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  1. L

    Cheap online colleges with digital filmmaking or film and tv production?

    Can I get some recommendations for any ( completely ) online colleges that cost between $1000-2000 a year that teach digital filmmaking and film and tv production completely online
  2. T

    OPEN HOUSE at Stony Brook Manhattan's MFA in TV Writing with Alan Kingsberg, Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler

    The most complete MFA in TV Writing on the East Coast is still accepting applications for next Fall and is having an Open House on May 20 to discuss how to get your TV series or movie from idea to market. Head of TV Writing Alan Kingsberg in discussion with legendary producers Christine Vachon...
  3. WriterGirl33

    Chapman MFA Filmmaking

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has ever not been admitted to their first choice program but has received admission for their second choice program?
  4. Operator

    Admitted After Interview Chapman - TV Writing & Producing 2018

    NOTE: I also applied nearly two months after the deadline listed on the website. I was notified by email requesting and in person or Skype interview. Admissions offer via email. Requested admissions deferral to Fall 2019. It was granted a day later.

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