paris film school

  1. Maymers

    ESRA International Film Program

    Hi - has anyone done the ESRA one-year or three-year international filmmaking program with ESRA in Paris? Or any of the programs? Looking for some student reviews.
  2. EICAR International Film School of Paris

    EICAR International Film School of Paris

    Fellow filmmakers, this film school is a scam. On the outside, it sure does look like a legit film school but on the inside it's filled with management that is highly racist, biased and extremely rude. Of course not everyone treats the students that way but a vast majority in the management do...
  3. La Femis

    La Femis

    Out of several film schools in France, La femis is considered by most to be the best. Based in Paris and known as the official film and television school of PSL Research University, La Femis is also easily one of the top film schools in Europe. The academy concentrates on pairing artistic...

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