1. L

    What is each Undergrad film program known for?

    Undergrad applicant for 2022, trying to get a sense of the type of films each school is known for. I could be way wrong but it seems like USC is big Hollywood productions, Chapman/Dodge is well known for cinematography, NYU screenwriting, CalArts/UNSCA values artistic thought/experimental. Do...
  2. J

    What courses do you take during NYU Graduate film?

    Hi! I'm interested in NYU's grad program for film! Do any of you know what courses are taken in each year? Especially curious about the curriculum for the first year.
  3. Mos31203

    Inquiry: NYU tuition fee and experience

    Hi guys, I’m pretty sure this is a topic that’s been discussing for a few times now, but I’m hoping to get latest updates/thoughts on this. I’m an international student from Asia. Going to NYU film school has been my dream for years, but after the pandemic, things changed a lot for me and my...
  4. Chris W

    NYU Dramatic Writing MFA - Fall 2022 entry

    This is a thread for those of you applying to NYU Dramatic Writing MFA for entry in Fall 2022. Reply below if you are planning to apply to meet your fellow applicants. Here are our current admissions statistics and acceptance data from our database for the program: When you apply please add...
  5. Chris W

    NYU Graduate Film 2022

    This is a thread for those of you applying to NYU graduate film for entry in Fall 2022. Reply below if you are planning to apply to meet your fellow applicants. Here is our current admissions statistics for the program: When you apply please add your application to our database so we can...
  6. NYU - Cinema Studies

    NYU - Cinema Studies

    During their time here, Cinema Studies students will hone their critical voice, develop a trained eye and ear, and practice in-depth, careful analysis of moving images. NYU’s Cinema Studies Department was one of the first university departments in the country devoted to film history, theory, and...
  7. carolegashira

    Doubts about which activities or productions I should be involved - NYU/MFA in Film

    Hello! My name is Carol, I'm a freshman at my college and I've been taking the possibility of shooting my shoot at the NYU Film Grad very seriously when I get to graduate. Although this may only happen a couple years from now, I am very certain I should work on my creative portfolio as hard as I...
  8. BWM0

    USC SCA vs Tisch NYU vs LA Film School

    What are the pros and cons of each school? I'm trying to figure out which to apply to in a couple months.
  9. lesfemmeslesfemmes

    NYU Visiting Student Screenwriting Certificate?

    Little bit about me. I'm in my late twenties and work in the film industry in LA. I want to be a better screenwriter (and ultimately leave a program with marketable scripts.) I got into a good MFA program but it's extremely expensive and I'm looking at about 80k in loans in total, on top of...
  10. M

    NYU Film and Television or Chapman Film Production?

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school senior who just finished applying to undergrad film schools for Fall 2021. I was admitted to Chapman for Film Production and NYU for Film and TV, and I'm really torn. They both seem like great programs. I already live on the East Coast so NYU wouldn't be a huge...
  11. M

    Waitlisted (After Interview) NYU Grad Film 2021

  12. N

    Applied Nyu film

  13. S

    Admitted (After Interview) NYU MBA/MFA Applicant 2021

    Applied for MBA/MFA. 2 years entertainment business experience.
  14. X

    Admitted (After Interview) NYU Graduate Film

  15. Zuri Zhou

    Applied NYU Grad Film, Fall2021

  16. arc

    Applied NYU Graduate Film

  17. DarynRobinson

    Denied (w/o Interview) NYU MFA Dramatic Writing

  18. I

    Applied NYU - Film & Television Production MFA Fall 2021

  19. JPY90

    Denied (w/o Interview) NYU DIRECTING MFA 2021

    Not so much different from the USC application
  20. clairebarnett

    Admitted (After Interview) NYU Grad Film - Fall 2021

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