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  1. C

    Applied NYU - Film & Television Production MFA Fall 2021

  2. J


    Not so much different from the USC application
  3. clairebarnett

    Applied NYU Grad Film - Fall 2021

  4. AK006

    Is my GPA too low for Film School?

    I have an extremely low GPA i.e 1.7 from my undergraduate. But I have extensive 6 years of work experience, working in front of the camera as well as behind the camera for leading brands such as Coke, Honda, Suzuki, etc. I want to know if I work hard on my GRE, and write an amazing SOP. Do I...
  5. Soleil

    Applied NYU Grad Film 2021

  6. hungrycinephile

    Applied NYU MBA/MFA Dual-Degree Program

  7. angelah

    NYU technical difficulty??

    When I open my graduate application, it says "This application is temporarily unavailable as a result of a server issue. We are working to restore access to this application as quickly as possible." Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. J

    Applied NYU Tisch Film MFA Fall 2021

  9. W

    Applied NYU MFA Dramatic Writing Fall 2021

  10. A

    NYU Stern MFA/MBA Feature Film Concept - Can it be someone else's script that you as a producer would want to develop or can it be an idea you have?

    Hi Everyone! I have a question regarding the one page film concept for the creative portfolio at Tisch, I read on this thread that "the concept is simply an idea for a feature film that you may wish to develop should you be accepted into the program. therefore we assume its not something...
  11. marianass45

    Applied NYU MFA Dramatic Writing Fall 2021

  12. katiebonnie

    Applied NYU MFA Dramatic Writing Fall 2021

  13. rainydays

    NYU Feature Film Concept? Can I Do a Treatment? How is A Concept Different Than a Treatment?

    Hi everyone! I searched a bit and couldn't find the answer to my question, so I thought I'd ask here. For the NYU Film MFA's feature film concept, can I submit a treatment? My film idea was originally a two-paged, single-spaced concept for USC. Then I shortened it to a one-page, double-spaced...
  14. N

    Applied NYU MFA Film Fall 2021

  15. angelah

    NYU - previous applications?

    On the graduate app, it asks what NYU programs we have previously applied for. Does this include undergraduate? I applied to undergraduate CAS but not a specific program, and I'm not sure if I should put it there. I also declined their interview request at the time due to commitment to another...
  16. Chris W

    What's the NYU - Tisch Kanbar/Stern MBA/MFA Dual Degree Deadline?

    I'm trying to find it to update the school info but I'm finding nothing on their webpages. I must be blind. The other NYU degree deadlines didn't seem to change from last year... just verifying this one too.
  17. N

    Film Treatment/Concept (for NYU/Columbia apps) - Is an adaptation frowned upon?

    Hey everyone, I know that it's permissible to write a treatment of an adaptation rather than an original story for these two schools, but does anyone know if they frown on it? I have really great idea for an adaptation I'd love to develop one day, but I'm worried that will seem lesser than in...
  18. arigold8

    NYU Dramatic Writing MFA - Fall 2021

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start a thread for the NYU Dramatic Writing MFA program. I'm personally finishing up my application now, and would love to talk to other people in the same boat!
  19. R

    NYU Tisch dialogue — scene description or nah?

    Hi everyone! I'm just wondering if we can include some scene descriptions in the middle for the dialogue prompt of NYU. Or do they only allow a line of description on the top and the rest should be all dialogue? My friend and I are having a debate over it. Thank you so much for helping...
  20. A

    NYU Tisch Visual Submission - Are we to upload only one film for the submission or can we upload more than one?

    Hi, I had a question about the visual submission for NYU. Are we to upload only one film for the submission or can we upload more than one (all edited to be in one video) so long as total runtime is under the limit? Thanks!

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