1. G

    Can I get into film school with an Incomplete Bachelors?

    Hey all, Just discovered this website and it has been SUCH a relief to find others with the same questions and anxieties as me. I'm starting up my applications now for next year and I think I underestimated everything and really hope I get in somewhere. So a little about me (the good and the...
  2. rainydays

    Film MFA No Experience/ Program Recommendations?

    Hi everyone! I'm a junior in college right now majoring in English and minoring in Africana Studies, and I recently have started realizing I may want to work in film. I have no film experience but have done a lot of journalism and literary/visual magazine work and have done many creative works...
  3. COLUMBIA FILM SCHOOL STUDENT PROFILE: Patrick Clement -  Screenwriting & Directing MFA

    COLUMBIA FILM SCHOOL STUDENT PROFILE: Patrick Clement - Screenwriting & Directing MFA

    "I went to Columbia because I wanted to be a better storyteller and understanding structure... and I do think my storytelling has gotten better and more complex and deeper and I'm really grateful to Columbia.... they delivered exactly what I expected them to deliver." Recently I had the...
  4. T

    OPEN HOUSE at Stony Brook Manhattan's MFA in TV Writing with Alan Kingsberg, Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler

    The most complete MFA in TV Writing on the East Coast is still accepting applications for next Fall and is having an Open House on May 20 to discuss how to get your TV series or movie from idea to market. Head of TV Writing Alan Kingsberg in discussion with legendary producers Christine Vachon...
  5. Stony Brook Manhattan MFA in TV Writing

    Stony Brook Manhattan MFA in TV Writing

    Two plus year MFA where each student creates the TV writing portfolio that can launch their career. In association with Killer Films. Run by Alan Kingsberg, who taught at Columbia's MFA for 17 years and has had students writing and producing shows including Billions, Stranger Things, Mozart in...
  6. W

    Teaching after MFA

    Hey Everyone, I had a quick question and didn't know if any of you had any insight on the matter. I would love to be able to teach film at the collegiate level and was wondering if you guys had any idea how much the school you obtained your mfa from matters when wanting to be a teacher? I...
  7. T

    Admitted After Interview AFI - Cinematography 2019

    First time applying to AFI or any graduate program. My interview seems to have been late in the process based on other members of this site. I tracked the views on the videos I submitted, and it looks like they watched them on 01/22 once, and then not again until the day of my interview. I...
  8. Stonybrook MFA

    Stonybrook/Killer Films MFA Open House

    Hey! Just wanted to introduce ourselves and invite you to our open house at our campus in Manhattan, 4/15. We are a dynamic new MFA program created as a collaboration between SUNY Stonybrook and Killer Films (producers of Kids, Happiness, Boys Don't Cry, Still Alice etc...). We currently offer...
  9. amlena

    Chapman MFA Screenwriting - Attend or Try Again Next Year?

    Hey all. I'm really in a funk right now and could use some advice. I got an extension from Chapman, but I need to submit a decision by Thursday. I received my financial aid offer a few days ago, and Chapman has only given me loans. No scholarship or award money, which I was really bummed about...
  10. I

    Los Angeles Housing 2019

    Would really appreciate any tips and suggestions on where to look and where to steer clear! Personally, right now the only school I've heard back from is Loyola Marymount (MFA), but I'm still also waiting to hear from UCLA, so any input on housing for either school would be greatly appreciated...
  11. d890


    Hey all, I'm in the ridiculously fortunate position of having been selected by both Tisch and Columbia. I don't know which one to pick. Columbia's emphasis on storytelling and writing is a big plus for me, and I just cannot gage how much writing is done at Tisch... I see myself as a...
  12. ForeignFilmmaker


    Hi guys, I would really love some insight and thoughts from you all about this decision. I applied to both AFI & UCLA MFA directing programs hoping that I would get into one, but never imagining I could have gotten into both. I though that if I got into one, that would be the one I'd go to...
  13. ak47ksha

    FAMU CIN KK Program 2019

    Hello! Has anyone else applied to FAMU's cinematography MFA? Has your interview been scheduled?
  14. ak47ksha

    Admitted Off Waitlist AFI - Cinematography 2019

    First time applying. Application process has been smooth, the admissions department is very helpful. They have some very specific guidelines for portfolio submissions and general rules which were different from other colleges.
  15. BuddernScotch

    LMU - comparable to UCLA for screenwriting?

    Hi everyone. My main question is in the title, specifically, is the collaboration and internship opportunities / acceptance rates at competitive shows/studios comparable to a more renowned school like UCLA? Or even AFI? I have had interviews with these three schools and LMU has already given...
  16. M

    Attending UT Austin - RTF Screenwriting MFA

    They tried to call me the Monday and Thursday before I got the email, but didn't leave a message.