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  1. jn0pe

    Applied Columbia - Production MFA - Fall 2020

  2. R

    Applied UT Austin - Film and Media Production MFA 2020

    First time applying. I've been in-house corporate video production with only two personal projects to speak of, so my reel isn't that strong. This application process has been a great learning experience for me though.
  3. R

    UT Austin - Film & Media Production MFA 2020

    Hey y'all! New to this site, but I'm pretty sure there was not a UT 2020 thread yet. If there's anyone else here applying for the Fall, say hello! My question - for your "reel" are most of you creating a more traditional reel, that weaves in bits and pieces of your work with a single soundtrack...
  4. Ava Jazlyn

    MFA Application Material Advice & Critique (FSU - Production)

    Hi, everyone! I am applying to FSU's MFA program in Production. I would really appreciate any feedback I can get on the material I'm submitting and am happy to offer feedback in return! Application Material Link Feel free to post your application material below. Best, Ava
  5. Abraam Dawod

    Letters of Recommendation

    Hi All! I'm a Canadian undergrad student looking to apply to USC Film/TV Production MFA Fall '22. I was wondering what makes a solid reference letter (content? author?) and what I can do at this moment that can help me get some solid letters in 2022. Right now I'm relatively close with a film...
  6. triplefour

    Applied NYU - MFA Graduate Film Fall 2020

  7. jn0pe

    Art History grad switching gears!

    Hi! I'm new to this site. :) I really wish I had found this forum sooner, because I've found a lot of great information on here already! I did my BA at the University of Chicago a few years ago in Art History and Cinema & Media Studies, but unfortunately didn't get any production experience...
  8. Chris W

    USC School of Cinematic Arts - Stark Producing Program 2020

    Deadline is November 15th Who's applying this year? https://cinema.usc.edu/admissions/procedures/producing/procedures.cfm From the site: The Peter Stark Program is highly selective, accepting 24 students out of an average of about 250 applicants each year. Personal statement: Answer the...
  9. S

    Collaboration Question for USC Film and TV Production

    Hi, I'm applying to the USC Fall 2020 program as a graduate student. I'm working on my Collaboration Questions essays. The prompts are - 1. A project that you have been a part of that failed. 2. A project that left you feeling proud I am planning to write one essay in an interview format and...
  10. jn0pe

    Applied UCLA - MFA Production/Directing Fall 2020

  11. triplefour

    Applied SFSU - MFA in Cinema Fall 2020

  12. Chris W

    Mid Fall Check In - How's Film School Going?

    To those if you who started film school this fall.... How's it going? Is it what you had hoped for? We'd love to hear from you. :) @alanray @Gigawatt @alcudish @thinksinprose @wildermoose @Shuly @divmoh247 @Yuqi @Manwitch @KodyHamilton @m7oda @Epirogi @Septopus7 @sam502 @Arthur Frayn @PYX...
  13. Patrick Clement

    Fifth Year Columbia U Directing MFA (& KU Alum) ASQUEMIENETHENGUE

    I've been pretty active in the forums since my application year. I'm going to take all of my threads and repost them here and happy to answer any new questions!
  14. Chris W

    Film School Applications 2020

    And so it begins... The first applications of this season have begun to roll in: https://www.filmschool.org/applications/categories/fall-2020-ma-mfa.12/ Add yours to the database as soon as you apply and fill it out with as much info as you can to help the other applicants. Good luck...
  15. Chris W

    UT Austin Film School Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA

    According to data from our Application Tracker the reported acceptance rate and minimum GPAs for UT Austin Department of Radio-Television-Film are the following: UT Austin - Directing FilmSchool.org UT Austin Acceptance Rate: [0]=UTAustinDirecting']56% (15 out of 28 applications) Lowest...
  16. Chris W

    Tisch NYU Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA

    Thanks to the over 2,000 applications in our Application Tracker we can calculate the NYU Tisch Acceptance rate and the lowest accepted minimum GPAs for their film programs. According to out tracker the current acceptance rate is 20%, 36%, and 30% for their film programs. Full data below...
  17. Chris W

    LMU Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA for MFA Film Programs

    According to data from our Application Tracker the reported acceptance rate and minimum GPAs for LMU School of Film and Television are the following: LMU - Writing for the Screen M.F.A. FilmSchool.org LMU Acceptance Rate:[0]=LMUWritingfortheScr'] 57% (17 out of 29 applications) Lowest Reported...