1. Boethius

    Columbia University Directing/Screenwriting MFA -- 2021 Graduate -- AMA

    Hello, hopeful film school applicants. This site was my top go-to as I applied to film schools five years ago, and I know how anxiety-inducing the application process can be. I graduated this spring and still believe Columbia was the best choice for me. Please feel free to ask questions about...
  2. Chris W

    USC Writing for Screen & Television MFA 2022

    This is a thread for those of you applying to USC Writing for Screen & Television MFA for entry in Fall 2022. Reply below if you are planning to apply to meet your fellow applicants. Here are our current admissions statistics and acceptance data from our database for the program: When you...
  3. Chris W

    Emerson College - MFA in Film & Media Art 2022

    This is a thread for those of you applying to Emerson MFA in Film & Media for entry in Fall 2022. Reply below if you are planning to apply to meet your fellow applicants. Here is our current admissions statistics for the program...
  4. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Cinematic Arts, MFA

    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Cinematic Arts, MFA

    Our interdisciplinary graduate program is committed to the intensive and rigorous production of creative time-based art. Non-commercial in spirit, we encourage works that demonstrate a personal commitment to the art of media making. It is the goal of the program to assist each graduate student...
  5. University of Texas at Arlington - MFA in Cinematic Arts

    University of Texas at Arlington - MFA in Cinematic Arts

    The MFA in Cinematic Arts at the University of Texas at Arlington is designed to cultivate artists working in the areas of creating, writing and directing for film, video, and other digital motion media. Our unique program provides theoretical mentoring and a base in practical skills necessary...
  6. Temple University - Film and Media Arts MFA

    Temple University - Film and Media Arts MFA

    Explore the expanding boundaries between filmmaking approaches, driven by choices of subject and style, and learn to take creative control with the Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Arts in Temple’s School of Theater, Film and Media Arts. With an emphasis on independent film and video, this...
  7. carlzseibel

    Attending (Admitted w/o Interview) ArtCenter Graduate Film

    The application process went swimmingly. All my questions were answered, and in the information I attended, I interacted directly with the director of graduate admissions.
  8. Operator

    Admitted (w/o Interview) MFA in Writing & Contemporary Media 2021 Antioch University Santa Barbara

    I applied a week past the final deadline and they still accepted me.
  9. Antioch College Santa Barbara - MFA in Writing & Contemporary Media

    Antioch College Santa Barbara - MFA in Writing & Contemporary Media

    Program Overview When you complete our mentor-based MFA program, you will not only have a professional-level product in your chosen genre but will be prepared to apply your skills to your future creative projects. Our low-residency, four-semester MFA program combines the flexibility of online...
  10. C

    MFA Screenwriter at Chapman about to Graduate AMA

    If anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer, most likely in long winded way. I'll check back on this thread for a few weeks so feel free to post whenever.
  11. U

    Admitted (After Interview) MFA screenwriting - fall 2021

  12. U

    Chances of being taken of waitlist CSUN?

    Just found out I got waitlisted at CSUN and I wanted to know what the chances are of being taken off the waitlist and by when do they usually let you know? I have deadlines for other colleges coming up and this was kind of my first choice so I'm like. Stuck.
  13. nvf101

    USC or AFI? (For Directing/Film & TV Production)

    Hi all, long time commenter/lurker and first time poster here. I find myself in the really fortunate and unexpected position of having been admitted to both USC and AFI for Fall 2021 and I’m in the process of figuring out which one to commit to. Since I am always bowled over by the insights and...
  14. J

    BA and MFA difference?

    I was just wondering what are the differences between film undergrad and grad studies, more towards USC. I already have an undergrad degree from the UK in a different subject and I'm trying to decide on wether to get another Bachelor degree or a Masters. Both of the courses are very similar on...
  15. B

    Should I go to Syracuse university? or Depaul university?

    Hi! I applied 5 schools for the fall 2021 MFA program (Chapman, UT, LMU, Depaul, Syracuse) Gratefully, I got acceptance from Syracuse (and waiting for Depaul, waitlist on LMU, else I got rejected )but I don't have much information about their film program. I love to take fiction films and...
  16. rainydays

    USC Film Production vs. Chapman Directing MFA Help

    Hi everyone! I was just accepted it both USC's Film Production MFA and Chapman's Directing MFA and I'm extremely grateful as I have absolutely no experience in film. However, I'm at a complete lost on which one would be best for me. I've included my pros/cons below for each, and if anyone could...
  17. C

    Admitted (After Interview) MFA Chapman - Directing Emphasis

  18. U

    CSUN MFA- Screenwriting admission decision?

    Does anyone know when the admission decisions will roll out for CSUN MFA? I read a few posts a while back which said mid March or last week or March but today I came across another post which said April/ May.

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