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  1. D

    So I just read some threads from 2015

    Turns out those who got rejected never received emails??? They just got their letters in the mail around mid-March (which, if you ask me, is cruel). Apparently, someone had done this thing where they logged into: (just put in your USC ID and birthday) and...
  2. O. Wesley Nelson

    Film School MFA - Second (or third) time's the charm?

    People who got accepted to an mfa program on your second/third attempt: do such people even exist? Or is it foolish for me keep trying? Please share your story to light the way. Especially screenwriters (since I'm dealing with rejection right now).
  3. Ele

    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2018 (Fall 2018)

    Hi! Has anyone heard back from UCLA's Screenwriting MFA yet (2018)? Just wondering if anyone has already been selected for an interview. If selected, when do you guys think we can expect to hear from them? I know it varies from year to year, just wondering if interviews have already started.
  4. You have to make it happen.

    You have to make it happen.

    We all want to make movies. We wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case. But making any movie, even a short can feel daunting no matter how much experience you have. Here's how I made my hopefully triumphant return to directing. I'll start from the very beginning... The Script - How did I...
  5. Western State Colorado University (WSCU)

    Western State Colorado University (WSCU)

    Western State Colorado University’s low-residency program offers both the MA and MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting (they also offer tracks in Genre Fiction and Poetry and a Certificate in Publishing). Screenwriting students study both film and TV writing, as well as...
  6. Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage

    Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage

    Our two-year MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage is founded upon these five principles, principles that have also guided Northwestern's highly successful undergraduate Creative Writing for the Media Program. Art What is it I want to say? What's the best idiom in which to say it? Craft What...
  7. University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) - Screenwriting MFA

    University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) - Screenwriting MFA

    Graduates from the UNCSA Screenwriting program will start their careers in the field with a confidence that can only come from this intensive, hands-on, and also nurturing program. Our two-year program will not only immerse you in challenging progression of fundamental and advanced screenwriting...
  8. DePaul University - MFA in Screenwriting

    DePaul University - MFA in Screenwriting

    The Master of Fine Arts is a highly selective two-year program designed to cultivate the writer's voice through a demanding curriculum focused on the craft of screenwriting that culminates in a comprehensive film and television portfolio of original work. Additionally, writers are educated on...
  9. Boston University - College of Communication (M.F.A. Screenwriting)

    Boston University - College of Communication (M.F.A. Screenwriting)

    A well-rounded screenwriter is a more effective screenwriter. That’s why a well-rounded curriculum lies at the heart of Boston University’s two-year graduate screenwriting program.
  10. M

    CSULA mfa VS. pepperdine MFA screnwriting program

    So need some advice. I got into CSULA screenwriting program and Pepperdines screenwriting program. So pepperdine highlights: -Private, 2 year program, In Maibu, 44 units and you graduate cost is $71,000 roughly total( not a highlight) CSULA highlights: -Price is $17,900 total - is 3 year...
  11. M

    CSULA MFA Dramatic writting Advice

    Hello Everyone, I just got in to CSULA mfa program in screenwriting and wanted to get peoples thoughts of the program. DId you learn alot? Was the program benificial? Those sorts of things. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks you
  12. W

    Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage Fall 2016

    I was admitted to the program and would love to hear from others who have been accepted and are considering Northwestern! Especially with decision deadlines approaching, it would be great to hear people's impressions of the program (both past and present!).
  13. Alison Hendrix

    Screenwriting MFA Application Advice

    Hi all! Graduated last year with a BA in Cinema Studies and English Writing. Am applying to this year's round of Screenwriting MFAs. I'm from NY so I'm really trying to only do USC, UCLA, and Michener. Was wondering if any acceptees were still lurking around and could offer up some general...
  14. N

    Applying to MFA Screenwriting Programs in the Fall

    Hello, I'm Sebastian from LA and I'm currently attending Emerson College for a BFA in Film Production. I recently found out I'm only four credits away from graduating a whole year early, so I'm taking the challenge of taking an online class next semester so that I could graduate spring 2016...
  15. eggparanoia

    AFI (Screenwriting) vs Columbia (Directing/Screenwriting) - Fall '15

    Hey all, I'm in the fortunate quandary of having to decide between AFI and Columbia in the next two weeks. AFI seems like a great place for people who know they want just writing for two years -- and to be where the action is. Columbia seems like a great place for people who want more of the...
  16. J

    Am I too young to be accepted onto an MFA in Screenwriting?

    British graduate applying for a Screenwriting MFA at UCLA, USC, NYU and the London Film School (and maybe a couple of others) for 2015/16. I'll be 23 at the programme's start. Question is, how much importance do film schools place on the applicant's age/life experience? Can I hope to rely on...
  17. Bettina Moss

    National University MFA in Professional Screenwriting hybrid program

    This relatively new program is a very doable hybrid - only one residency course on site in Los Angeles - all other classes online. National University is a highly accredited university by WASC. Focus is on ALL PROFESSIONAL FACULTY who work in the business and teach. The onsite residency...
  18. K

    Schools with best financial aid?

    I'm looking to apply to MFA programs this fall (mostly in screenwriting). I was wondering which schools are known for giving out good financial aid packages. I just graduated from college and would like to avoid going much more in debt (though I realize some debt is inevitable). Thanks...