1. ak47ksha

    How to Reject an Offer after accepting?

    Looking for tips on how to withdraw from your commitment to a college. Particularly when you've already put down a deposit.
  2. BuddernScotch

    USC Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2019

    Hello fellow USC screenwriting hopefuls! So the time is upon us again. I've just spoken to the Cinematic Arts dept. today and apparently applications were sent out for review yesterday - so... yeah. It's begun. This is my third time applying, USC is the dream school for screenwriting, but I've...
  3. How to Handle Rejections from Film School

    How to Handle Rejections from Film School

    You didn’t get in. Now what? First of all, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. If you want to read more about my personal experiences with rejection, I have a blog post on it. But what this article is going to focus on is the steps you can take now to either move on or improve your chances for...
  4. O. Wesley Nelson

    Film School MFA - Second (or third) time's the charm?

    People who got accepted to an mfa program on your second/third attempt: do such people even exist? Or is it foolish for me keep trying? Please share your story to light the way. Especially screenwriters (since I'm dealing with rejection right now).
  5. H

    Repeat Offenders

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what you're thoughts are on reapplying to the same school(s). I plan on applying to a few schools, but am realistic about both my chances of getting in as well as my current financial situation. Do you think that applying to the same school in consecutive years...
  6. Travis Leake

    2015 USC MFA Screenwriting Accept Reject Waitlist

    Haven't seen anyone start this thread this year. I suppose I'll start us off. Applied for the Fall 2015 semester. Everything was in and finalized (including references) before the priority date of 11/01. First time applying. Background in music production, short fiction, couple of small...

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