1. N

    Interviewed Peter Stark 2021

  2. C

    UCLA TFT 2021 (Undergraduate)

    Hey guys! here’s a thread for TFT 2021. I submitted back in December and am waiting to hear back. Post on here ab any interviews you guys have gotten or any updates!! -Chickennoodlesoup
  3. J

    Interviewed LMU - MFA in Film & Television Production

  4. M

    Interviewed Columbia College Chicago - Cinema and Television Producing

    Applied on January 6th and didn't hear from them until they contacted me for an interview a month later.
  5. M

    Interviewed Chapman TV Writing & Producing

    Applied with all of the required materials. They didn't request to see any of the items on my portfolio before scheduling an interview. The interview was somewhat casual. They asked about my experiences in undergrad and my internship before shifting gears to discuss my interests in television...
  6. Cody Young

    Interview Scheduled Columbia Film MFA 2021

  7. J

    Applied NYU Graduate Film Applicant

  8. Ankkie

    Interview Scheduled LMU-Film and Television Production

  9. D

    Interviewed Peter Stark 2021

    Pretty smooth!
  10. C

    Interviewed American Film Institute

  11. C

    Applied 2021 MFA Creative Producing Columbia School of the Arts

  12. C

    Applied 2021 MFA Peter Stark Program USC

  13. Cody Young

    AFI Producing 2021

    Didn’t see an AFI producing discipline thread, figured I would make one since interview notifications are starting to go out for the other disciplines.
  14. bean

    Interviewed Columbia Film MFA Creative Producing

  15. A

    Applied MBA/MFA Stern/Tisch Dual Degree

  16. bean

    Interviewed AFI Producing

  17. bean

    Interviewed Chapman University MFA Film and Television Producing

  18. bean

    Interviewed USC Peter Stark Producing Program

    I did submit the scholarship application.
  19. hungrycinephile

    Applied NYU MBA/MFA Dual-Degree Program

  20. angelah

    Interviewed Chapman Producing

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