1. quarantini33

    USC MFA in Dramatic Writing (not screenwriting!) 2021

    Hi! Is anyone else applying to USC's MFA in Dramatic Writing program? I can't seem to find a thread for this on here. Thank you.
  2. rainydays

    Filming During Covid-19? Not Enough Family Members to be Actors. 2021 Film Production MFA Applications

    Hi everyone! I have a bit of a bizarre question. I'm applying for various film production MFA programs (USC, NYU, Columbia, Chapman, LMU) and as a result need to film content for their applications (having no film background). The issue is I am strictly isolating at home with my family...
  3. R

    Ohio University MFA

    Hello everybody, I've been struggling to zero-in on a good film school. I found the Ohio University's Film School very appealing for various reasons: 1) It's light on the pocket. 2) Good facilities. Great program. Especially given the tuition fee, I think it's great value for money. 3) The...
  4. nducanh71

    USC Film & TV Production MFA Fall 2021 Applicants Unite!

    It's an unprecedented time to apply for film schools in LA but here we are, friends. Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to agonizing and swapping essays together :)
  5. F

    Creative Producing MFA Personal Statement Example

    Am working on my Creative Producing MFA personal statement ( particularly for UNCSA) and am struggling to find any examples from successful applications. Anyone have any leads? Thank you!
  6. A

    Screenwriting MFA Writing Sample Question

    Hi everyone! I'm currently in the process of applying to the Screenwriting MFA program at USC, and Dramatic Writing at NYU. I have an original comedy pilot I wanted to submit as the writing sample for NYU, and it just placed in a screenwriting contest. Would it be bad to submit that pilot and...
  7. Q

    USC Admissions Webinar

    Greetings, My name is Victoria and I would like to invite you all to attend the African American Cinema Society (AACS)'s admissions webinar for USC's School of Cinematic Arts. This webinar has been designed by current graduate and undergraduate students across the various divisions at SCA. We...
  8. amihanesque

    USC MFA Screenwriting Scholarship Writing Prompts/Questions

    Hey guys! There are 3 questions in the application if you choose to be considered for scholarships: Please describe your academic, professional and personal goals, and how additional funding might support these endeavors. Please answer the following essay prompt to be considered for...
  9. Cody Young

    Columbia University Film MFA - Creative Producing 2021

    Didn't see a thread for the Creative Producing concentration at Columbia for this upcoming year. Figured I would make my own since the application went live today.
  10. B

    Can you recommend me which is the best MFA film school? (From S.Korea, Can't search information well:(

    Hi I am looking for to enroll MFA film school emphasizing directing Hope you guys make rank for me University List 1. UCLA (I know for 2021 they don't accept people :( 2. USC 3. Chapman University 4. LMU 5. University of Texas at Austin 6. Stony Brook 7. Syracuse Stony Brook and Syracuse...
  11. rainydays

    Feedback on Collaboration Essay Ideas? USC Film and Television Production MFA Application

    Hi everyone! I'm brainstorming topics for the Collaboration Essay for USC film/tv production MFA and so far I've come up with a few ideas. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on if any of them are any good and would work? Positive Collaboration: 1. I was the Opinions Editor for...
  12. Jrfuzak

    Applied USC- MFA Film Production Fall 2021

    First time applying.
  13. BuddernScotch

    Virtual Learning at UCLA during COVID - Current Student AMA

    Hey all - current MFA Screenwriting student at UCLA. Chris suggested I do an AMA, so here it is. This may be a little late as the current year's new cohort has already been decided. But if there's anyone that has questions about how to make the best of this situation while we're here, as I've...
  14. L

    MFA Writing/Directing Program Recommendations

    Hi all, I don't know about you, but I've been totally overwhelmed with all the MFA program options there are. I've been stuck in analysis paralysis researching programs intently for about two years, and now it's finally time to apply. I'm specifically looking for programs that highlight/ help...
  15. A

    Columbia 2021 MFA Screenwriting/Directing Applicants

    Good luck to everybody with your application! Speaking of, does anyone know when Columbia's website will be updated for the 2021 admissions cycle?
  16. A

    Current 3rd Year LMU Film Production MFA student AMA

    Feel free to AMA about LMU's MFA programs (especially film and television production) or about the school in general.
  17. rainydays

    Best Well-Rounded Film MFA Program for Directing and Screenwriting?

    Hi everyone! First off, I'm going to apologize in advance if the following questions seem foolish to ask or easy to answer on my own, but they are questions I have been really struggling with and would appreciate any insight! I am currently working on applying for my film MFA, and I was...
  18. A

    What are the differences between an MFA and an MA in film directing in the UK and are there better options?

    I would be done with my undergraduate degree a year from now and i plan to move to the UK as an international student to do an Masters in film directing through a scholarship. My intention to do this is not to get any connections from the film school but more so because I want to be surrounded...
  19. A

    MFA in Spring 2021

    Beside Emerson , what are the other colleges that are rolling admissions for MFA Spring/ Summer 2021 and worth applying for?
  20. Operator

    American University, MFA Film & Media Arts is online for 2020/2021

    I just got word back from American University that their entire 2020-2021 Fall/Spring will be conducted 100% online. Just in case any of you are applying there, you might be able to get away with not having to move to DC for a full year. Could be good if you have a current job, you could keep...

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