1. J

    Waitlisted Without Interview University of Georgia-Directing MFA 2020

    First time Applying to first ever Film MFA at UGA! Waitlisted, no interview required. Submitted writing sample, directing reel, personal statement, resume, three letters of rec, grad application. Based at Pinewood Atlanta Studios and UGA campus.
  2. J

    Denied After Interview USC-Directing/Film Production MFA 2020

    First time Applying, had interview via Skype. Very nice man, lasted only about 15 min. Denied after interview via email/portal. Smooth application process. Didn't have opportunity to make film for reel, put together some clips from various projects done in undergrad, along with rec letters...
  3. courteroy

    David Lynch MFA in Screenwriting

    Hey Guys, Have any of you applied to or attended the MIU David Lynch program? I'm going to apply in the Spring for Fall 2021 because I love the way it works. Basically, you do everything online so you can live anywhere. You do a ten day residency at the school in Iowa each semester, but aside...
  4. jn0pe

    Chapman (Editing) vs FSU

    Hi! I'm trying to decide between film production MFA programs. I was accepted into Chapman's program in the editing emphasis track, and the other place I've narrowed my options down to is FSU. I don't really have much filmmaking experience, but I am interested in both editing and directing. From...
  5. sevs

    Which is the better kind of MFA Production program in your opinion? "Auteur-centric" or "team-based"?

    Of the MFA Production programs I'm more familiar with, I've noticed a lot of them can be filed into one of the two above-described categories. "Auteur-centric" programs that seem to focus more on helping you develop your individual voice as a storyteller include UCLA, UT Austin, Columbia, and...
  6. O

    Help!SVA or SCAD?

    Hi, everyone! I am an international student from China planning to pursue MFA FILM. It would be of great help if you guys could share some thoughts on which one of these four I should go for. Savannah College of Art and Design- MA/MFA Film(I am not sure the name of the program) SVA - MFA Social...
  7. A

    NYU Tisch MFA vs Columbia MFA ; Director/Writer

    I know this has been debated a bit but after reading all the threads I still feel the need to ask. I have been accepted into both Columbia and NYU Tish Graduate program and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a program that will train me best as a writer AND director. Everyone...
  8. How to Make the Most of Film School: Five Things I'm Glad I Did and Five Things I Regret

    How to Make the Most of Film School: Five Things I'm Glad I Did and Five Things I Regret

    I loved every minute of going to UCLA for my MFA Screenwriting degree, but two years is a very short amount of time compared to undergraduate or even other graduate programs. I wanted to make the most of my short time in film school, and I’m sure you do too! If you are considering graduate...
  9. Georgie Boyy

    Chapman v. LMU for MFA Screenwriting

    Hey everyone. I've been accepted to both schools and am pretty torn between the two. I know several of you are also in the same boat and I'd love to get some conversation going about this. Let me know what you think!
  10. hkaiser

    Chapman Dodge vs AFI for Production Design

    Last summer, I visited both AFI and Chapman Dodge. I recently got accepted to both of these schools for Production Design. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in New York for Interior Design. I liked AFI for its convenient location of being in Los Angeles, and it also being a...
  11. dorkydiana

    appreciation post

    hey peeps, just wanted to write an appreciation post for this forum and @Chris W thank u for providing a platform for aspiring film students to help one another and vent to one another and uphold one another i love this community and i love the passion that each and every one of u guys...
  12. Siddharth Menon

    York University - MFA Program - Any reviews?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any idea about the York University - MFA Program (2 Year) ? By the looks of it, it seems pretty decent. Some highlighting factors include: - Two Year MFA - Based in Toronto, thus closer to the Canadian Industry - Extremely economical for international students (CAD...
  13. Siddharth Menon

    Two Year MFA?

    Hey guys, Which are the universities you would suggest that has a Two year MFA as opposed to the Three year one? I know the one at Florida State University is a 2 year MFA. Being an international student, the extra one year does add onto the cumulative costs and thus it is a bit worrisome...
  14. How to get Into USC Film School: An Interview With an SCA Admissions Committee Member

    How to get Into USC Film School: An Interview With an SCA Admissions Committee Member

    Considered by many to be the best film school in the world, it’s no wonder why the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) is so sought after by prospective undergraduate and graduate students alike. However, the film school’s prestige can often make the application process particularly stressful and...
  15. Chris W

    Did you go to Undergrad for film? If so... Why get a film MFA also?

    I've noticed over the years that there's a large percentage of people who went to Undergrad film school who are also applying to grad school for film? I'm wondering what are your reasons? More connections? More time to hone craft? Undergrad school wasn't good? Want to learn more? I'm...
  16. J

    Boston University MFA Screenwriting Current Student AMA

    Hey, I’m in the screenwriting program at BU so if you have some questions I can do my best to answer!
  17. dorkydiana

    in desperate need of an update

    y’all...i started a new job that has nothing to do with my undergrad degree or future aspirations...and when i tell u guys i hate it i really do. i started applying for jobs in september last year in hopes to start saving money for grad school (with the intention that i would be in that position...

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