personal statement

  1. A

    Asking for critiques on my Personal Statement for USC MFA Spring 2021

    Hello, everyone. I am Anh, a recent graduate in DC from Vietnam. I am applying to the USC MFA Production program again this Summer and would love to have someone to look over my Personal Statement. It's no doubt the hardest piece for me so any critique is hugely appreciated. Please let me know...
  2. BigSpeaker12

    Help with Person Statement for USC SCA spring 21

    Hello everyone, I'm applying to usc this summer and I wanted to know if anyone was interested in looking over my personal statment. I think it's a good start but there's some stuff I could probably expand on.
  3. Saay01

    Personal Statement Format

    Hi! I have applied to USC's Film and Television Program and will be applying to Chapman, LMU, NYU, Columbia and AFI. My personal statement for USC was in the format of a comic strip/graphic novel. Is it advisable to do something of a similar sort for the rest? Chapman, AFI and Columbia have...
  4. M

    UCLA personal statement vs statement of purpose essays

    I am having trouble discerning the difference between these two essays. Does one matter more than the other? If anyone can share any insight, I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. fitz

    personal statement swap

    Been feeling a little unsure about my personal statement and would love some external feedback. If anyone is able / willing / applying this year, I'd be happy to go over yours in return! I'm gonna be applying to NYU, Columbia and USC.
  6. triplefour

    Focus of Personal Statement - UT Austin Directing

    Hey folks! I'm glad to have found this website, it's been a great resource since I've decided to go to grad school. Currently, I am preparing my application for the directing program with UT Austin. I know they don't do interviews, and that the application is very important. I feel very...
  7. How to get into Film School - PART 2: Writing Samples and Portfolio Advice

    How to get into Film School - PART 2: Writing Samples and Portfolio Advice

    This is Part 2 of the series with advice on how to get into film school given by the many members of over the years. The forums have been around for over 17 years so there are a ton of people who have gone what you are going through right now and lived to tell about it. USC and...
  8. How to get into Film School - PART 1: The Personal Statement

    How to get into Film School - PART 1: The Personal Statement

    Film Schools receives thousands of applications per year. How are you going to stand out? What are film schools looking for? In this article series I've gathered some of the best advice from the past 17 years on the forums on applying to film school. According to the Application...
  9. andy001

    Writing personal statement with an introductory story.

    Just a question, I'm starting with a personal experience for the intro to my essay thats reaching about four pages at this point. Is this too long? Should I tone it down? Or leave it as it is since the storytelling aspect of it is important? I'm not sure if theres a right or wrong way to do this.
  10. G

    Help with personal statement!

    Hi there folks! I'm applying for the USC Summer Program in Cinematic Arts, which asks for a personal statement with a 500 word limit. As I'm from the UK, typically I'm not naturally very aware about how personal statements are written in the US. Stylistically, my impression is that they require...
  11. L

    I need help with my USC SCA personal statement (animation BA)

    I really don't have anything to write about besides how filmmaking has impacted my life in a positive way, which i know is pretty generic. here's my essay so far: (some background info, i made two short films and im putting them in my portfolio section, and theyre 5 minutes in total. is that...
  12. Lifeisnoholiday

    Looking for help with Personal Statement

    Hi everyone, It is application season, and I'm in the middle of mine. I spent a week working on my personal statement for AFI Screenwriting. I would be really appreciate it if someone had the time to take a look at it and give me some feedback :-). Thank you! For most of my life, I’ve been a...
  13. gotenda

    Different personal statements for different universities?

    Hello, graduate school hopefuls! This may come off as a dumb question (I'm sorry), but are you all making different personal statements for each University? I am currently applying to NYU and Columbia University (both MFA in Filmmaking / Directing), and had initially made different personal...
  14. cakeislife

    Feedback for Film School personal statement

    Hi filmmakers, I'm working on refine my personal statement for USC but got really stuck and paranoid about my current draft. I sent it to some of my friends for opinions but none of us has ever written any PS or SOP (Neither of us went to undergrad school in the States and all in non-film...
  15. Int Film Institute of New York

    Want to know one of the biggest application mistakes? IFI is answering your film school questions.

    The International Film Institute (IFI) supports all aspiring filmmakers as they work towards an education in film. During the application period for film schools, we're here to take your questions! We have seen one of the most common mistakes when submitting an application to a school is...
  16. Salva Figueroa

    2017 USC Undergraduate

    Hey all! Ive created this thread to take a step ahead in the 2017 application cycle, im an international applier from Mexico interested in cinematography. This post serves to generate questions and answer them between all of us, the point is to stay informed and help each other to fullfill the...
  17. Z

    Personal Statement/Study Objectives Essay; Fulbright

    I applied for US Fulbright Scholarship from my country, Pakistan, to study Film Production back in 2013, but my application was rejected (reasons unknown). Below is the Personal Statement and Study Objectives essay I submitted with my application which I need people's views on, and how I can...
  18. L

    Any tips for USC Graduate personal statement?

    Hey guys, Last year when I visited USC they said personal statement is the deal-breaker. They also said that there is no concrete format and I should be as personal as I can. I have tried this, but it's really hard to fit everything into a 1000 word essay. It's also really hard to stay...

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