1. M

    CSULB or SDSU?

    I am new here so forgive me for any mistakes I make. I got into both CSULB (FEA-Theory & Pract Cinema BA.) and SDSU, I want to be a screenwriter and I'm wondering what would be the best option? I know that CSULB will let you specialize in screenwriting during your last year, but SDSU is close...
  2. JSLyu

    Admitted After Interview AFI - Screenwriting MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  3. D

    What are graduate level courses like? (Screenwriting)

    Going to be entering a program this fall, not sure which one, but all I know is that I want to dedicate myself to writing and learning as much as possible. Can anyone give me an idea of what these progams are actually like to participate in? Am i going to be crushed and have my dreams shattered...