1. triplefour

    Applied NYU - MFA Graduate Film Fall 2020

  2. Chris W

    Coca-Cola and Regal Films Student Competition Short Films - Do you like them?

    I've been going to see a lot more movies recently since I have the unlimited Regal pass and boy I've seen a lot of these Coca-Cola student films... And oh my they are really cheesy. Here's one from NYU: Actually this one from UCLA is pretty good: If you know another good one please let me...
  3. E

    MFA Film Photo Option for Visual Submission - USC / NYU / UCLA

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying for the MFA Film program, specifically the cinematography program at USC, NYU, and UCLA. Each school gives the option of submitting a Video or Photo visual sample. I have been doing photography full time for the past couple of years...
  4. m7oda

    Accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing AMA

    Hi! This is my AMA!
  5. Chris W

    Tisch NYU Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA

    According to data from our Application Tracker the reported acceptance rate and minimum GPAs for NYU Tisch School Of The Arts are the following: NYU - Graduate Film FilmSchool.org NYU Acceptance Rate: [0]=NYUGraduateFilm']20% (36 out of 177 applications) Lowest Reported Minimum GPA...
  6. O

    NYU - Dramatic Writing Undergraduate 2020

    Hey everyone! I'm setting up some threads for undergraduate programs as we get started with our applications/portfolios over the summer :) NYU is definitely one of my top schools so I'm really trying to make my portfolio the best it can be in the 15-25 page limit.
  7. M

    How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting.

    How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting. I anguished over the thought of turning down either school. As a true cinephile, how could I consider living outside of LA? That’s where the industry is. I had to attend AFI. But what about the legends born out of New York, like...
  8. M

    Accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Currently accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing MFA and attending in the Fall. All questions welcome! Best, P
  9. B

    NYU Grad Film vs. UCLA Production/Directing

    Hey all, I'm in the process of choosing between NYU Grad Film and UCLA Production/Directing. I've decided to list a few pros/cons off the top of my head. Probably a few things I'm missing but overall, it's one of those situations where my head says UCLA but my heart says NYU. Or maybe not, I...
  10. d890


    Hey all, I'm in the ridiculously fortunate position of having been selected by both Tisch and Columbia. I don't know which one to pick. Columbia's emphasis on storytelling and writing is a big plus for me, and I just cannot gage how much writing is done at Tisch... I see myself as a...
  11. S

    USC vs NYU - Screenwriting

    I've seen a bunch of different discussions about this, but some of them are from a couple years ago, so I was wondering what current opinion was on the subject. I've gotten the general consensus that USC is better for connections, but NYU focuses on more independent, "smaller" films. But, NYU is...
  12. C

    MFA in Screenwriting: USC or NYU?

    Hello! Last week I got an acceptance letter from USC. I'm ecstatic to know I've been accepted there, it's really a dream coming true! I also interviewed with NYU today and it went quite well, so I think I may have some chance to land NYU as well. Thus I thought I might do some research, in case...
  13. R

    Interviewed NYU - Producing Program 2015

    MBA Interview
  14. A

    Admitted After Interview NYU - Producing Focus 2015

    With scholarship. Email from Director. Happy.