1. A

    Screenwriting MFA Writing Sample Question

    Hi everyone! I'm currently in the process of applying to the Screenwriting MFA program at USC, and Dramatic Writing at NYU. I have an original comedy pilot I wanted to submit as the writing sample for NYU, and it just placed in a screenwriting contest. Would it be bad to submit that pilot and...
  2. dandaniel

    Help! What film should I apply with?

    Hello! I am from the UK and applying to AFI, NYU and Columbia for film directing. Seeking some help! I have two films I am considering for my visual submission: Web - visually bold and colourful, provocative film about children doing a very gruesome act. It didn't get much awards attention but...
  3. J

    Does the dramatic story for NYU's Grad film program have to be at MAX 2 pages?

    Working on the dramatic story I tried cutting down as much as I could and right now it's at about 2 and 1/2 pages. The instructions said to write a 2-page story but I'm not sure if they meant that it has to be strictly under 2 pages or slightly over 2 pages.
  4. B

    Admitted After Interview NYU - Dramatic Writing 2022

  5. V

    Need help with you Film MFA application?

    I'm a MFA graduate of a top USA film school and have worked in the film school admissions process for five years while there. I have been offering consultations for people on their applications, short scripts and feature projects. So feel free to reach out and I can share more information on my...
  6. AK006

    Employment opportunities after Graduate Film School

    Hello, fellow members of this amazing community, This is my first post thread here, as I am gearing to apply for schools in 2021. My question is how are the employment opportunities postgraduate especially talking about from prestigious schools like USC, NYU, Chapman, Columbia, AFI etc. I am...
  7. E

    UT vs. NYU Film School

    Hello, I am a Texas native currently trying to decide between UT and NYU. Ive had my eyes set on UT for a while now because of the cost and its closer to home. The only thing is im worried the connections and networking wont be the best and I really would like to go to NYU just the cost of 50k a...
  8. andy001

    FIlm School-The Series: A show that ran on IFC in the early 2000s about NYU students working on their shorts

    Here is the first episode, and the following on 9 of the first and only season are all there as well. Hey all! I heard about this awesome series a while ago, it ran in the early 2000s on IFC when they were super indie and I was pleased to find out every episode of it's one and only season is...
  9. sevs

    Which is the better kind of MFA Production program in your opinion? "Auteur-centric" or "team-based"?

    Of the MFA Production programs I'm more familiar with, I've noticed a lot of them can be filed into one of the two above-described categories. "Auteur-centric" programs that seem to focus more on helping you develop your individual voice as a storyteller include UCLA, UT Austin, Columbia, and...
  10. oliviaaa

    Chapman Screenwriting vs. NYU Dramatic Writing?

    I got accepted into both Screenwriting at Chapman University and Dramatic Writing at NYU (yay!) but I'm super torn between the two. I'm leaning towards NYU because of their great reputation in the industry, large alumni network, and location in a city I love BUT Chapman has a great film school...
  11. mol31203

    After Film School - How Do You Feel?

    Hi guys, so this is my first post and though I haven't heard from any schools I applied to, I want to ask those who are still attending film schools/already graduated from some questions: 1. After graduating/while attending the school you're in, do you enjoy your time there? 2. Have you...
  12. A

    NYU Tisch MFA vs Columbia MFA ; Director/Writer

    I know this has been debated a bit but after reading all the threads I still feel the need to ask. I have been accepted into both Columbia and NYU Tish Graduate program and I dont know which one to choose. I'm looking for a program that will train me best as a writer AND director. Everyone...
  13. thatchitowndude

    Admitted Without Interview NYU - Film & TV Production (BA - Undergrad)

    12/1/2020 First time applying. Applied regular decision AND opted out of submitting test scores. 1/14/2020 Received email to complete survey about "how I made the decision to apply to NYU." 3/2/2020 Received email about "Checking in on your application to NYU" asking to let them know if I've...
  14. GoodluckPatricia

    Northwestern Documentary Media VS NYU News&Doc 2020; Need help!

    Hi guys, I just got acceptance from Northwestern Documentary Media(MFA) and NYU News&Doc(MA). I can't make a decision among these two and really got a headache T.T... NEED your opinions!! And does anyone once apply to/ study right now at Northwestern's documentary program? It seems this program...
  15. nanaxavier

    Admitted After Interview NYU - MFA Dramatic Writing 2020

  16. Saay01

    Interviewed NYU - Graduate Film, MFA, Fall 2020

  17. JoanCrawford

    Attending NYU Dramatic Writing MFA Fall 2020

  18. A

    Admitted Without Interview NYU Film and Television

    This is my first time applying to NYU.
  19. T

    For HS Soph. - Seniors: One-on-one workshop with NYU Tisch Film instructors

    It's not cheap. It's all online and there's a Spring and Summer workshop. https://nofilmschool.com/tisch-high-school-filmmakers-workshop

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