1. veeauthari

    Admitted (After Interview) MA NFTS VFX (CGI) – Jan '25 (Deferred from Jan '24)

    I find the application process very efficient and the instructions were easy to follow. I actually applied for the Jan 2024 because they still had last few places available, but they offered if I wanted to defer it to the next year since I live in New York. The process of moving to the UK would...
  2. M

    NFTS - Directing Fiction Applications 2025

    Hey everyone! It's a bit early but I've just noticed the NFTS Directing Fiction course is taking applications for Jan 2025. I know this has been done pretty much every year to support those applying... and I definitely need that support lold Good luck all <3
  3. F

    MA screenwriting in London Film School, London Film Academy, Goldsmiths, NFTS, MetFilm. Where should I go?

    Hi all, I wish to apply to a ONE YEAR long MA screenwriting / filmmaking program. That's why I am looking mostly in the UK, the US doesn't have one year programs (correct me if I'm wrong please). I am looking at these institutes mentioned in title, London Film School, London Film Academy...
  4. D

    NFTS: Commuting from Long Distances (outside of London)

    Hi all, Hope your doing good. I just recieved an offer to NFTS for one of the Postgraduate Diploma's. I'm super excited for it and really wanna do the program. However, I'm a little nervous due to commuting (and money). Based on some conversations I've had I know that there are people who...
  5. Dhananjay B

    Admitted (After Interview) NFTS - Directing Animation

    Done with it, I got admitted😁. It went smoothly, with quick responses from the school. Also the selection workshop is still worth it even if you don't get admitted it kinda felt like a short course to be honest.
  6. The Top 13 Film Certificate Programs

    The Top 13 Film Certificate Programs

    Film certificate programs help novice filmmakers and seasoned professionals grow their professional and creative toolkits for a more affordable price. Explore top-rated film certificate programs for every student, accounting for affordability, accessibility (including online-only learning...
  7. pesmefe

    Interested in an MA in Cinematography (UK)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently at the end of my second year of my undergraduate and I am interested in studying Cinematography in the UK. The places I am looking at right now are: - Goldsmiths - University of the Arts, London - Met Film School - London Film School - National Film and TV School...
  8. NFTS - Filmmaking Certificate

    NFTS - Filmmaking Certificate

    NFTS’ core film certificate program prepares you for diverse industry careers, from VFX artist to film director. This part-time, six-month course consists of 48 classes taught on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings online and ends with a five-day, hands-on practicum at the Beaconsfield...
  9. S

    Applied NFTS MA Screenwriting - 2024 entry

    Application process was smooth. Submitted a few days before the deadline and received an email confirming that my application had been received shortly afterwards. Waited about two months until I was notified of an interview. They requested that I notify my referees and have them submit letters...
  10. B

    Applied NFTS MA Screenwriting - 2024 entry

    Submitted my application with a 20 page screenplay and a short story on 4th May. Got an invitation to an interview on 28th June. Interview will take place on 13th July.
  11. T

    NFTS 2024 - Cinematography Applications

    Hey guys, does anyone know about if the cinematography course has started sending out interview invites? Some alumni told me they got the notification usually around early/mid-June but it seems this year everything's moving much slower..
  12. ItWasJack

    NFTS 2024 - Composing for Film and Television

    Well, it's that time of year! I didn't see a thread for this yet, so I figured I'd make it. This is my first time applying, and I would love to connect to other folks applying and share in the terror of The Waiting Game.
  13. M

    NFTS 2024 - Directing Fiction Applications

    ♫ Here I go again [not] on my own ♫ ♫ Going down the only road I've ever known ♫ Attempt number 4.... when will it stop? 😅
  14. C

    Questions about LFS and NTFS

    Hi All! 🙌 I have some questions about the degrees of these two top film schools in UK. LFS will give students their degree validated by University of Warwick. Is NFTS also giving students degree by any other university or itself? And if it matters for students when they go to the industry...
  15. S

    Does NFTS have scholarships for international students?

    Hey everyone, Like many of you, I'm looking to apply for a Masters in cinematography. Currently short listing my options (yes, I'm a bit late) and one option that is really, really enticing is NFTS in the UK. It seems like they're producing some of the best filmmakers and the whole experience...
  16. C

    NFTS Directing Fiction 2023 - Anyone else asked to apply for different MA?

    Hi all, I applied to the NFTS's directing fiction course for the first time this year and though I failed to progress to an interview I was emailed by the school asking me to apply to their MA in Directing and Producing Television Entertainment course. Has anyone else been offered this, or...
  17. M

    Admitted (After Interview) MA Screenwriting - 2023

    We had to submit twenty pages of our own written work, along with answering a few questions. They also asked for two references, but they only need to submit their letters when you have been asked to interview. I found some of the questions quite hard as they were quite general. But my friend...
  18. O

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) NFTS Screenwriting MA - Spring 2023

    Gone quite smoothly so far, just over a month between submission date and hearing back regarding next steps. Interview and test booked in for the 13th of July
  19. O

    Admitted (After Interview) NFTS MA Editing - Jan 2023 start

    Straightforward application form questions - why you're applying, your background, your tastes, etc. 1st practical task was to edit an 'abstract montage' which you submit along with the initial written application. Then for the 2nd practical task they send you rushes, which you have to cut...
  20. M

    Applied NFTS Directing Fiction - 2023

    It's been really slow, like every year. But there are a lot of applications so we never know what's gonna happen next! This is my third year applying and I haven't even been interviewed once... Hopefully this year at least I get interviewed.

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