1. M

    Applied USC - Peter Stark Producing Program Fall 2019

  2. WriterK90

    Applied Columbia - Screenwriting/Directing MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  3. WriterK90

    Applied UT Austin Michener - Screenwriting MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  4. WriterK90

    Applied UT Austin - Screenwriting MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  5. WriterK90

    Applied USC - Writing for Screen and TV MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  6. WriterK90

    Applied AFI - Screenwriting MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  7. WriterK90

    Applied Chapman - TV writing and Producing MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  8. Operator

    Recommendation Letters

    Has anyone successfully gotten an interview or accepted to a top MFA program without having all the required recommendation letters? I'm applying to USC and I only have 2 out of 3 letters in. Looks like the third person dropped off the face of the planet and I don't know of anyone else willing...
  9. J

    Is it possible to get into a M.F.A program without any prior film making experience?

    I went to a liberal arts college and my school only offered a hand full of film related classes. Right now I am mainly considering applying to masters in film studies (film analysis, theory,...) to pursue an academic career. Although I am happy with the idea of pursuing film in the academic...
  10. seok

    Syracuse MFA Fall 2019

    Hi all, My name is Seok and I'm currently in my third year doing MFA in Film at Syracuse University (Transmedia VPA). It's a pretty neat program with amazing faculty and people. We are generally more geared to independent films and the MFA program admits between 5-8 people per year. I know film...
  11. Fernando González Ortiz

    MBA/MFA options

    Hi, I'm a filmmaker from Mexico and I'm currently looking into graduate opportunities for the Fall of 2019. I'm specially looking for MBA/MFA dual degrees. The reason behind this is that Mexico has a very rich film culture but the industry is still thriving and finding its way to become...
  12. Tina Berardi

    Scholarship Applications

    Hi! I'm applying to LMU, DePaul, UCLA, Texas, Chapman, and maybe Boston U for MFA in screenwriting programs, and noticed that there are pages posted for scholarship opportunities on each site, but I'm unsure exactly what I could get upon applying, particularly at UCLA... they have a whole page...
  13. Operator

    DePaul MFA in Screenwriting (Regular and Comedy)

    Figured I'd try this one even though I got into a school already. For what I want to do, this seems like a more appealing program, in regards to the comedy concentration.
  14. Catchyfan

    USC MFA Film & Television Production Spring 2019

    Hi everyone :) Just started this thread for USC Spring 2019 applicants to connect with each other. Anyone else planning on applying? Please feel free to post here. Good luck to all of us!;)
  15. At Cannes, Christopher Nolan said he "couldn't get into film school"

    At Cannes, Christopher Nolan said he "couldn't get into film school"

    (Cannes Film Festival. Photo by Rita Molnár) At a Q&A session with Christopher Nolan at Cannes (he's showing a 70mm print of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey), he had some film school advice that was diametrically opposed to Alexander Payne's advice in the article last week: Studying...
  16. Kate P

    Hello From Arizona

    Hi all, Hello from Phoenix, AZ! I was accepted to the LMU Writing for the Screen program and would like to meet others who are in it/are headed there in the fall. Glad to have found this resource! Kate
  17. Columbia’s Visual Arts MFA students demand full tuition refund

    Columbia’s Visual Arts MFA students demand full tuition refund

    (Avery Building on Columbia University, NYC Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia) 51 of the 54 Visual Arts MFA students at Columbia are demanding a full tuition refund due to decrepit facilities such as "freezing temperatures, flooding in the hallways, and pieces of limestone falling from the...
  18. Karthik Karnati

    Need advice for choosing film grad school

    Hi all, I am Karthik Karnati from India. I have recently completed my undergrad and applied for masters in MFA for fall 2018 in USA. I have applied to 5 schools : Syracuse univ, SAIC, Columbia College Chicago (CCC), Art Center Pasadena and NYFA. I have got 2 rejects (Syracuse and SAIC) and 2...
  19. Pepperdine University MFA in Writing for Screen & Television

    Pepperdine University MFA in Writing for Screen & Television

    Pepperdine's two-year MFA in Writing for Screen and Television prepares students to pursue vocations as screenwriters as well as to become cultural leaders in the entertainment industry. Hollywood professionals nurture, train, and support students in writing workshops and in courses that examine...
  20. mistah_P

    Film School MFA Written Materials of Accepted Students; Personal Statements, Screenplays, Stories

    Hey all, Browsing through the forums here, I came across a few samples of SOPs, screenplays and so on of folks who have been accepted before and have graciously shared this stuff on the site, and couldn’t help but think what a great resource this would be for all current and future applications...