1. L

    Is it worth it to enter film school online for the 2020/21 academic year?

    I am currently deciding if I should accept my enrollment at the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program, considering it will all be online now. Thankfully, screenwriting is very accessible to teach through online. I am passionate about screenwriting and have been wanting to move to LA and attend...
  2. L

    Help with Statement of Purpose (UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program)

    Hello, I have been working on my statement of purpose for the UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program and would love whatever feedback could be offered. It is supposed to be a page long. I will also be applying for an MFA in screenwriting + filmmaking this fall, and will be using this letter as...
  3. S

    AMA: UCLA Professional Programs Writing For TV

    Hey everyone! I’m currently almost finished with UCLA’s Professional Program for Writing For Television. While it’s a non-degree granting program, it’s a great program for anyone who wants to keep learning but isn’t interested in an MFA. I’m happy to answer any questions!
  4. redredred

    UCLA Cinematography 2020 Has anyone heard any news?

    Been lurking on this site and feels like only a few people applied to the cinematography program at UCLA. The wait has been too long so I am wondering if anyone has heard anything from them? It'd be great to have some closure at least if possible. Thanks to this site I have communicated with...
  5. andy001

    FIlm School-The Series: A show that ran on IFC in the early 2000s about NYU students working on their shorts

    Here is the first episode, and the following on 9 of the first and only season are all there as well. Hey all! I heard about this awesome series a while ago, it ran in the early 2000s on IFC when they were super indie and I was pleased to find out every episode of it's one and only season is...
  6. sevs

    Which is the better kind of MFA Production program in your opinion? "Auteur-centric" or "team-based"?

    Of the MFA Production programs I'm more familiar with, I've noticed a lot of them can be filed into one of the two above-described categories. "Auteur-centric" programs that seem to focus more on helping you develop your individual voice as a storyteller include UCLA, UT Austin, Columbia, and...
  7. Chris W

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher giving feedback to UCLA Writer's Pitches... Neat!

    This is pretty neat. :) Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made a surprise visit to Professional Program's online Writing for Television workshop to give feedback on our writers' pilot pitches! How cool is that? TFT at UCLA on Twitter
  8. dkimg21

    Attending UCLA - Directing/Production Fall 2020

  9. mol31203

    After Film School - How Do You Feel?

    Hi guys, so this is my first post and though I haven't heard from any schools I applied to, I want to ask those who are still attending film schools/already graduated from some questions: 1. After graduating/while attending the school you're in, do you enjoy your time there? 2. Have you...
  10. nanaxavier

    Applied UCLA - MFA Screenwriting 2020

  11. Siddharth Menon

    Direction - MFA / MA - Looking at FSU, Toronto, Prague , Australia and other options. Help! :)

    Hey Guys! First off, I'm a complete newbie and this is kind of my first post here. I've recently quit the corporate world and have decided to take the plunge into the big, bold (and supposedly bad :) ) world of films and showbiz. My undergrad is from India in Commerce and I was working in...
  12. S

    USC Screenwriting vs UCLA Screenwriting MFA

    For you guys who were accepted into both UCLA and USC, which program are you leaning more towards to?
  13. courteroy

    Application Forms in the tracker database on this Site

    Hey guys, I'm sure that those of you that have applied to filmschool would have loved to have access to details on supplemental materials required, interview questions etc. when you were applying. I love that this site offers an area which is dedicated to just that but I'm noticing that most...
  14. L

    UCLA MFA (Producers Program) 1st Year AMA

    Hiiii, I’m a first year in the Producers Program. I’ve collaborated with students in the screenwriting and production departments and filter those questions as well!
  15. fatima

    northwestern screenwriting MFA or wait for next application cycle for UCLA and UT austin?

    Hi everyone, Need some guidance.. So due to personal reasons, I wasn't able to apply to UCLA and UT Austin during this cycle. I've been researching Northwestern and it looks like the screenwriting program at Northwestern is amazing. The only thing is I never really imagined myself in Chicago...
  16. U

    UCLA TFT supplement

    Does anyone know if UCLA prefers one type of supplement (ex: short story) over a combination of supplements (ex: a short story and a film treatment) to meet the five page max?
  17. caruss

    Admitted After Interview UCLA - Screenwriting 2020

    First time applying. Submitted a one-hour pilot & show bible with no optional creative supplement.

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