing program is more demanding while the film/video one is more experimental. I would be appreciate if anybody could give some information to me. Thanks!
  15. EclecticMel21

    Columbia University MFA Film : FALL 2017

    Hey all, I hope everybody who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. The application deadline is a few short days away so I wanted to create a thread for those of us interested in the Columbia MFA film program. It would be great to have folks to talk to during the next couple of...
  16. screenqueen

    Ohio University 2017

    Hi, I'm a student in the MFA program at Ohio University, and because these forums helped me a lot when I was applying, I figured I'd start a thread for anyone looking for info on OU's program for the upcoming application cycle. I'm not an official representative, but any questions you might...
  17. Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film - Directing for Stage & Screen MFA

    Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film - Directing for Stage & Screen MFA

    The guiding vision for our directing program is our deep commitment to telling stories in strongly theatrical work and bravely exploring all the technologies at our disposal. Students admitted into this program are selected through the University / Resident Theatre Association (URTA)...
  18. University of Miami - School of Communication - (M.F.A.) Program in Motion Pictures

    University of Miami - School of Communication - (M.F.A.) Program in Motion Pictures

    The Masters of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Program in Motion Pictures at the Cinema and Interactive Media Department at the University of Miami is committed to training moving image artists at the highest professional levels, offering a three-year MFA degree with flexible specialization in Producing...
  19. IndecisiveElle

    2017 - MFA Applicants

    Well here we go again. Being here for a second year, it feels appropriate to kick off this year's application thread. I have to say, I jumped into my applications last year pretty half cocked and I'm excited to be much more active in the process this go around. I'm keeping really busy by...
  20. Chris W

    Emerson College - MFA in Writing for Film and Television

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School Emerson College - MFA in Writing for Film and Television. Please add to the discussion here.

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