1. C

    Applied UCLA Directing/Film Production MFA

    Honestly, the whole process has been pretty taxing for me. I applied to all the programs I had applied to and I wasn't quite happy with my portfolio. In the month of November, I made two shorts that I am pretty happy with in hopes that they would boost my chances of getting into programs. That...
  2. R

    Average age of students for undergraduate?

    Hey guys! My name is Leonardo, I’m from Mexico. I’m 21 years old. Since I was a kid I wanted to be a filmmaker and I’m interested in going to film school. Right now, I’m doing the one year screenwriting program in Vancouver Film School but I’m also interested in doing an undergraduate degree...
  3. audr3y


    First time writing a short film treatment, but I think it went well!! Thought it was odd that the application required a personal statement AND a statement of intent.
  4. cheeeese3cake

    Applied UCLA MFA Directing/Production - 2022

    submitted my application and anxiously waiting to hear back from them. the instruction is a mess and very unclear; admin team is not responsive at all lol very stressful but glad it was done!
  5. N

    Interviewed UCLA MFA Design for Theater and Entertainment

    Very straightforward process. Their application is very easy to follow. I tried including a bit of everything and hope that'll be okay as they seem to have a strong focus on theater design compared to production design in general.
  6. A

    UCLA Scholarship Portal problems?

    Hi, Is anyone else having problems with the scholarship application submit link? When I input all my information, the submit link at the bottom won't let me hit it. See link below...
  7. A

    Applied FALL 2022 - UCLA Screenwriting MFA

    Pretty well - but by far, UCLA's information was the most infuriating. When they put up the new 2021 portal, they hadn't changed the submission information so I was working on different application materials until I realised they'd changed it. Not to mention, their Personal Statement and...
  8. B

    Applied UCLA Producers Program - FA'22

    This application process goes smooth if you begin mid-September--as soon as the UCLA application uploads. Started with the statement of purpose (500 words) and two feature film treatments (took a script and transformed it into treatment and did one from scratch.) The producer program...
  9. jazzyjeff18

    UCLA Producers Program 2022

    Hey there, I submitted my application to the UCLA Producers Program last night and was going over the application proof to make sure everything was submitted properly. I noticed that I could see each document that I posted except for the Producers Questionnaire. Has this happened for anyone else?
  10. jazzyjeff18

    UCLA Producers Program - Producers Questionnaire not showing after submited?

    Hey there, I submitted my application to the UCLA Producers Program last night and was going over the application proof to make sure everything was submitted properly. I noticed that I could see each document that I posted except for the Producers Questionnaire. Has this happened for anyone else?
  11. M

    Anyone Taking Screenwriting Courses at UCLA?

    Hello! My name is Max Bjork and I created a screenwriting challenge that a few UCLA screenwriting instructors are judging (Donald H. Hewitt & Diane Drake). The screenwriting challenge is called Screenwriting Battle...
  12. Z

    Applied UCLA MFA in Production/Directing - Fall 2022

    I've put off applying to graduate programs for the past few years, so I'm excited to finally be doing it, but I'm also very nervous. UCLA's information was a little hard to find and the instructions were a bit confusing (like stating a page length requirement in one place and word count in another.)
  13. carolinadolago2000

    Applied UCLA MFA in Production/Direction - Narrative for Fall 2022

    I was very nervous about doing something wrong!o_O But I managed to apply!! ;) I found it very difficult to get in touch with the admissions office, and they took a long time to answer my questions. Being an international student applying (perhaps just for Portuguese students?!) the hardest part...
  14. julesbeegood

    Applied UCLA MFA in Production/Direction - Narrative for Fall 2022

    The initial application process was rough for me personally due to a sudden loss in my family, but putting together the creative materials was actually a nice distraction in the midst of everything. Crossing my fingers they like what I submitted!
  15. Chester Copperpot

    UCLA Bruin Article "Lights, Camera, Inaction" was removed by someone - Here's the full text

    The original UCLA bruin article Lights, Camera, Inaction appears to have been removed somehow. Thankfully, nothing is ever truly gone on the internet though if you use the way back machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20210624073909/https://features.dailybruin.com/2021/tft/ Copy Pasta...
  16. Chris W

    UCLA Screenwriting MFA 2022

    Here's the official thread for UCLA Screenwriting. Online and Mailed Application Deadline: November 1, 2021 Here are the current acceptance statistics on our site: Click through above link for more demographic data of accepted applicants. Application info...
  17. llueve

    UCLA TFT MFA - Anyone know what has changed for Fall 2022?

    Hi all! Many of you must remember how UCLA did not accept applications for any of their film MFA programs last year, in theory so they could re-vamp their program, which had come under fire recently (but also not-so-recently, in their two previous quality reviews). It looks like UCLA TFT MFAs...
  18. S

    Is it OK to apply to Multiple Programs at UCLA?

    I just spoke to someone in the admin office at the UCLA grad program. He was discouraging me from applying to two programs at UCLA. And that they'd force me to choose one application and that it would borderline look bad. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Or experience with it? Part of me is...
  19. UCLA TFT - Design for Theater and Entertainment (M.F.A.)

    UCLA TFT - Design for Theater and Entertainment (M.F.A.)

    Design for Theater and Entertainment is a three-year program offering advanced professional training in three artistic areas: scenic design, costume design and lighting design. The faculty include internationally recognized theater artists with many years of design experience in theater, opera...
  20. UCLA TFT - Documentary (M.F.A.)

    UCLA TFT - Documentary (M.F.A.)

    The Documentary MFA is committed to preparing our students for the profession while pushing and experimenting with new forms. This interdisciplinary program understands documentary as a dynamic practice that includes critical studies, research, creation, and collaboration, but also distribution...

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