1. F

    Associates Degree? Colorado Film School

    Looking for a cost-conscious undergrad program and came across the associates degree program at Colorado Film school in Denver. I'm curious about the program, in particular, but also, has anyone here had experience with transferring from a community college with an associates to a BA/BS/BFA...
  2. C

    USC Writing for Screen and Television OR CHAPMAN TV Writing and Producing?

    Hello everyone!!!!! I am super excited to announce that I just heard back from USC today and I got into SCA with a screenwriting major!!!!!! The thing is, I’ve spent the last couple months planning my college experience at Chapman (i got into their Tv writing and production major back in...
  3. J

    BA and MFA difference?

    I was just wondering what are the differences between film undergrad and grad studies, more towards USC. I already have an undergrad degree from the UK in a different subject and I'm trying to decide on wether to get another Bachelor degree or a Masters. Both of the courses are very similar on...
  4. oliviaaa

    Chapman Screenwriting vs. NYU Dramatic Writing?

    I got accepted into both Screenwriting at Chapman University and Dramatic Writing at NYU (yay!) but I'm super torn between the two. I'm leaning towards NYU because of their great reputation in the industry, large alumni network, and location in a city I love BUT Chapman has a great film school...
  5. oliviaaa

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC - Writing for Screen & Television 2020

  6. justin

    USC Collaboration Prompts

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me clarify how many words is "one page?". Most of USC's prompts explain the word count and format EXCEPT for the collaboration prompts. Is one page the amount of words for a doubled spaced or single spaced page? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Shmorca

    USC External Transfer for Dual Enrollment High Schooler - Needs Advice

    Hello! I'm Maia, 16 years old Sophomore in High School. I was recently given the opportunity to participate in a Dual Enrollment program, which essentially means I can attend college for free instead of Junior and Senior year, and graduate high school with an associates degree in the arts. My...
  8. S

    What to wear for UCLA skype interview

    Hi all! I was recently emailed about being selected for a skype interview for UCLA. I'm freaking out about what to wear, though. I've read that skype interviews are pretty laid back, but I haven't heard how people have dressed for theirs. Casual or business casual? Also, what type of questions...
  9. L

    I need help with my USC SCA personal statement (animation BA)

    I really don't have anything to write about besides how filmmaking has impacted my life in a positive way, which i know is pretty generic. here's my essay so far: (some background info, i made two short films and im putting them in my portfolio section, and theyre 5 minutes in total. is that...
  10. J


    Hi guys, I'm thinking of applying to emerson for filmmaking but when looking at the materials, resources and films made by Emerson grads, I'm wondering if it's really worth it. I'm kind of confused as to why it's regarded so highly in top 10 film schools lists etc. I wasn't able to visit it so...
  11. How to Handle Rejections from Film School

    How to Handle Rejections from Film School

    You didn’t get in. Now what? First of all, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. If you want to read more about my personal experiences with rejection, I have a blog post on it. But what this article is going to focus on is the steps you can take now to either move on or improve your chances for...
  12. IndecisiveElle

    What would help you apply to Undergraduate Film School?

    Chris has recently given me the opportunity to write articles for our wonderful forum as a site contributor. What kind of articles would you find helpful as undergrad students and applications? I have an article planned with an undergrad student who's graduating this semester from a small...
  13. Jacob Kessler

    Where is money better spent, undergraduate or graduate film school?

    This coming fall I will be a sophomore at Pace University in NYC. I am not a huge fan of the school's film program due to its underdevelopment, lack of professional level resources, and overwhelming focus on film studies as opposed to film production (though it claims to have an even balance...
  14. Carmen

    Columbia College Chicago vs. Boston University for Television

    I want to go into television and most likely be a television producer. I love sitcoms like The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec and I'm interested in creating shows similar to those. My dream job would be to have my own Netflix show. I can't decide what to do and I have to commit by may 1...
  15. seavt10

    Boston U vs Loyola Marymount for Film Production

    I have been accepted to both programs but am struggling to choose between the two. LMU clearly has the location advantage being right in LA, Boston U seems like a better all around school. My goal is to direct films in the future, I have no interest in TV production. Which program is the better...
  16. Shai Garrett

    UCLA vs. USC Undergad Film School? Which would/did you choose and why?

    I was recently accepted to both UCLA and USC's film schools but I am having a very, very tough time making a decision. I will be a freshman this fall and I'm 100% sure I want to be a filmmaker. Throughout my life I have always been interested in writing. I started writing short stories in...
  17. L

    Accepted at SCAD and UNCSA; pros and cons? Thanks in advance

    My daughter is accepted in both Film programs, now she has to choose: Does anyone go to either of these programs? Any alums here? Savannah College of Art and Design and University of N Carolina School of the Arts We found the SCAD campus tour to be excellent, the facilities look amazing...
  18. A

    USC Visual Sample Video VS Photo Option

    Wondering if anyone can give any pointers on whether there are any advantages or disadvantages to choosing one or the other when it comes down to submitting the visual sample (applying to undergrad btw). I'm assuming that in the majority of applications they receive they'll get videos. I've...

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