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  1. ZTimer

    Any updates from the USC Film Production MFA Waitlist?

    Hi everyone, I am an international student currently on the waitlist for the USC Film Production MFA program. I am awaiting information on whether I can enroll this Fall or in the upcoming Spring semester. I understand that the admissions office has the right to notify waitlisted students as...
  2. 8ballqueen

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC SCA MFA Directing/Film Production Application - Fall 2024

    App process went well, I definitely scurried to get things done. Thinking retrospectively, I definitely would have taken more time to work on a more cohesive visual sample for the program. I think my essays were very strong and I had a decent portfolio and established body of work, but my...
  3. valkxng

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC/SCA Film & Television Production MFA

    I completed my undergrad in 2020, so the very first thing I did was reach out to former professors (MONTHS in advance) and beg for a letter of recommendation. And it took me about 3-4 weeks to write my personal statement. I had rewritten it about 6 times before I was satisfied with it. I have...
  4. kje

    Denied (After Interview) USC BFA cinematic arts (film production) reject

    It was my top choice. I was interviewed but then rejected. It was a stretch for me because I have a lot of Bs on my transcript (although they were almost all in AP classes, so my weighted GPA was still 3.9).
  5. mr2Gregoire

    Denied (After Interview) USC

    It was my first time applying. I tried to ask which part of my application were lacking but I understand USC's staff is very busy. In my opinion, I was too "cautious" in my interview and personal statement, by trying to meet "cinephile" expectations about what inspires me. But it's a delicate...
  6. Z

    Denied (w/o Interview) My first time applying to USC - Peter Stark Producing Program

    For the the application process was demanding though I did and uploaded everything required. I think the reason why I was rejected is that I was not personal and specific enough.
  7. S

    USC Film Production BFA 2024

    The vast majority of information on these threads seems to be around MFA programs. I think that can be a little confusing to those of us who have applied to BFA programs. I have applied to the BFA program at USC SCA and received an interview last week. The interview went well. It seems that the...
  8. S

    Applied USC-SCA-Transfer-Fall 2024

    I submitted a 5 min short film that I wrote/directed. Solid letters of recommendation from industry professionals. The process took a long time for me because of the multiple essays and writing samples. SCA is one of those things where I feel like no matter your GPA it comes down to if you fit...
  9. honks

    Attending (Admitted w/o Interview) USC MFA Screenwriting

    It's been smooth sailing. No issues. Worked on my application materials for at least a month, spending at least a week on each writing prompt. I made sure to follow each instruction to the t.
  10. W

    Admitted (After Interview) USC - Film & Television Production MFA

    Second time applying and spent more time on my personal statement. Wrote a story that better portray myself, wrote new writing sample and collaboration question. Had a super anxious November but thankfully made it through. Had my interview last week and went well.
  11. A

    USC Film & Television Production BA Program - External Transfer Applicants (Fall 2024)

    Hello! I am a student transferring from community college to the USC Film and Television program. Is anyone else a transfer student applying to this program? Would love to discuss!
  12. R

    USC Summer Program '24 - Filmmaking

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone got into USC Filmmaking Summer Program '24? Will this open doors for the MFA program?
  13. M

    Interview Scheduled USC - Film & Television Production MFA

    As one of the filmmakers who want to become a cinematographer, writing sample was so difficult. Fortunately, I wrote down some concepts for my films on my iPhone, so there were no big obstacles to starting it. I hope they admit me!
  14. Y

    Interviewed USC School of Cinematic Arts Film & Television

    The whole process was really straight forward, I had an interview with Peter Sollet, the whole interview process was more like a casual conversation. He mainly just wanted to know about my project idea, and what sort of films I liked, didn’t ask much about anything else. now just waiting for the...
  15. T

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC MFA Writing for Film and TV Fall 2024

    The entire application was a little stressful at times and took a while to complete, which is why I started working on my materials a few months before I submitted the application. My biggest challenge with the application was making all of my materials align so that they’d tell one complete...
  16. S

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC Peter Stark MFA in Production - 2024

    So far so good! It basically took me a year to get all my essays polished with dozens of rewrites. Managed to get everything good about a week before the due date so had a little room for error. My references cut it close, but after a little nudging they also got their references in on time as...
  17. S

    Interviewed USC Fall 2024 Undergrad

    USC asks for a lot as does UCLA and many other film applications. It can be daunting, as a senior in high school, working on current courses, college applications, creative supplements, etc it is a lot. USC asked for a wrting samples, has numerous prompts, as well as a portfolio list, personal...
  18. anywyas

    Applied USC Screen writing B.A.

    For me personally it was pretty stressful and not for any external factors, mostly because I didn't properly comprehend the portfolio instructions. Basically I did the regular little application on common app and then ofc I was on my way to do the portfolio but from my understanding I was only...
  19. anywyas

    Over the garden wall!!!

    Hi Im Kyle 18 High school senior from NJ and somewhat of a novice writer applying for USC, UCLA, LMU, Chapman and some other schools but my number 1 is UCLA. Tbh I don't think I'll get in since I've had no real experience in writing or film as a whole and my wiritng may not be too appealing to...
  20. J

    USC Peter Stark Producing Fall 2024

    Hello! Is there anyone applying for the Peter Stark Producing program this year? Submitted my application on 11/15. Very nervous!!

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