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    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2020

    Hi all, new here. I didn't see a thread for this yet so I made one! My name's Priscilla and I'm considering applying to UCLA's Screenwriting program for 2020. I just finished undergrad at the University of San Francisco with a degree in English (creative writing). Anyone else planning to apply? :)
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    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2019

    Someone has any idea of the status? I have applied to the MFA in Screenwriting.
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    UCLA MFA Screenwriting 2018 (Fall 2018)

    Hi! Has anyone heard back from UCLA's Screenwriting MFA yet (2018)? Just wondering if anyone has already been selected for an interview. If selected, when do you guys think we can expect to hear from them? I know it varies from year to year, just wondering if interviews have already started.
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    UCLA MFA Application Procedures

    Could someone clarify this for me? The UCLA Screenwriting MFA Application procedures says to both UPLOAD and MAIL the departmental application along with the statement of purpose and writing samples. Is it just me or does this seem rather strange? I'm mostly concerned because I'm living abroad...