1. divmoh247

    USC Peter Stark Program Fall 2019 Entry

    Hi all! I didn't see a thread for the most recent group of applicants (that is this year) for Stark so I thought I would start one. If there's already an existing thread for people applying this year, could you please link it? Are there any people applying fall of 2018 to enter next year...
  2. taxi_driver

    Stark 2015/2016

    Anyone gearing up to apply for next fall of 2015? Haven't seen anything on their site about applications opening up. Preemptively planning to get started on gathering materials, writing essays, etc.
  3. bgardner

    Peter Stark Producing Program 2014/2015

    Looks like no one has started a thread for this year yet so I guess I'll take the helm! Anyone here applying? I just had my interview with Richard Shepherd and I think it went very well! They say the typical interview lasts 30-45 min but we talked for almost an hour and a half! I guess that's a...