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  1. C

    How to decide which school to attend?

    I am a Communication Design student from India. I want to peruse film studies which focus on writing. I am in final year now, and really confused about my future. I really want to know how did you guys decide which school to attend. Any suggestions or pointer are welcome.
  2. mol31203

    “Format” in your stories

    This is something that bug me for a while... a while ago I was told by a teacher that I couldn’t end a story without “hope” (or “light”) and couldn’t end a story without protagonists having some changes at the end. I disagreed with him and still disagree with him now (I mean, look at films like...
  3. Aanish

    Script Exchange for Feedback

    Hi, I'm looking to get some opinions on a couple of short scripts I wrote. I have two in mind that I'd like to get some input on. I'll gladly read your script and provide feedback in return. Both of my scripts are about 20-25 pages in length, you could ready either one and that'd be fine. The...
  4. E

    how to become a screenwriter?

    does anyone have any beginners tips on how to write a movie script? what screenwriting books you recommend? best screenwriting websites? what type of script to try writing first? how important is the screenplay format? i've written short stories but that's about it so far. this would be the...
  5. T

    Beginning Screenwriter - Will you give feedback on my screenplay?

    hey there, im a beginning screenwriter. It's my first time writing a screenplay. I'm here to present one of my work, and hopefully receive some advice and notes that i should be aware of. Thanks everyone, I'll appreciate every comment!
  6. How to get into Film School - PART 2: Writing Samples and Portfolio Advice

    How to get into Film School - PART 2: Writing Samples and Portfolio Advice

    This is Part 2 of the series with advice on how to get into film school given by the many members of FilmSchool.org over the years. The forums have been around for over 17 years so there are a ton of people who have gone what you are going through right now and lived to tell about it. USC and...
  7. M

    What story structure do you follow, if any?

    hi, everyone! thought i'd get another conversation going here :) what story structure do you tend to follow? the 8 sequence approach, the hero's journey, etc.? or do you just see where your story takes you? i personally tend to follow the 8 sequence approach whether i realize i'm doing it or...
  8. Chris W

    How to write a screenplay?

    Screenwriters - When you start a screenplay do you have it all mapped out in your head before hand? Or do you just go to town and start writing without knowing where it is going yet? I believe that's how Stephen King writes his books.
  9. Chris W

    Fun Threads I'm dying laughing! You have to see this.

    Check out @KeatonPatti’s Tweet: I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Hallmark Christmas movies and then asked it to write a Hallmark Christmas movie of its own. Here is the first page. Keaton Patti on Twitter
  10. Bettina Moss

    National University MFA in Professional Screenwriting hybrid program

    This relatively new program is a very doable hybrid - only one residency course on site in Los Angeles - all other classes online. National University is a highly accredited university by WASC. Focus is on ALL PROFESSIONAL FACULTY who work in the business and teach. The onsite residency...

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