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  1. Alexa P.

    Input needed What questions do you have for the National School of Film and Television (NFTS) Admissions department?

    Big announcement: on Monday, January 17, will interview the National School of Film and Television, one of the United Kingdom's premiere film schools! For an idea of what this interview series has to offer, take a look at our interview with the American Film Institute (AFI)...
  2. Chris W

    MA/MFA Film Programs in the United Kingdon?

    We have some programs in our database: Which other ones should we add? (it's also very easy to add them yourselves if you desire) We could also add a bunch to our Undergraduate section...
  3. A

    Advice on which MA to choose - UAL vs Edinburgh Napier

    To preface I know I'm in the UK so I'm not looking for advice about what each specific course is like more just general advice on if my thought process on this is completely of base. So I've received two offers for MA screenwriting courses, one at the University of the Arts London (UAL) and one...
  4. A

    What are the differences between an MFA and an MA in film directing in the UK and are there better options?

    I would be done with my undergraduate degree a year from now and i plan to move to the UK as an international student to do an Masters in film directing through a scholarship. My intention to do this is not to get any connections from the film school but more so because I want to be surrounded...
  5. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

    The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

  6. julia1

    MA in Producing: MetFilm, London Film School, Goldsmiths or Royal Holloway?

    Hi there! I'm an American applying to these four film schools for my Masters in Producing in London for the fall. I'm impressed with all four programs and have already been accepted to Royal Holloway. I'm trying to figure out which program is the best one, the one that will give me the most...
  7. HaylieC

    Admitted (After Interview) Goldsmiths, University of London - MA Filmmaking (Producing)

    Although most UK schools review the applications on a first-come first-served base, Goldsmiths reviews them in batches. Therefore, it is highly possible no matter how early you send in your application, you are only going to receive an interview notification no earlier than June. For me, all...
  8. A

    Job Opportunities after graduation

    Hey, I'm applying to a few Uni's/schools in UK as an International student. I wanted to know which school offers the best placement after graduation. Since I'll be spending a bomb on the tuition fee, I'm hoping to get a job in the UK to pay off my loan. I'm applying to the following places-...
  9. bags

    Decisions 2016!

    Hey All! Need any help or info I can on UK film schools and what you've heard about them. I am American but I'd really like to get into London international film world. I've interviewed and have gotten into Arts University Bournemouth, Leeds Beckett University, London Film Academy, and...

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