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  1. The 12 Best International Film Schools

    The 12 Best International Film Schools

    Los Angeles and New York City quickly jump to mind when most people are considering film schools. However, there are actually plenty of prestigious film schools abroad. If studying abroad is something that has always enticed you, or if you are hoping to study film in your native country...
  2. HaylieC

    Admitted After Interview Goldsmiths, University of London - MA Filmmaking (Producing)

    Although most UK schools review the applications on a first-come first-served base, Goldsmiths reviews them in batches. Therefore, it is highly possible no matter how early you send in your application, you are only going to receive an interview notification no earlier than June. For me, all...
  3. A

    Job Opportunities after graduation

    Hey, I'm applying to a few Uni's/schools in UK as an International student. I wanted to know which school offers the best placement after graduation. Since I'll be spending a bomb on the tuition fee, I'm hoping to get a job in the UK to pay off my loan. I'm applying to the following places-...
  4. bags

    Decisions 2016!

    Hey All! Need any help or info I can on UK film schools and what you've heard about them. I am American but I'd really like to get into London international film world. I've interviewed and have gotten into Arts University Bournemouth, Leeds Beckett University, London Film Academy, and...