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  1. Chris W

    USC Writing for Screen & Television MFA 2022

    This is a thread for those of you applying to USC Writing for Screen & Television MFA for entry in Fall 2022. Reply below if you are planning to apply to meet your fellow applicants. Here are our current admissions statistics and acceptance data from our database for the program: When you...
  2. mmilk88

    Emerson VS Chapman Screenwriting MFA

    Hi Everyone, I'm struggling with deciding which Screenwriting program to attend, currently I'm torn between Chapman and Emerson (low res program). Each program has its pros and cons for personal reasons, but I was wondering if there were any alumni or current students who could help speak to...
  3. C

    Columbia MFA Screenwriting video submission?

    Hi! I have my Columbia application almost entirely finished, but I keep going back to the optional video upload. I have short films I have made, but I'm wondering if I need to add them if I'm only applying to screenwriting?
  4. W

    Interviewed NYU MFA Dramatic Writing Fall 2021

  5. W

    Applied Chapman MFA Screenwriting Fall 2021

  6. W

    Applied USC Writing for Screen & Television MFA 2021

    First time applying!
  7. amichan

    USC MFA Screenwriting Scholarship Writing Prompts/Questions

    Hey guys! There are 3 questions in the application if you choose to be considered for scholarships: Please describe your academic, professional and personal goals, and how additional funding might support these endeavors. Please answer the following essay prompt to be considered for...
  8. Septopus7

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) USC - Writing for the Screen and Television 2019

    FINAL UPDATE: Well, this turned into some wacky ass shit, huh? After three years of applying and putting like all my future into USC, I finally got in...and now I'm going to be left turning them down, as AFI (the only other school I applied for) offered me essentially full tuition to attend...
  9. DePaul University - MFA in Comedy Screenwriting

    DePaul University - MFA in Comedy Screenwriting

    In collaboration with The Second City, DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts is now offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in Comedy Filmmaking. The Master’s Concentration in Comedy, housed within DePaul’s celebrated MFA Screenwriting program, is the only terminal degree of its kind...
  10. thejosh

    UCLA (got an interview), Syracuse, CSUN, and CSUF Fall 2018 Applicant

    Hello everyone! I'm excited to be on this site, and reading through the threads has been a genuinely enlightening experience. Thank you to all the contributors! As my title indicates, I applied to the MFA Screenwriting Programs for UCLA, CSU Northridge, and CSU Fullerton, and I applied for...
  11. Septopus7

    USC Screenwriting MFA Fall 2017 (Acceptance, Rejection, Etc.)

    Noticed there wasn't a USC-focused MFA writing thread, so figured I would kick things off with this observation. I was obsessively scanning the various spreadsheets of year's past today (as you do), and noticed that today (Feb. 20) was when acceptance letters started to trickle in for...
  12. EclecticMel21

    Columbia University MFA Film : FALL 2017

    Hey all, I hope everybody who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. The application deadline is a few short days away so I wanted to create a thread for those of us interested in the Columbia MFA film program. It would be great to have folks to talk to during the next couple of...
  13. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Screenwriting

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Screenwriting

    Brooklyn College’s MFA in Screenwriting program focuses on the art of storytelling and the ideas that inspire it. In addition to writing workshops, students take classes in cinema history as well as production and post-production to understand the broader goals of filmmaking and form...
  14. Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage

    Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage

  15. Florida State University - MFA in Writing

    Florida State University - MFA in Writing

    The College of Motion Picture Arts offers a Master of Fine Arts screenwriting program with a foundation in motion picture production. Working with professional and experienced screenwriters from the start, you are challenged to master the art, craft and business of storytelling. You graduate...
  16. LilyMunster

    What are my chances of getting into USC Film School MFA?

    Hi everyone, I am going to apply to USC(cinematic arts/writing for graduate school for fall 2017. I applied to ucla and lmu for fall 2016, but was rejected. I don't know why I was, but it might have had something to do with my average GPA(3.0) and it was my first time applying to such...
  17. UCLA TFT - Screenwriting (M.F.A.)

    UCLA TFT - Screenwriting (M.F.A.)

    UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television MFA in Screenwriting program is another highly competitive program in Los Angeles. The program encourages students to concentrate on writing a well-structured story driven by vivid, compelling characters. The elements of a script are explored...
  18. M

    CSULA MFA Dramatic writting Advice

    Hello Everyone, I just got in to CSULA mfa program in screenwriting and wanted to get peoples thoughts of the program. DId you learn alot? Was the program benificial? Those sorts of things. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks you
  19. L

    UT Austin MFA 2016

    Has anyone else applied? Production or Screenwriting? Thoughts/concerns about the application process? Any current students with advice or thoughts on the program and/or the city? Good luck to everyone!
  20. Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - MFA in Screenwriting Program

    Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - MFA in Screenwriting Program

    The Cal State University, Northridge MFA in Screenwriting program is an intensive course of study designed for both students seeking careers in screenwriting as well as those looking to teach screenwriting in a collegiate setting. Prospective students can gain further insight into the course...

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