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  1. bean

    Applied AFI Producing

    The system doesn't send recommendations until after submission (next business day processing). Also no option to easily resend the link.
  2. bean

    Applied Chapman University MFA Film and Television Producing

  3. bean

    Applied USC Peter Stark Producing Program

    The Slideroom text boxes were nice but dealing with two platforms was kind of confusing. I didn't know there were separate fees totalling $120. I did submit the scholarship application.
  4. hungrycinephile

    Applied NYU MBA/MFA Dual-Degree Program

  5. angelah

    Applied Chapman Producing

  6. denis.bct

    AFI - 2021 Producing narrative statement

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing good ! After weeks of writing a profoundly rational but terribly impersonal narrative statement, I just lost it today and rewrote it entirely in a way more personal fashion. It's an honest statement for sure, but I am afraid that it might even be TOO...
  7. denis.bct

    AFI 2021 Application - Narrative Statement formatting

    Hello ! I am currently applying to AFI Producing MFA. As a French applicant, I am not familiar with American application statements, so I just had a very basic question about AFI's Narrative Statement formatting. Do you think it is expected to use a "Dear madam, dear Sir /.../ Yours...
  8. imenergetic

    Applied Chapman Joint MFA in Film and Television Producing/MBA

    First time applying. I think this program is number 1 on my list so I'm happy to be done with the application. I still need one reference to send their letter, but they already sent the rest of them so I think they just missed the CU email. I did ask for like 7 letters. I didn't include my...
  9. M

    Applied USC Peter Stark Producing Program MFA 2021

    First time applying.
  10. OC Film School at Olympic College

    OC Film School at Olympic College

    OC Film School at Olympic College Applications accepted beginning December 15, 2021! Gone is the era of restrictive studio systems, which for decades controlled access and opportunity. In its place, communities of smaller independent production companies are taking hold and producing...
  11. C

    MFA PRODUCING @ USC Stark VS AFI Conservatory?

    Hi! Two very different schools in their approach to teaching Producing. How would you choose? AFI Conservatory has a lot of focus on the actual production process, making 3 films a year in teams of 6 across disciplines. I like the hands-on Creative approach. USC Stark is less focused on...
  12. Shunchao

    Admitted After Interview AFI - Producing program Fall 2020

    First time applying, got notified via E-mail, in person interview I am so excited to receive their acceptance letter. I have applied for Editing and Producing at AFI and been accepted to both! Wonder if there's anyone attending AFI this fall using Wechat, Add me please: xushunchao123
  13. Lillianlyu

    Admitted After Interview Chapman Film MFA Producing 2020

  14. Steven

    AFI Producing 2020

    Hi, it seemed no one has started a thread for AFI producing program for this year yet? March is coming! Hope I can find some mates here! How is it going, everyone!
  15. C

    Brooklyn College Feirstein MFA Help

    Hi. I plan to apply for Feirstein’s MFA in Cinema Arts and I’d like to specialize in producing. If I’m accepted into the program, I want to attend law school after and focus on copyright law. Unlike many applicants on this forum, I don’t want to be a director or screenwriter. I think an MFA in...
  16. C

    Attending Columbia - Creative Producing MFA 2020

    This is my first and as of now, only application to film school. I wrote materials for the application; I’ve never attempted to write a screenplay before applying. I attended an online Q&A, and was notified of my interview via email. I will be interviewing in person because I live in the same city.
  17. songbird013

    Admitted After Interview Chapman - MFA/MBA Dual Degree Program 2020

    First time applying
  18. J

    Applied Chapman - Film and TV Producing Spring 2020

  19. Roomtone

    Admitted Off Waitlist AFI - Producing 2020

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