1. cheeeese3cake

    Applied UCLA MFA Directing/Production - 2022

    submitted my application and anxiously waiting to hear back from them. the instruction is a mess and very unclear; admin team is not responsive at all lol very stressful but glad it was done!
  2. llueve

    UCLA TFT MFA - Anyone know what has changed for Fall 2022?

    Hi all! Many of you must remember how UCLA did not accept applications for any of their film MFA programs last year, in theory so they could re-vamp their program, which had come under fire recently (but also not-so-recently, in their two previous quality reviews). It looks like UCLA TFT MFAs...
  3. cheeeese3cake

    UCLA MFA Directing/Production Fall 2022

    I didn't see a thread for UCLA MFA directing/production for entry in next fall? so i took the initiative to create one :) Who is applying? How's everyone's portfolio going? We have 40days left until deadline! Let's go everyone!
  4. C

    Is UCLA TFT Good or Bad?

    So here’s my story- I applied as a freshman undergrad to UCLA TFT for screenwriting/production. I did some research on UCLA’s film program during the summer, but couldn’t find anything specific. I also found some negative articles that warned me against the program. However, TFT is still at #2...
  5. BuddernScotch

    Very short post from a 2nd year UCLA Screenwriting student's perspective but wait hold up it's not actually that short

    Hi. Keeping this super short. It has recently (within the hour) come to my attention that there has been a scathing (lol?) article written somewhere in the internet aether about UCLA's TFT department and their supposedly deteriorating performance in the last few years, even before xxxxx-19...

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