usc 2021

  1. B

    Need urgent advice from former USC Spring International Admits!

    Hi! I'm enrolling at USC (MFA in Film and TV Prod.) in Spring 2023, and the department has issued a deadline of Jan 3rd to register for classes in my assignment sheet, it says I lose my spot in the program if I don't. International students can't register till they've arrived in the US and...
  2. mothersuperior

    Could an NP affect my USC MFA decision?

    Hey yall. So I was waitlisted for USC in the fall but guaranteed a spring spot and "technically" just graduated from my undergrad. I'm currently taking one last requirement for my major in order to receive my degree, and I am excelling in the class. However, I was forced to take another 2 unit...
  3. nvf101

    USC or AFI? (For Directing/Film & TV Production)

    Hi all, long time commenter/lurker and first time poster here. I find myself in the really fortunate and unexpected position of having been admitted to both USC and AFI for Fall 2021 and I’m in the process of figuring out which one to commit to. Since I am always bowled over by the insights and...
  4. sundaesorceress

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC Film and TV Production

  5. sundaesorceress

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC Writing for Screen & TV

  6. nmkey21

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC- Film Production

  7. C

    Admitted (After Interview) USC

  8. isla

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) USC Film & TV Production MFA

  9. B

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC Film and TV Production

  10. N

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) USC Film Production

  11. JasperJohns

    Admitted (w/o Interview) USC MFA Writing for Screen and TV -- Fall 2021

  12. ifjohn

    Denied (After Interview) USC Film Production MFA

  13. R

    Admitted (Off Waitlist w/o Interview) USC Writing for Screen and TV MFA - Fall 2021

  14. modb

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Film & TV Production MFA

    It seemed like a strong interview was an important factor.
  15. grocerystoremusic

    Applied USC - Writing for Screen and TV 2021

  16. M

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) USC Film and Television MFA

  17. I

    Admitted (After Interview) USC - Film and TV Production MFA Fall 2021

  18. D

    Applied USC Screenwriting MFA Fall 2021

  19. C

    Applied 2021 MFA Peter Stark Program USC

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