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  1. R

    Ohio University MFA

    Hello everybody, I've been struggling to zero-in on a good film school. I found the Ohio University's Film School very appealing for various reasons: 1) It's light on the pocket. 2) Good facilities. Great program. Especially given the tuition fee, I think it's great value for money. 3) The...
  2. riddhoroy

    Bachelor Degree Ineligibility for US Graduate Film Schools

    It has been a dream for me to attend Film School in the US to get the correct grooming to be more successful in the field. Unfortunately, I have received rejection from most schools in the US even before my merit or credentials could be processed all owing to the fact that I have a three year...
  3. S

    Which Film school to apply for Cinematography in Los Angeles?

    Hi Friends, I am professional photographer working from last 3 years and living in India. I have started doing DSLR videos a year back like events, short films, wedding films music videos & behind the scenes. I am really interested in pursuing a one/two year course in...

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