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  1. Best MFA Film School Programs in the United States 2019

    Best MFA Film School Programs in the United States 2019

    What is the best film school program out there? There are certainly a lot of opinions on the matter.'s community has it's own as well. Below are the top ranked film school programs based on our Film School Review system. If you want to add a film to the list leave a comment below...
  2. G

    NYU | Kanbar institute film & television

    Hi there. Searching on the web opinions of this program I find only reviews about the post-graduate course. So I’m going to ask you a few questions. APP. REQUIREMENTS: According to NYU’s website, requirements for applicants don’t include any standardized test. That’s great, because I have not...
  3. Chris W

    Film School Rankings

    Here are the latest Film School Rankings. According to the Hollywood Reporter: AFI USC Beijing Film Academy NYU UCLA CalArts Prague Film School Columbia Wesleyan NFTS La Femis UNC UTA Polish National Film School Syracuse Stanford FSU Emerson LMU UWM RISD Chapman Ringling Northweatern...
  4. C

    What do you think is the best film school and why?

    I'm trying to narrow down the list. Which ones do you think are the best? And why?