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  1. K

    FREAKING OUT Legit advice needed

    Hi folks, I have a question to ask. I have a bachelor's degree ( 4 years ) in science totally unrelated to film. I have decided to step my foot in filmmaking. My question to you guys is- should I apply for mfa film or bfa film or ba in something else like english, philosophy etc and then go for...
  2. C

    Applied Columbia - Directing/Screenwriting MFA Fall 2021

  3. C

    Applied NYU - Film & Television Production MFA Fall 2021

  4. C

    Interview Scheduled AFI - Directing MFA Fall 2021

  5. C

    Interviewed USC - Film and TV Production MFA Fall 2021

  6. K

    FREAKING OUT Urgent help needed

    Hey guys, I'm an international student from India. I'm looking for colleges that can still accept applications. To tell you my background, I'm 22 studied electrical engineering but lost interest in it. I'm an absolute beginner to the realm of filmmaking. Although, I do have some writing...
  7. reddcoltrane

    Applied Emerson Directing MFA

  8. reddcoltrane

    Applied LMU Directing MFA

  9. reddcoltrane

    Applied Chapman Directing MFA

  10. J


    Not so much different from the USC application
  11. J


    Easy application process as long as you have the visual submissions.
  12. K

    FREAKING OUT Urgent advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm an international student from India. Recently, I've finished my bachelor's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I'm now trying to change my field to directing. But the problem is I want to apply for programs in USA specefically but for them you need Bonafide expeirence. Should...
  13. itsallhappening

    Current CSUN Screenwriting MFA Student - AMA

    I just wrapped up my first semester at CSUN in their Screenwriting MFA program - ask me anything! I'm also in the unique position of seeing how they've dealt with Covid/classes via Zoom. I wanted to post this now as folks are in the midst of application season and I can't recommend CSUN's MFA...
  14. K

    Urgent need for an advice

    I'm looking to apply for Mfa film production / filmmaking programs. My predominant aim is to become a director. I have a background in stem degree in film engineering but no real background in creating short films or creative portfolios . My first question is - do I need to apply for bfa...
  15. K

    Need some Bonafide advice

    Hey guys, I'm from India. I need some genuine guidance in the matter of college application. To give you my background, I'm 22, graduate with degree in film engineering and electrical science with a minor in drama and public speaking. I've recently made up my mind to become a filmmaker. In...
  16. N

    Applied Columbia MFA Screenwriting/Directing Fall 2021

  17. Jrfuzak

    Applied Chapman - Directing 2021

  18. P-Rabbit

    Interview Scheduled FSU - MFA Production 2021

  19. hungrycinephile

    Applied NYU MBA/MFA Dual-Degree Program

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