1. D

    Good Film Programs for Undergrad Architecture Major?

    I'm a rising senior in an undergraduate architecture program (and minor in digital production arts). I want to work on set in film now so I'm trying to focus on graduate school for film. I don't have a ton of experience but I currently have made a 15 second animation, helped produce an...
  2. BuddernScotch

    How I Got In To Film School: Application / Interview Process Information and AMA

    (As with all information, take with grain of NaCl) Hello there potential filmschool applicants! The application / interview process can be stressful and confusing. Information online is scattered around in bits and are often third hand or from a decade ago. You may feel like you're trying to...
  3. andy001

    How will GPA affect my film school application?

    Hey all! So I’m getting ready to send my first big apps this fall, and one possibly by this month. I have a 3.18 gpa, I’m wondering how this will affect my application. I have a pretty decent portfolio (wrote/directed/edited/ produced seven short films to date) will my gpa be detrimental to this?
  4. S

    Creative Portfolio Advice - Which Positions look best?

    I'm in the summer before applying for an MFA in film & tv production, and I'm looking to help around Boston for some small productions (fyi I've never been on an actual set before which is what this summer is for). I'm responding to an advertisement online for a BU MFA student's production. For...
  5. Magdalena

    looking for a scriptwriter :)

    HI guys, I'm Magdalena and I am new here, just joined! I've graduated from the University of The Arts last year and I am planning to apply for Directing Fiction at the NFTS entering in 2019! And I am looking for a scriptwriter! I've got a cool idea for a 15min short (actually for a feature film...
  6. Magdalena

    Hi from London

    HI guys, I'm Magdalena and I am new here, just joined! I've graduated from the University of The Arts last year and I am planning to apply for Directing Fiction at the NFTS entering in 2019! And I am looking for a scriptwriter! I've got a cool idea for a 15min short (actually for a feature film...
  7. P

    Portfolio Help Please!!

    I have several questions about film portfolio...I'm trying to apply to USC, NYU, UCLA, Chapman, Rignling, and few other good film schools that I'm really hoping to get in. However, I haven't been able to access hands-on filming and get connected to anyone in the field until recently, so I need...
  8. Kyung Sok Kim

    need some help for portfolios...

    Hi everyone! I'm Kyung Sok Kim from South Korea. I'm planning to apply for USC, NYU, UCLA, AFI, Columbia, and Chapman for this year, and few other schools for next year. Though I've thought and done many writing samples and creative portfolios for my native language, Korean, It is really...
  9. Vanyel

    Film Editors Portfolio?

    The time has come for me to start applying to schools (heading off to Vancouver film school) and im sitting here with no clue at all what to do. My strengths are in the editing/sound work side of film creation. Not directing and certainly not camera work. How on earth do I make a decent...
  10. Getting Into Film School Without A Portfolio

    Getting Into Film School Without A Portfolio

    So you want to go to Film School and you don't have a portfolio? First off... this is not a bad thing! Don't get turned off and think that film school isn't for you because you don't have a portfolio. Not having a portfolio may even be more common than you think. Many people go for their...
  11. googoomuck

    USC Creative Portfolio List

    [Screenwriting] What are you guys doing about this "Creative Portfolio List"? I'm sure I can't be the only one who has never had anything published or produced. (If you have, obviously, you'd put that stuff down.) I have written (completed) a handful of novel-length manuscripts, should I put...
  12. emmypadge

    UNCSA Application/Portfolio!

    Please help!! I've finished the application for UNCSA but can't for the life of me figure out the digital portfolio submission - I've asked the admission office but I still couldn't figure it out, and nobody else who I know who is applying knows how to work it either. Anyone else in this position?U
  13. Connor F

    Cinematography Portfolio

    I am working on my portfolio for Film/Art School, specifically focused on Cinematography, but I'm not sure what to do. I understand and am, in a humble way, pretty good at controlling the camera, but I can't make a film on my own. I am an average-at-best director and an even worse writer, so I...
  14. Patrick Clement

    Portfolio Film (as of 2/18) Accepted - Austin, Interviews - AFI, NYU, Columbia

    Wanted to share my singular Directing MFA video portfolio item. I submitted only this film (or portions of the film) as my portfolios. As of today (4/19/16) I have had: Acceptances Austin Columbia Waitlist NYU AFI Interviews NYU AFI Columbia Just as a note, I am not a very strong academic...
  15. Z

    is portfolio essential?

    Hi ,I was wondering whether there would be any college or university they don't need the portfolio or some treatment involved during MFA/BFA applying cuz i'm a freshman in film ,i major in physics in my undergraduate school and portfolio is really a problem for me. thx!
  16. M

    SVA film portfolio essay

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has or is currently applying to SVA for film. I am currently in the process of doing so and I was wondering if anyone could share what they wrote for the two-part essay. I have an idea of what I wrote about but I've never written an essay like this before...
  17. H

    NYU Photography Stills for Creative Portfolio

    Hey all, I'm about to upload my art portfolio for nyu mfa filmmaking and I just realized that the direction specifically says it has to be 8x10 size. Does this mean that I have to put it on a white or black background to make it exactly 8x10? I'm super confused because my images stretch and...
  18. jackieofallgenres

    Do I have a chance if my portfolio is good?

    I hope to apply to the Dramatic Writing program at NYU and I think my portfolio is strong. I have a 4.2 GPA, but my SAT 1 was average (1770) with a math score of only 500. The CR was 620 and 650 for writing. I am a good student, and I can do well on tests; just not standardized tests. Also...
  19. E

    Portfolio questions!!

    Hi there, my name is Eric and I'm currently preparing a portfolio for going into filming (probably Ryerson or Sheridan). For the portfolio, other than a 2 minutes video, I also have to create three photographs, I've got no idea what to do for the photographs.. Any suggestions??
  20. B

    How good of a portfolio or experience for CSULB

    I'm an upcoming 3rd year student at a Community College and am hoping to apply to CSULB for their Fall 2014 semester. I have some experience with making short videos. I wouldn't say short films because I've never made anything with an actual script and all, mainly things that deal with editing...