1. M

    Please evaluate my chances of acceptance into Tisch...

    Hi, I am planning on applying to NYU: Tisch School of The Arts for Film & TV. I was hoping anyone with an insight into the NYU admissions could evaluate my chances of acceptance into the Tisch film program. Below is a little bit about me to help your evaluation. Grade: 12 Type of School...
  2. E

    Tisch and 4 year college

    i was wondering if Tisch was a 2 year college and if so, is it better to go to a 4 year college and study film and make films or just a 2 year. if it were u wat would u do
  3. T

    Tisch Help

    Does anyone know approximately how many Film/TV spots Tisch School reserves for incoming freshmen? Thanks
  4. G

    Tisch Resume Question

    The time for college applications is nearing and I've been trying to find information on NYU. I have an interest in getting a film major. I am very interested in Tisch at NYU, I have one question about the application process though. One of the requirements for applying is "A one-page résumé...
  5. S

    Tisch Portfolio & Narrative Element

    I've read on here a lot that Tisch puts a big emphasis on having a strong narrative element and the ability to tell a story... but I want to be cinematographer and I was considering submitting some of my best 35mm stills... Will it hurt if the stills are random and don't collectively 'tell a...
  6. T

    NYU Tisch Creative Essay Requirement

    For those admitted to the film program as Undergraduates at Tisch, it would be helpful if any of you are willing to share information regarding your creative essay required of all applicants to the department (the creative essay is the 4-page written piece that accompanies the artistic...
  7. N

    NYU: Tisch School Admissions HELP

    My name is Nina and I am an aspiring film student and I wish more than anything to attended NYU's Tisch School. The only problem is that I have not really even started to prepare a portfolio, entirely due to the fact that this is a relativly new passion of mine. If anyone with a little insight...
  8. B


    Just wanted to let the SF.com community know that the 24-Hr movies you despise so much got me into Tisch. By the way, I probably won't go to Tisch. How many people hear have gotten into Tisch? Just curious.

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