1. S

    Is it OK to apply to Multiple Programs at UCLA?

    I just spoke to someone in the admin office at the UCLA grad program. He was discouraging me from applying to two programs at UCLA. And that they'd force me to choose one application and that it would borderline look bad. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Or experience with it? Part of me is...
  2. UCLA TFT - Design for Theater and Entertainment (M.F.A.)

    UCLA TFT - Design for Theater and Entertainment (M.F.A.)

    Design for Theater and Entertainment is a three-year program offering advanced professional training in three artistic areas: scenic design, costume design and lighting design. The faculty include internationally recognized theater artists with many years of design experience in theater, opera...
  3. UCLA TFT - Documentary (M.F.A.)

    UCLA TFT - Documentary (M.F.A.)

    The Documentary MFA is committed to preparing our students for the profession while pushing and experimenting with new forms. This interdisciplinary program understands documentary as a dynamic practice that includes critical studies, research, creation, and collaboration, but also distribution...
  4. N

    Any tips for getting into the UCLA film school

    Hey guys, I am a junior in high school and my dream university is UCLA, I want to study film production so does anyone have any tips?
  5. D

    Help with Statement of Purpose -UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program

    Im an older applicant (40+) who needs to keep his day job/business, so my only options are part time programs. I have made some short films in the past which got into festivals etc. I have decided to apply for UCLA Professional program in screenwriting. Im working on 1 page statement of purpose...
  6. B

    What's the most production-oriented school in CA?

    Hi, I'm a transfer student from San Diego. I was wondering if anyone from this site had any experience or advice regarding some film schools in CA. So, I applied to CSU Northridge: Accepted SDSU: Accepted CSULB: Rejected UC Irvine: Accepted UC Santa Barbara: Accepted UC Berkeley: Accepted...
  7. justinsivilla

    UCLA tft Undergrad transfer Interview?

    Have any transfers received an interview from UCLA tft? I'd assume that this has already happened because admissions decisions for transfers are only a few weeks away. Any insight on this would be helpful.
  8. UCLA Producers Program, Demystified: Spotlight on Keenan Kunst, Graduate Student at UCLA School of TFT

    UCLA Producers Program, Demystified: Spotlight on Keenan Kunst, Graduate Student at UCLA School of TFT

    Keenan Kunst (FilmSchool.org user @KeenanDK) sits behind a cluster of canyons and valleys. His Zoom background reflects his longtime passion for Spaghetti films, old West gunslingers that have more plot points than bullets. Watching 20th century classics and “constantly reading scripts” has...
  9. E

    Admitted (After Interview) UCLA Freshman BA Applicant

    gpa: 4.3 (4.0 unweighted) sat: 1400 first time applying! freshmen application for fall of 2021. will interview via zoom
  10. C

    Is UCLA TFT Good or Bad?

    So here’s my story- I applied as a freshman undergrad to UCLA TFT for screenwriting/production. I did some research on UCLA’s film program during the summer, but couldn’t find anything specific. I also found some negative articles that warned me against the program. However, TFT is still at #2...
  11. C

    UCLA TFT undergraduate interviews?

    Hey guys, I applied for TFT back in December and I’m getting kinda anxious about waiting for an interview, since it’s already late February. Does anyone know if they’ve already sent them out for film applications? My friend had told me about how she got an interview as a Theater applicant, and...
  12. S

    UCLA TFT Undergraduate Admission - When is the interview?

    Hi all, First let me talk about my story first. I submitted the UCLA TFT supplementary materials in Dec 2020 and it sent me the message that required me to correct my format of my essays, then I did that. Until 2 days ago they sent me the message via Accepted that my materials were eligible to...
  13. BuddernScotch

    Very short post from a 2nd year UCLA Screenwriting student's perspective but wait hold up it's not actually that short

    Hi. Keeping this super short. It has recently (within the hour) come to my attention that there has been a scathing (lol?) article written somewhere in the internet aether about UCLA's TFT department and their supposedly deteriorating performance in the last few years, even before xxxxx-19...
  14. C

    Introductions Let’s see which school I end up going to in the spring

    Hey guys!! I’m currently a senior in highschool applying to USC, UCLA, LMU, and Chapman as a screenwriting major! I have a 3.8 or 3.9 academic gpa, and I’ve spent most of my life in the film industry working as an actress, and I learned through working with other amazing screenwriters that I...
  15. J

    UCLA Film and TV Development extension certificate

    Did anyone do UCLA Film and TV Development extension program and can give advice/review on it? Or maybe some other entertainment-related UCLA extension certificate program
  16. B

    Can you recommend me which is the best MFA film school? (From S.Korea, Can't search information well:(

    Hi I am looking for to enroll MFA film school emphasizing directing Hope you guys make rank for me University List 1. UCLA (I know for 2021 they don't accept people :( 2. USC 3. Chapman University 4. LMU 5. University of Texas at Austin 6. Stony Brook 7. Syracuse Stony Brook and Syracuse...
  17. BuddernScotch

    Virtual Learning at UCLA during COVID - Current Student AMA

    Hey all - current MFA Screenwriting student at UCLA. Chris suggested I do an AMA, so here it is. This may be a little late as the current year's new cohort has already been decided. But if there's anyone that has questions about how to make the best of this situation while we're here, as I've...
  18. J

    UCLA Film School is NOT taking applications for Fall 2021

    Apparently UCLA isn't taking applications for Fall 2021 anymore? Does anyone have insight as to why?
  19. C

    Little film experience, seeking help with MFA in Production/Directing Fall 2021 applications to UCLA & FSU

    Hi everyone! I'm a Wyoming native, about to get my BFA in Theatre, conc. Acting. I'm seeking advice for resumes and portfolios for the MFA at FSU and UCLA in Production and Production/Directing respectively. Since I grew up in Wyoming, I don't have much film experience and I'm not sure how...
  20. L

    Is it worth it to enter film school online for the 2020/21 academic year?

    I am currently deciding if I should accept my enrollment at the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program, considering it will all be online now. Thankfully, screenwriting is very accessible to teach through online. I am passionate about screenwriting and have been wanting to move to LA and attend...

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