1. E

    Interview Scheduled FSU - Film Production MFA - Fall 2021

  2. E

    Interviewed USC - Film Production MFA - Fall 2021

    Interview went really well, we talked for about 30 minutes about my video submission, why and how I made it, the general structure of USC curriculum, and about an old movie called the exterminating angel. She also asked how I would handle a difficult crew member
  3. mothersuperior

    Interviewed USC Film & Television Production MFA

  4. J

    Admitted After Interview USC FILM DIRECTING MFA 2021

    Informative virtual information session, fulfilling application process, nerve wracking interview.
  5. Jimmer

    Applied Columbia University Film MFA

  6. C

    Applied FSU MFA Production

  7. Jimmer

    Applied AFI Directing MFA 2021

  8. Jimmer

    Applied NYU Graduate Film MFA 2021

  9. angelah

    Applied NYU MFA Film

  10. Jimmer

    Interviewed USC Film & Television Production MFA Fall 2021

  11. angelah

    Applied USC Film & TV Production

  12. Y

    Applied USC - Film and Television Production MFA - Fall 2021

  13. C

    How to decide which school to attend?

    I am a Communication Design student from India. I want to peruse film studies which focus on writing. I am in final year now, and really confused about my future. I really want to know how did you guys decide which school to attend. Any suggestions or pointer are welcome.
  14. sevs

    Which is the better kind of MFA Production program in your opinion? "Auteur-centric" or "team-based"?

    Of the MFA Production programs I'm more familiar with, I've noticed a lot of them can be filed into one of the two above-described categories. "Auteur-centric" programs that seem to focus more on helping you develop your individual voice as a storyteller include UCLA, UT Austin, Columbia, and...
  15. dkimg21

    Attending UCLA - Directing/Production Fall 2020

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