1. M

    Who to ask for letters of recommendations (MFA screenwriting)

    I am applying to all the top MFA screenwriting schools. I was a neuroscience major in college and I minored in screenwriting. I have been working in consulting since graduating (2 years). My plan was to ask one screenwriting professor who I have a close relationship with and then two of my...
  2. Asheville School of Film offers Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Workshops

    Asheville School of Film offers Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Workshops

    The Asheville School of Film is the ideal place for locals and those seeking a supportive community to learn filmmaking, or to hone areas of the filmmaking craft. We are lucky to have a growing film industry in the Southeast and hope to provide a foundation for interested youth and second career...
  3. Cody Young

    Accepted into AFI’s Screenwriting program, Ask me Anything!

    Hello all, I’m a recently accepted graduate student who will be attending AFI in the fall within the Screenwriting discipline. This past year, I applied to MFA programs for the first time and I unfortunately only discovered this website shortly after I submitted my last application. Being that...
  4. BuddernScotch

    How I Got In To Film School: Application / Interview Process Information and AMA

    (As with all information, take with grain of NaCl) Hello there potential filmschool applicants! The application / interview process can be stressful and confusing. Information online is scattered around in bits and are often third hand or from a decade ago. You may feel like you're trying to...
  5. M

    How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting.

    How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting. I anguished over the thought of turning down either school. As a true cinephile, how could I consider living outside of LA? That’s where the industry is. I had to attend AFI. But what about the legends born out of New York, like...
  6. M

    Accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Currently accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing MFA and attending in the Fall. All questions welcome! Best, P
  7. T

    Denied Without Interview USC - Writing for Screen and TV MFA Fall 2019

    Second time applying. Was notified via email from their decision portal.
  8. Chris W

    Best MFA Screenwriting Programs?

    In what order would you rank the best MFA Screenwriting Programs? And why? AFI Screenwriting Boston University Screenwriting Chapman Screenwriting Columbia Columbia -Directing/Screenwriting CSUF Screenwriting CSUN Screenwriting CUNY Feirstein Screenwriting DePaul Screenwriting Emerson - MFA...
  9. KatieeveD

    Help with USC & UCLA screenwriting applications (I'm from the UK)

    Hey guys, So I want to apply to the Fall 2020 admissions for the USC MFA in Writing for Screen and TV and the UCLA Screenwriting MFA. I'm from the UK and our system works really differently here so I don't really understand what I'm doing. Can anyone else who's applied to these, or just US...
  10. F

    poor little aspiring screenwriter newbie with big dreams in the house who needs ALOT of help and advice

    Hey everyone! i... don't need to say anything since the title of this post explains it all :(. i am in my senior year of high school and i already know what i want to do (thank heavens that's the one and only thing in life i'm sure of). Besides watching a lot of anime; reading a lot of comics...
  11. Jun

    UCI? UCSD? or maybe UCSB?

    Hello guys. Before dropping my question, I would like to let you know about my situation. I am a professional novelist, and aiming to expand my job area to screenwriting. What I have heard is that UCI is more about the script than the other schools. I do not deny that I would like to be a...
  12. M

    Screenwriting and Directing MA Options

    Hi, My names is Alejandro, based in Mexico City. I'm looking for MA programs that may help in the development of a feature length film, I've found this options in UBC at Vancouver and Columbia, NYC. Does anybody know about other similar courses? Thanks...
  13. E

    USC v Northwestern Screenwriting

    I’ve committed to USC, but somewhat out of the blue got accepted to northwestern this past week and they’ve offered me a scholarship. It’s not full tuition, but it’s going to be a lot less debt than USC, which is obviously a major concern of mine. USC really sold their connections (both to the...
  14. M

    Would you rather write scripts for TV or Film?

    which medium do you prefer? do you write for both? if you prefer tv, which shows would you most like to be staffed on? if you prefer film, what movies inspire you? if you prefer a different medium (video games, novels, webseries, etc), what is it and why? i personally like and have studied both...
  15. M

    What story structure do you follow, if any?

    hi, everyone! thought i'd get another conversation going here :) what story structure do you tend to follow? the 8 sequence approach, the hero's journey, etc.? or do you just see where your story takes you? i personally tend to follow the 8 sequence approach whether i realize i'm doing it or...
  16. D

    How much work is a screenwriting MFA?

    Weird question to ask, as it goes without saying thst anyone pursing a masters needs to be prepared to make a big ass just wondering, how much time do you spend doing work that isnt actually writing? Is it like a shit load of essays and volumes upon volumes of reading and research...
  17. JSLyu

    Attending UCLA - Screenwriting MFA 2019

    First time applying.
  18. d890

    AFI Screenwriting vs. Columbia Screenwriting

    Is anyone else here debating between the two?