1. betzy

    Admitted (After Interview) LFS SCREENWRITING MA

  2. J

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) LMU - Writing for the Screen M.F.A. (Fall 2021)

    Personal statement (fewer than 1000 words) Creative sample prompt (3 to 5 pg) Writing sample 1: (one feature-length) Writing sample 2: (first thirty pages of a feature, teleplay or short) Video recording (two minutes)
  3. T

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Chapman MFA - Screenwriting

  4. L

    Has anyone heard anything from Boston University?

    Starting to slowly loose hope on my BU applications
  5. C

    Applied NYU graduate film

  6. J

    Applied Emerson - MFA in Writing for Film & Television

    3 letter of recommendation Professional resume Essay (3 pg, 750 words) "Please write an essay that addresses the points below. We are looking for a cohesive essay that helps us understand you and your goals as a writer." Why you are interested in an MFA degree in Writing for Film and...
  7. Borna

    Denied (w/o Interview) Columbia MFA Screenwriting/Directing - Fall 2021

  8. Smeist

    Thinking about film school .... can I get in? Where do I start?

    Hi everyone! I’m just getting into the research of grad programs & applications for film schools. If all of my dreams were to come true, I’d be in the M.A cinema studies program at Tisch starting spring 2022. I know that learning more about film & screenwriting is the only way I’ll be able to do...
  9. wknowles

    Current 2nd Year USC Directing/Film Production MFA Student AMA

    Hey all! One of the admins asked me to create this thread in order to help out. I’m currently a second year student in the graduate Film Production program at USC, emphasizing writing and directing. If you have any questions about the application process or school curriculum please feel free to...
  10. A

    Who to ask for references?

    So this is a bit of a weird questions but some background, I'm from the UK and am in my final year of undergrad (English lit) and looking at doing an MA/MFA in screenwriting next year. Realistically I'll probably end up somewhere in the UK (LFS, Goldsmiths & MetFilm are on the list) but if I had...
  11. 10 Tips on How to Write a Screenplay

    10 Tips on How to Write a Screenplay

    Are you interested in becoming a better screenwriter? Of course you are! No matter where you are in the game, you should always strive to improve your writing abilities. This constant ambition and effort to become a more skilled writer is what separates a doer from a dreamer! I’ve learned a lot...
  12. C

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) AFI - Screenwriting 2020

    Interviewed via Skype. Notify of being on the waitlist 13, March, 2020. Notify of being admitted off wait list, 2, April, 2020.
  13. macieekt

    Interviewed Columbia - Directing/Screenwriting Fall 2020

  14. dorkydiana

    let's talk about hopelessness!1!!1!

    does anyone else feel this sense of...despair....when it comes to rejection? idk how to explain it but i was on such a high during my undergrad, i had gotten into one of the best schools for my major in the country and i felt invincible like nothing could stop me from pursuing my dreams, which...
  15. M

    CSULB or SDSU?

    I am new here so forgive me for any mistakes I make. I got into both CSULB (FEA-Theory & Pract Cinema BA.) and SDSU, I want to be a screenwriter and I'm wondering what would be the best option? I know that CSULB will let you specialize in screenwriting during your last year, but SDSU is close...
  16. JSLyu

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI - Screenwriting MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  17. D

    What are graduate level courses like? (Screenwriting)

    Going to be entering a program this fall, not sure which one, but all I know is that I want to dedicate myself to writing and learning as much as possible. Can anyone give me an idea of what these progams are actually like to participate in? Am i going to be crushed and have my dreams shattered...
  18. ptastan

    Applied NYU - Dramatic Writing Fall 2019

  19. Gloria-

    Denied (w/o Interview) Columbia - Screenwriting/Directing 2019

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