1. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Undergrad Narrative Film Production 2024

    I found the application process to ge very simple, all things considered. I actually would prefer be able to supply more portfolio materials, as that is really the only way to demonstrate what you've done so far. The standard Cal State application, resume and additional references.
  2. Greater Than Gatsby Scholarship

    Greater Than Gatsby Scholarship

    Established by Greater Than Gatsby as part of a new initiative to establish a channel of support for the next generation, the Greater Than Gatsby Annual Scholarship supports the future of visual art and content creators. Greater Than Gatsby was born in 2012. Today, we are one of the leading...
  3. S

    What is difference between Creative Producing and Film and TV production? (undergrad)

    What is difference between creative producing and Film and TV production? What is difference in course work, career opportunities, and role/responsibilities of these two? Anyone know stats on how many apply and are admitted for these? Seems like most schools do not have the Creative Producing...
  4. yeoknow

    UCLA TFT Freshmen Film BA Admissions - FALL 2023 INTERVIEWS

    I was wondering if anyone who applied to UCLA TFT as freshmen for film and tv production got an interview request yet. I haven't gotten one and the waiting game is not sitting well with me... :(
  5. J

    Undergraduate Film Portfolio - ALL advice welcome

    Hi there. I’ll be a high school Senior and plan to apply to a BFA/BS Film Program for college. I’m going to attend a 3-week Filmmaking Intensive program this Summer, so I can really push myself to make some polished work for college applications. Before I sit down to write, I would really...
  6. 10 Cheapest Film Schools in the US for Undergraduates

    10 Cheapest Film Schools in the US for Undergraduates

    Many aspiring filmmakers worry about the cost of film school, but a cheaper price tag doesn't equal a lower quality education. Before you give up on your dream to study filmmaking, consider these nationally celebrated, highly affordable film schools that offer BA, BFA, and BS programs –...
  7. J

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) USC- SCA Film & Television Production BFA for Fall 2022

    MY DREAM SCHOOL! So so thrilled! One of the last schools I heard from, was sooo nervous, but it was worth it! Admitted to my first choice major: Film & TV Production for Fall. Going to tour over Spring Break.
  8. J

    Admitted (w/o Interview) Emerson- Media Arts Production BFA for Fall 2022

    Fourth acceptance so far for film! No rejections yet, but still awaiting the majority of decisions, so... we'll see! I've heard great things about Emerson & Boston.
  9. R

    Average age of students for undergraduate?

    Hey guys! My name is Leonardo, I’m from Mexico. I’m 21 years old. Since I was a kid I wanted to be a filmmaker and I’m interested in going to film school. Right now, I’m doing the one year screenwriting program in Vancouver Film School but I’m also interested in doing an undergraduate degree...
  10. G

    How does the summer start date work at NYU Tisch for undergrad film as a transfer student?

    Hello! I'm currently a junior at a cal state and I will be applying for transfer to NYU's undergraduate Film and TV program. I'm a little confused about the dates for applying and subsequent start date. Since I would be an external transfer, my deadline for the application is April 1st. However...
  11. Being Creative in Stillness: A Conversation With Nolan Lampson, Writing for Film & Television Freshman at USC

    Being Creative in Stillness: A Conversation With Nolan Lampson, Writing for Film & Television Freshman at USC

    Nolan Lampson (Filmschool.org Member @kukichiyo3) sits in his dorm room with his roommate, who is folding laundry and listening to Air pods. Their walls are covered in posters for hit indie films like The Florida Project. Lampson has spent all of his freshman year working out of their small...
  12. C

    UCLA TFT undergraduate interviews?

    Hey guys, I applied for TFT back in December and I’m getting kinda anxious about waiting for an interview, since it’s already late February. Does anyone know if they’ve already sent them out for film applications? My friend had told me about how she got an interview as a Theater applicant, and...
  13. Top 8 Undergraduate Film Schools on the East Coast

    Top 8 Undergraduate Film Schools on the East Coast

    When one thinks of best film schools, big undergraduate programs and powerhouses in Los Angeles such as USC and UCLA spring into mind. They are popular for a reason! Being in Los Angeles has its own perks, for sure. However, there are plenty of other great film schools that one can find across...
  14. G

    Unrelated undergrad for film

    Hey I’m a high school student going into a science undergrad. Do you think that when I apply to USC MFA in tv and film production, the admissions officers will reject me due to my unrelated undergrad? The reason I’m going into sciences is to keep my options open for med. Thanks!
  15. R

    LMU vs Emerson

    Hello! I have been accepted to both LMU and Emerson under Film Production (both with scholarships). I am currently trying to choose between the two... I know that both schools are highly regarded for their programs in Film however I'm not quite sure which school would suit me and also benefit me...
  16. How to get Into USC SCA: Advice from an Admissions Committee Member

    How to get Into USC SCA: Advice from an Admissions Committee Member

    Considered by many to be the best film school in the world, it’s no wonder why the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) is so sought after by prospective undergraduate and graduate students alike. However, the film school’s prestige can often make the application process particularly stressful and...
  17. Chris W

    Did you go to Undergrad for film? If so... Why get a film MFA also?

    I've noticed over the years that there's a large percentage of people who went to Undergrad film school who are also applying to grad school for film? I'm wondering what are your reasons? More connections? More time to hone craft? Undergrad school wasn't good? Want to learn more? I'm...
  18. A

    Admitted (w/o Interview) NYU Film and Television

    This is my first time applying to NYU.
  19. Lucycat151

    Looking for....USC Screenwriting Undergrad

    Looking for a current or former USC writing for film/television student that could answer a few questions about the 1st and 2nd year classes. How gen ed requirements are scheduled, hours per semester, etc.
  20. oliviaaa

    Admitted (w/o Interview) NYU - Dramatic Writing 2020

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