1. R

    Applied UT Austin - Film and Media Production MFA 2020

    First time applying. I've been in-house corporate video production with only two personal projects to speak of, so my reel isn't that strong. This application process has been a great learning experience for me though.
  2. K

    Applied UCLA - Producer's Program Fall 2020

  3. HaylieC

    Admitted After Interview Goldsmiths, University of London - MA Filmmaking (Producing)

    Although most UK schools review the applications on a first-come first-served base, Goldsmiths reviews them in batches. Therefore, it is highly possible no matter how early you send in your application, you are only going to receive an interview notification no earlier than June. For me, all...
  4. HaylieC

    MA Decision: SCAD/ NYFA/ Goldsmiths/ UAL

    Hi everyone! I am an international student from Asia planning to pursue a 1-year MA this fall. It would be of great help if you guys could share some thoughts on which one of these four I should go for. Savannah College of Art and Design- MA Film New York Film Academy (LA Campus)- MA Producing...
  5. M

    Attending USC Peter Stark Producing Program 2019

    First time applying. I was based in China at the time and they didn't bother calling me to tell me I had been accepted. Just email. I thought maybe this was because I was international but another of my classmates said they had the same experience and they were based in Chicago. No rhyme or...
  6. HaylieC

    Film Producing at US & UK- NYFA, Goldsmiths, BU, AUB

    Hi everyone! As an international student trying to pursue a career in filmmaking (producing specifically), I am applying for several schools to attend this fall. I got offers from New York Film Academy (NYFA)- MA Producing Bournemouth Uni- MA Producing Film & Television London Film Academy-...
  7. ptastan

    Attending LMU - Writing and Producing for TV Fall 2019

    first time applicant! attended the open house for LMU Grad School and absolutely loved the campus and everyone I met the faculty for SFTV at LMU were very warm and welcoming the new playa vista campus for SFTV is AMAZING
  8. M

    Admitted After Interview Columbia - Creative Producing

    First time applying to Columbia, accepted to program on 3/15!
  9. O

    Denied Without Interview NYU - Dual MBA/MFA Producing Program 2019

    Rejected by Stern MBA - 8 Feb '19 Rejected by Tisch MFA - 22 Feb '19