1. C

    Applied DePaul Screenwriting MFA 2022

    It was nice. Admission officers were incredibly helpful. They don't ask you to submit a daunting amount of things. Their application website was easy to use.
  2. nightskypetunia

    Applied UCLA- Screenwriting MFA

    First-time application. Only applied to one school. Mostly I applied to get college-level experience as a teacher, and I hope to use TA positions to cover the tuition. Here's hoping!
  3. C

    Interview Scheduled AFI Screenwriting 2022

    Really appreciated the 20 page requirement for this particular school. I think having that limited amount of room to work with not only made my sample stronger, but it also saved me time.
  4. ewheeler0906

    Applied American Film Institute Conservatory - Screenwriting (MFA Fall 2022)

    I applied to the AFI Conservatory once before and was invited to an interview. I was ultimately rejected. I will eventually uploaded my Fall 2021 application materials as soon as I can. Applying this year was simple enough. Below are my application materials and a description of their...
  5. izzy74

    Interview Scheduled AFI Screenwriting 2022

    So far, so good! Very excited to get an interview but nervous as this is my first year at applying to any MFAs. I thought my supplements were both a bit risky but I guess it paid off (for now at least)! Also, a small thing, but I've found the AFI admissions office to be so warm and helpful...
  6. A

    Interview Scheduled AFI Screenwriting - 2022 Fall Admissions

    I tend to procrastinate, so it was really stressful because of that! But fairly straightforward to me. I enjoyed writing the "guilty party" piece a lot, and my essays were intense, raw, and real. I took the GRE after I submitted my application--I know it wasn't necessary, but I thought that if I...
  7. J

    Emerson Writing for Film and Television MFA 2022

    Is anyone else applying to this program this year? Emerson is pretty high on almost every film school ranking but I haven't been able to find too much information about their MFA in Film and TV writing MFA outside of what's on their site and the few threads I've seen on here. The curriculum...
  8. ewheeler0906

    Introductions and Livations!

    Greetings fellow humans! My name is Ethan (they/them). I am 27 y/o and a screenwriter from Lincoln, NE. I first started writing narrative fiction early in my childhood, but did not enter into the screenwriting field until about five years ago when a filmmaker in my area wanted to read one of...
  9. catmom

    Applied LMU Writing for the Screen MFA - Fall 2022

    Glad they extended the deadline from November to December, really needed that extra month! I liked that they asked for a feature and the first thirty of a second, I feel more confident being judged by more of my writing rather than less.
  10. catmom

    Interview Scheduled Stony Brook Screenwriting MFA - Fall 2022

    I decided to apply because the scholarships they mention on their site, if offered to the applicant, make it the most affordable option. They focus on story first and allow you to direct as well. I attended an info session and one of the professors said something kind of like they paid Columbia...
  11. Camilo_Ma

    Applied Columbia University - Screenwriting/Directing Fall 2022

    I started the application in June of this year. I think it's better to have more time to send your creative materials to others for feedback. It also gives you time to digest what you have written. :):) I'm an international applicant and I did not submitted an english proficiency test. My 4...
  12. F

    Applied Columbia University - Screenwriting/Directing Fall 2022

    The application process is wrapping up and very nerve racking. The waiting game will be the hardest part of the process. I wish I had statistics on how many students applied and how many students out of that number get interviewed.
  13. julesbeegood

    Applied Columbia MFA in Screenwriting/Directing - Fall 2022

    I submitted this application a couple weeks ago. I thought the process went fine and was eager to get this final application done, only to discover after the fact that I formatted my writing samples wrong. (A lesson from this first time through applying to MFAs has been to thoroughly review the...
  14. S

    Applied USC-SCA-Screenwriting- for 2022

    I felt my application was ok. I felt my scriptwriting was kinda cringy because I couldn't really develop unique characters in only 5 pages. I like my story/plot but I think my dialogue was very "CW"-like. My essays and writing samples were really good, probably the stronger part of my application
  15. catmom

    Applied NYU Dramatic Writing - Fall 2022

    Great! Very straightforward and simple, they wanted one writing sample. I submitted my most polished feature screenplay and it is out of my hands now!
  16. A

    UCLA Scholarship Portal problems?

    Hi, Is anyone else having problems with the scholarship application submit link? When I input all my information, the submit link at the bottom won't let me hit it. See link below...
  17. A

    Applied FALL 2022 - UCLA Screenwriting MFA

    Pretty well - but by far, UCLA's information was the most infuriating. When they put up the new 2021 portal, they hadn't changed the submission information so I was working on different application materials until I realised they'd changed it. Not to mention, their Personal Statement and...
  18. Umie13

    Interview Scheduled AFI MFA in Screenwriting - 2022

    A fairly pleasant application process. I found the guidelines to the narrative statement to be slightly challenging-- I had so much to write! Nevertheless, I hope my passion came through and I hope the writing was satisfactory.
  19. Chris W

    UT Austin - MFA in Screenwriting Program 2022

    Who's applying? Deadline is December 1st Statement of Purpose: Write an essay that explains your education and experience so far, your future goals, and how you think our program will help you achieve those goals. Rule of thumb is to...
  20. S

    USC Visual sample question

    Let's say I'm applying to SCA's Writing for screen and television. I know that the visual sample is for people majoring in film production, but can I put a visual sample in my portfolio at least, and will the admission officers look at it?

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