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  1. S

    USC Visual sample question

    Let's say I'm applying to SCA's Writing for screen and television. I know that the visual sample is for people majoring in film production, but can I put a visual sample in my portfolio at least, and will the admission officers look at it?
  2. karolasmc

    Denied (w/o Interview) Senior in HS, applied to USC SCA Film and TV Production.

    Hi, I'm Karola. I'm a senior in high school from Southern California. I love making videos with my friends. Whether it's writing, directing, acting, editing, shooting, costume design, sound design, I love it all. I also love fashion on the side, along with probably all other art forms, because...
  3. theMorrigan

    USC MFA Writing for Screen & Television (Screenwriting) 2021

    Hello! I didn't see a thread for USC's MFA Writing for Screen & Television, so I figured I'd start one. How many of you are planning to apply, or have already applied? How are we feeling about the essays, challenge scenes, and 10-page writing sample? Personally, I feel like my essays are in...
  4. V

    Need help deciding between USC Peter Stark and USC SCA MFA

    I tried searching for threads and here and coudn't find any other than one that went super in depth. I am interested in Showrunning or Directing. I love producing as well but not as much as the other two. I do editing and other work on the side but I'm not all that interested in learning the...
  5. courteroy

    Submit multiple Applications to different USC film programs?

    Do you guys know if when applying for USC grad school, you're allowed to apply to more than one discipline or do you have to choose ONE? Come Fall, I'd like to apply to the producing program AND tv writing program. If this isn't an option, I'd love to know now so I can figure out which route to...
  6. Chris W

    USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA Screenwriting Fall 2020

    Who's applying this year? Fall Admission Deadline: November 15th Required supplemental application materials per USC: The following supplemental materials must be submitted via the SlideRoom application for admission consideration: Autobiographical Character Sketch (please upload in PDF...
  7. jeanius

    Interviewed USC SCA film/television production Fall 2019

    To stay kind of private Id rather not put my test scores up and open to pm people if they are really interested.
  8. Deb F

    USC or AFI for Production/Directing?

    Hey everyone, if you are admitted to USC film production major and AFI directing class, which one would you attend and why?
  9. M

    USC Film & TV Production 2019

    Hi, Who's applying to USC Film & TV Production this year? Let's kill some time here while we wait for results.
  10. BuddernScotch

    USC Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2019

    Hello fellow USC screenwriting hopefuls! So the time is upon us again. I've just spoken to the Cinematic Arts dept. today and apparently applications were sent out for review yesterday - so... yeah. It's begun. This is my third time applying, USC is the dream school for screenwriting, but I've...
  11. spicystanislaus

    USC SCA MFA 2018

    hi all, i'm starting to look into housing and would LOVE nothing more than to room with a fellow SCA-er! i unfortunately can't make it to the admitted students day so i figured i'd make a forum for all of us here, if maybe someone else is looking for a roommate too. so if you're moving out...
  12. Septopus7

    USC Screenwriting MFA Fall 2017 (Acceptance, Rejection, Etc.)

    Noticed there wasn't a USC-focused MFA writing thread, so figured I would kick things off with this observation. I was obsessively scanning the various spreadsheets of year's past today (as you do), and noticed that today (Feb. 20) was when acceptance letters started to trickle in for...
  13. USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA)

    USC Cinematic Arts - Film and Television Production (MFA)

    MFA students learn in the most state of the art facilities rivaling the most advanced production companies in the world. You'll hone your talent as a media-maker in six specialties- Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, and Sound-while also learning the newest...
  14. Q

    Spring 2016 USC School of Cinematic Arts

    Anyone applying for SCA?

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