1. J

    Denied (w/o Interview) Boston University - Screenwriting MFA

    Never got an interview, so I really just applied and it was radio silence until they emailed me that I did not get in. I submitted really early and was fairly confident in my application, but I didn't want to continue with a screenwriting education all that much so I wasn't too torn up about this.
  2. B

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) USC SCA Writing for Screen and Television Fall 2024

    My second time applying for the program. The first time, I didn't hear back but this time was waitlisted. This year, I felt more confident and happy with my materials than my last cycle. I think it helped that I'm a few years out from undergraduate and had more time to get industry and writing...
  3. H

    Applied Columbia MFA 2024

    Applying to this institute was quite hectic and I was always crosschecking everythings. I've done the process for too long cause I wasn't sure to push the button to submit. eventhough with such care I've made some mistakes which I think were acceptable for an applicant. But In the end I am...
  4. thehonkycat

    Applied USC - Fall 2024

    I think USC asked for a lot of things compared to other schools. It was pretty intense to handle everything, but I think I've done a good job at the end. Also applied last year, but didn't get in, so let's see how it goes this time - fingers crossed!
  5. anywyas

    Applied USC Screen writing B.A.

    For me personally it was pretty stressful and not for any external factors, mostly because I didn't properly comprehend the portfolio instructions. Basically I did the regular little application on common app and then ofc I was on my way to do the portfolio but from my understanding I was only...
  6. L

    Lemme Try Again....

    Hello:) I'm Anna nice to meet you. I'm 24 years old and after being a preschool teacher for four years, I realized it was not for me. I ALSOO realized that I've finally figured out what I want to do (to some extent) so I decided to go back to college. Currently, I'm studying in a community...
  7. M

    USC SCA Writing for Screen and Television MFA Fall 2024

    Hey all, I'm excited to be applying this fall! For the past couple of months I've been slowly but surely putting together my application materials. Hoping to connect with others going down this scary path and hopefully help each other out with questions and encouragement! A bit about me, got...
  8. L

    Screenwriting MFA 2023, UCLA vs USC, which one to choose?

    Hi guys! I got accepted by both USC's John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television and UCLA's TFT Screenwriting. I had a very nice interview with UCLA, but I'm very concerned about TFT's status reading last year's post. Is the Screenwriting department also in deep trouble? For USC...
  9. D

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI Screenwriting - Fall 2023

    In general, it's pretty ok. If you planned, you can do it all! don't worry. But for my, speaking as someone with anxiety, it's being pretty stressful. I worry if what I did is not good enough and I spend the whole day checking my email to see if I get a interview.
  10. A

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Screenwriting Fall 2023

    It was easy but had a problem with the payment tab. I mailed AFi admission which was very helpful. Liked the process of application. As English is not my first language and I'm applying for screenwriting which is a doubt for me. Today I saw many people here who have received interview call and...
  11. J

    Applied NYU Dramatic Writing MFA | Fall 2023

    NYU has the most straightforward application process for any grad school I've applied to. You simply submit your script (or play in my case), your resume, two letters of recommendation (although I submitted four, two professional and two academic letters), and a statement of purpose. It is also...
  12. C

    Chapman University Transformational Moment Essay Needs Advice, Thanks!

    Hi all, I am applying for MFA screenwriting at Chapman University and I would like to ask for help from experienced people to see if the theme of my transformational moment essay is clear. If you're interested, please give a comment and I'll send you a private message. Thank you so much to all...
  13. A

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) LFS - MA Screenwriting

    The application process was easy and straightforward. This was my first application for a MA program, and the steps required to complete the application was laid out well. The school asks for the usual essays, documents, and writing samples that other schools also require to submit. For me...
  14. H

    Hey - new screenwriter from Morocco

    Hi, I'm Hamza, and I'm 26 and from Morocco. I'm glad to join this community! I've already completed my first screenplay and would like to learn more about the craft.
  15. L

    Where should I go? UAL or University of Manchester with an amazing professor?

    The course leader of their MA Screenwriting program is the former course leader at London Film School. I really admire him a lot because of the interview we had and I love the course details he set. Plus, this program is on a very small scale (12 students per year) which I believe would provide...
  16. BelRay

    LMU or Chapman? Writing for the screen/screenwriting.

    I’m coming from a theater/playwriting background and looking for a screenwriting program to develop skills further and hopefully lead to future employment in the industry. Stuck between LMU and Chapman. Would love any input.
  17. N

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia Directing/Screenwriting MFA

    Proud of my visual sample. I liked the three-paged scene I submitted. Wrote the short in a day or two so it wasn't my best but it had a good enough concept. And my feature treatment was like, okay. Interview also went well. Generally, the faculty spoke to me about my visual sample. It's what...
  18. B

    Admitted (After Interview) LMU SFTV Screenwriting MFA

    The process of applying has been both nerve wracking and awesome. Sitting and picking myself apart over the past couple months, while I wait on responses hasn't been fun, lol. Still, every interaction I have had with LMU's faculty and staff have been great, I had a great feeling about them in...
  19. I

    Admitted (w/o Interview) USC Writing for Screen and Television - 2022

    USC was a bit hard. They ask for a lot of stuff - 2 creative challenges, 2 creative essays, a writing sample AND a creative portfolio with a very specific format. Plus an extra scene if you want to request a scholarship. So it's a lot of work. Also the waiting is killer because there's no...
  20. MeganLaurel

    introducing myself

    Hello, y'all. My name is Megan I am from Los Angeles (Long Beach). I have an undergrad degree in political science from Ohio State University and an almost Masters's degree in communication studies. I have always liked films and didn't think I could do it. The short version of the story is when...

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