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  1. sevs

    LMU vs. UT Austin for Directing/Production?

    If your current ultimate goal is to live and work in Los Angeles, would it make more sense to attend a school that requires you to borrow more money but is located in LA, or to attend a school that requires you to borrow nearly no money whatsoever but is not located in LA? Put another way...
  2. triplefour

    Focus of Personal Statement - UT Austin Directing

    Hey folks! I'm glad to have found this website, it's been a great resource since I've decided to go to grad school. Currently, I am preparing my application for the directing program with UT Austin. I know they don't do interviews, and that the application is very important. I feel very...
  3. C

    UT vs UCLA

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to both UT and UCLA for directing. Due to some circumstances in my life I am having a hard time deciding. I would love to hear some opinions on both schools. I kind of have a feeling about the response I am going to get, but would still love to hear thoughts...
  4. Tina Berardi

    Scholarship Applications

    Hi! I'm applying to LMU, DePaul, UCLA, Texas, Chapman, and maybe Boston U for MFA in screenwriting programs, and noticed that there are pages posted for scholarship opportunities on each site, but I'm unsure exactly what I could get upon applying, particularly at UCLA... they have a whole page...
  5. M

    MFA production in austin UT for international students

    Hi all. I'm a Tel Aviv university graduate (BFA) in Film and Television Production, I've been working for the past 3 years in Israel, as a Cinematographer and AC. Recently I've decided to do my Masters in Film Production in the states - Mainly to get a serious education and catch up to american...
  6. M


    Hi guys, I am applying for the Spring 2015 semester for U.S.C. I am also applying for the fall 2015 for University of Texas Austin, Columbia, NYU, and potentially Temple. Basically, I wanted to network; I have friends interested in film, but for me personally, I feel as though it is an...

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