1. jacobsullivan

    Admitted (After Interview) UCLA Screenwriting MFA 2024

    The application process overall was pretty straightforward. Preparing and Submitting the materials was easily done in the portal. When they got back to me for an interview, I didn't see the first email sent on the 24th due to it being in my spam. Thankfully the time-sensitive email went to my...
  2. A

    USC MFA Film Production vs UCLA MFA Screenwriting

    Hi all, Would love to get the thoughts of users on here and current/former students of both schools! I'm an international student going to the US on a J-1 visa with a large sponsored scholarship for one year only and have been admitted to two schools but I'm having a hard time in seeing what...
  3. earllgreytea

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Boston University , MFA in Screenwriting, Fall 2024

    It was great, all fine. Had to do something called the Kira Assessment, which, no going to lie was a little daunting, because you are answering timed interview questions but without anyone on the other side, just... recording yourself. I did it after work and swore I bombed it but I guess they...
  4. agbango

    LFS Screenwriting MA - Sept 2024 entry

    Hi! I'm applying for the MA in screenwriting at LFS next week and there doesn't seem to be a thread for this course yet so I thought I'd make one in advance of the application deadline!
  5. L

    Attending (Off Waitlist After Interview) UT Austin - MFA Screenwriting

    This was a pretty straightforward application and it was definitely a quicker process than many others schools. I'm currently waitlisted at UT, which isn't surprising considering they only take 7 new students per cohort. I'm holding my breath until the end! We're supposed to hear back by April 18.
  6. L

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Boston University - MFA Screenwriting

    The application was relatively simple and the early deadline was a couple months later than most other schools so you can give some good focus to it. I was admitted and granted some pretty good scholarships but unfortunately the price was still too high for me to attend in good conscience.
  7. C

    NYU or Columbia for Screenwriting?

    April 15 is coming up and I still have a decision to make! I am very grateful to have been accepted into MFA programs at both NYU (Dramatic Writing) and Columbia (Film - Writing for Film and TV Concentration). I am most interested in TV writing, but excited to learn other formats as well. I am...
  8. J

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Screenwriting MFA

    Never got an interview, so I really just applied and it was radio silence until they emailed me that I did not get in. I submitted really early and was fairly confident in my application (I did get into USC), but ultimately I wanted to move into directing and away from screenwriting.
  9. J

    Admitted but Not Attending (w/o Interview) Emerson Writing for Film & TV MFA

    It was a relatively easy process. I expected them to interview, but they never did interviews for this program from what I can tell. Found out I got in with a scholarship at the same time.
  10. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) NYU Tisch Film BFA Undergrad Fall 2024

    This is a very extensive application process. Be prepared to start early and revise, revise, revise. Another point I noticed: the admissions office was VERY responsive and very friendly. They always gave a welcoming reply and I never felt like they were judging me (big contrast to how my UCLA...
  11. sbhuntley

    Admitted (After Interview) 2024 Dramatic Writing NYU

    The application process was really smooth. Two months after submitting my materials, I received a request for an interview and within 3 weeks of that request had my interview and received my acceptance.
  12. sbhuntley

    Interviewed 2024 Columbia Directing and Screenwriting MFA

    The process has been extremely slow. I applied on the due date, then heard back and interviewed in February. Since then, I have heard nothing from the school, whether that be a rejection, acceptance, or waitilist.
  13. sbhuntley

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC Writing for Screen and Television MFA

    Throughout the application process, I heard nothing from the school. I did not receive an interview or any news beyond my rejection letter. I submitted everything on time and heard back basically the second I remembered to make a youSC account, so I think they probably had my rejection ready for...
  14. 0

    Admitted (After Interview) UT Austin - Screenwriting MFA Fall 2024

    UT Austin's application required a full-length script, which could be a 30-minute pilot, 60-minute pilot, or feature length movie. I had written a 30-minute pilot, which I used for all my applications. UT Austin was the second school to reach out to me for an interview, but the first school to...
  15. 0

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia - Writing for Film & Television MFA Fall 2024

    The Columbia application process was similar to other schools requiring Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statements, and writing samples. Columbia asked applicants to write a few pages based on a prompt. I found Chapman's application slightly more challenging in that it asked for multiple...
  16. bddub24

    Loyola Marymount Screenwriting - Current/Alum Students POV

    Hi! I was admitted with a pretty good scholarship to LMU for the MFA Writing for the Screen program and am really excited at the prospect of the program. I'd love to hear from either screenwriting MFA track at LMU, current or past students. How is your experience? What's your biggest takeaway...
  17. mschoenberg72

    Admission Decision Not Received

    Hello everyone, I applied to USC SCA’s John Wells Screenwriting Division for a BFA and have not gotten an email or a change to my portal. However, many other applicants for the other programs in BFAs have been accepted (woop woop!) or have been let known of their decision. I did apply as an out...
  18. L

    NFTS Screenwriting - 2025 entry

    Hi everyone! Is anyone else planning on applying for the Screenwriting MA course at the NFTS? I've got three rejections under my belt so this might be my last rodeo with them but I think I'll give it one last shot.
  19. I

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Columbia MFA Directing/Screenwriting - 2024

    It was my first time applying. Overall, it went pretty well. For any people aspiring, I would say work on your creative written materials ASAP, so you have enough time to edit them to your liking. In addition, different schools have different ways they want materials to be formatted (so be aware...
  20. Siarrrrrrrahh

    Applied LFS MA Screenwriting

    So far the process has been okay, I don't have any practical film experience, so I can only hope my strong desire to write and whatever talent I have shines through!

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