1. cheeeese3cake

    Applied FSU MFA Production - 2022

    Just submitted my application. The instruction is a bit unclear for me and admin team is not as responsive as the other schools. very stressful but glad it was done!
  2. happiernow

    Applied USC Film and Television Production

    I knew I was going to apply for a while, but I definitely waited until the last moment to get started lol. Started seriously getting my application together in October and literally worked on it every day. Miraculously I finished before the deadline (a day before but still). It's my first time...
  3. Z

    Applied UCLA MFA in Production/Directing - Fall 2022

    I've put off applying to graduate programs for the past few years, so I'm excited to finally be doing it, but I'm also very nervous. UCLA's information was a little hard to find and the instructions were a bit confusing (like stating a page length requirement in one place and word count in another.)
  4. julesbeegood

    Applied UCLA MFA in Production/Direction - Narrative for Fall 2022

    The initial application process was rough for me personally due to a sudden loss in my family, but putting together the creative materials was actually a nice distraction in the midst of everything. Crossing my fingers they like what I submitted!
  5. N

    Feedback on USC MFA Film Production Personal Statement?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently writing and rewriting my personal statement for SCA. I've been looking at a lot of online advice encouraging an essay that showcases personality and individuality above all else. I've honestly been struggling trying to find a balance that shows the kind of person I am...
  6. B

    What's the most production-oriented school in CA?

    Hi, I'm a transfer student from San Diego. I was wondering if anyone from this site had any experience or advice regarding some film schools in CA. So, I applied to CSU Northridge: Accepted SDSU: Accepted CSULB: Rejected UC Irvine: Accepted UC Santa Barbara: Accepted UC Berkeley: Accepted...
  7. jumshua

    Admitted (After Interview) SFSU Cinema MFA - Fall 2021

    Interviewer (Weimin Zhang) let me know I was admitted at the beginning of the interview!
  8. E

    Interview Scheduled FSU - Film Production MFA - Fall 2021

  9. E

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC - Film Production MFA - Fall 2021

    Interview went really well, we talked for about 30 minutes about my video submission, why and how I made it, the general structure of USC curriculum, and about an old movie called the exterminating angel. She also asked how I would handle a difficult crew member
  10. mothersuperior

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) USC Film & Television Production MFA

    Waitlisted for Fall 2021, accepted for Spring 2022
  11. JPY90

    Admitted (After Interview) USC DIRECTING MFA 2021

    Informative virtual information session, fulfilling application process with scholarship questions included, nerve racking interview.
  12. Jimmer

    Applied Columbia University Film MFA

  13. C

    Admitted (After Interview) FSU MFA Production

  14. Jimmer

    Applied AFI Directing MFA 2021

  15. Jimmer

    Applied NYU Graduate Film MFA 2021

  16. angelah

    Applied NYU MFA Film

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