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  1. Top 8 Undergraduate Film Schools on the East Coast

    Top 8 Undergraduate Film Schools on the East Coast

    When one thinks of best film schools, big undergraduate programs and powerhouses in Los Angeles such as USC and UCLA spring into mind. They are popular for a reason! Being in Los Angeles has its own perks, for sure. However, there are plenty of other great film schools that one can find across...
  2. G

    Unrelated undergrad for film

    Hey I’m a high school student going into a science undergrad. Do you think that when I apply to USC MFA in tv and film production, the admissions officers will reject me due to my unrelated undergrad? The reason I’m going into sciences is to keep my options open for med. Thanks!
  3. R

    LMU vs Emerson

    Hello! I have been accepted to both LMU and Emerson under Film Production (both with scholarships). I am currently trying to choose between the two... I know that both schools are highly regarded for their programs in Film however I'm not quite sure which school would suit me and also benefit me...
  4. How to get Into USC Film School: An Interview With an SCA Admissions Committee Member

    How to get Into USC Film School: An Interview With an SCA Admissions Committee Member

    Considered by many to be the best film school in the world, it’s no wonder why the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) is so sought after by prospective undergraduate and graduate students alike. However, the film school’s prestige can often make the application process particularly stressful and...
  5. Chris W

    Did you go to Undergrad for film? If so... Why get a film MFA also?

    I've noticed over the years that there's a large percentage of people who went to Undergrad film school who are also applying to grad school for film? I'm wondering what are your reasons? More connections? More time to hone craft? Undergrad school wasn't good? Want to learn more? I'm...
  6. A

    Admitted Without Interview NYU Film and Television

    This is my first time applying to NYU.
  7. Lucycat151

    Looking for....USC Screenwriting Undergrad

    Looking for a current or former USC writing for film/television student that could answer a few questions about the 1st and 2nd year classes. How gen ed requirements are scheduled, hours per semester, etc.
  8. oliviaaa

    Admitted Without Interview NYU - Dramatic Writing 2020

  9. oliviaaa

    Denied Without Interview USC - Writing for Screen & Television 2020

  10. Chris W

    November 1st: FIRST BIG DEADLINE!

    I just put together an article with most of the upcoming deadlines for the major film schools: https://www.filmschool.org/articles/undergraduate-film-school-application-deadlines.35/ The first big deadline is November 1st. Which schools are you applying to?
  11. Undergraduate Film School Application Deadlines (Updated for Fall 2021)

    Undergraduate Film School Application Deadlines (Updated for Fall 2021)

    Wondering when you need to get that film school application in? Below is a list of all current undergraduate film school deadlines as of December 2020. If there is an error please let us know and it'll be updated. Check out previous year's application acceptance data with our site's Application...
  12. oliviaaa

    Is the Emerson Writing for Film and Television (BA/BFA) still a program?

    I'm a little confused on what majors they actually have. When I go to their website, there's no "Writing for Film and Television" major listed under "Undergraduate Programs" but I can find the page on their website (Writing for Film and Television (BA, BFA) | Emerson College). Is that still a...
  13. Jun

    UCI? UCSD? or maybe UCSB?

    Hello guys. Before dropping my question, I would like to let you know about my situation. I am a professional novelist, and aiming to expand my job area to screenwriting. What I have heard is that UCI is more about the script than the other schools. I do not deny that I would like to be a...
  14. K

    How's the Film program at San Diego State?

    Hi, I tried looking for answers to this question online but couldn't find much. What's the undergraduate film program like at SDSU? It isn't on any ranking lists, so is this due to poor marketing or just a poor program? I went and toured the school during their open house, and I liked...
  15. Chris W

    Icebreakers Where did you go to Undergrad?

    Where did you go to Undergrad? I went to BU Film (COM). Class of 99. Didn't go to a grad film program.
  16. G

    NYU | Kanbar institute film & television

    Hi there. Searching on the web opinions of this program I find only reviews about the post-graduate course. So I’m going to ask you a few questions. APP. REQUIREMENTS: According to NYU’s website, requirements for applicants don’t include any standardized test. That’s great, because I have not...
  17. P

    USC Writing Sample C and Personal Statement for Film Production

    1. I'm writing my PS but really am not sure if I'm doing it right. If you have any suggestions or know anything about cinematic arts ps, please let me know because I'm really lost. 2. For Writing Sample C, would the film concept need to be original? I started mine based on a real event but...
  18. A

    Hunter or Brooklyn for film

    I recently got accepted into Brooklyn College and I'm awaiting a decision from Hunter and I'm pursuing a major in film (along with studying theatre and television) to become a director, along with pursuing a minor in public policy. Is there a more superior school when it comes to film? I don't...
  19. G

    Question about NYU vs FSU

    Hey all, First time poster, long time lurker here. I was lucky enough to be admitted to FSU's digital arts program and NYU's film program for this fall term and have a bit of a decision to make before next Friday (FSU's deadline to accept). I'm not going to ask you guys to tell me where to go...
  20. F

    USC (BFA) Film and TV Production 2017

    Hey guys! I saw that there was a really nice USC Film and TV Production graduate forum going on and figured us undergrad applicants could really use one too! We could also make our own undergrad tracking sheet (if there isn't one already). So let's go! I have some questions about interviews and...

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