usc film and tv production graduate

  1. jondg


    Applied during my senior year of my undergrad.
  2. jondg

    How do you know if USC confirmed receiving your transcript?

    Hello! I applied for USC's Film and Television Production MFA for Fall 2021. Does anyone know how we can confirm if they received our transcript? I just want to make sure I submitted everything perfectly because it would be a bummer if they didn't go through my application because of a missing...
  3. DennisZz

    Applied USC - MFA in Film & TV Production Fall 2020

  4. S

    USC Graduate Film Application Deadline time?

    Hi All! The deadline for the USC MFA Film and TV production is November 15th, 2019. It does not specify the exact time it is due. Is it safe to assume this is due at 11:59PM PST November 15th, 2019? I won't be rushing to submit this at the dot! Best, Sofacan
  5. Saay01

    Collaboration Question for USC Film and TV Production

    Hi, I'm applying to the USC Fall 2020 program as a graduate student. I'm working on my Collaboration Questions essays. The prompts are - 1. A project that you have been a part of that failed. 2. A project that left you feeling proud I am planning to write one essay in an interview format and...
  6. storyteller

    USC Scholarship

    Does anyone know when International Students receive feedback for the scholarship applications? I have to submit financial proof right now to receive my official letter and was wondering if I should wait a bit to see if I’ll get a scholarship
  7. Ep317

    MFA Film Photo Option for Visual Submission - USC / NYU / UCLA

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying for the MFA Film program, specifically the cinematography program at USC, NYU, and UCLA. Each school gives the option of submitting a Video or Photo visual sample. I have been doing photography full time for the past couple of years...
  8. storyteller

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) USC Film and TV Production MFA – Spring 2020

  9. MissSophie

    USC Cinematic Arts Personal Statement tips & advice?

    Hi, I am an international student applying for the MFA in Film and Directing at USC and want to know if anyone on the forum has advice on how it should be written. Thank you.
  10. Chris W

    USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA

    According to data from our Application Tracker the reported acceptance rate and minimum GPAs for USC's School of Cinematic Arts are the following: USC - Directing/Film Production USC Acceptance Rate: [0]=USCDirectingFilmProd']32% (73 out of 230 applications) Lowest Reported...
  11. storyteller

    USC School of Cinematic Arts Film & TV Production Spring 2020

    Hey everyone! I haven't found any threads for this specific application, so I decided to create one. Who's intending to apply for Spring 2020? I am an international applicant and was looking for some help with my application!
  12. ases51140

    USC Film application - What is "project question"

    Hi, everyone: I have a question about what is "project question" ( I saw it on the Application Overview of USC). I know this is a basic question and I can search on the Internet. But I was so confused when I search on Google because those online resources are not related to Film or Cinematic...
  13. J

    USC Waitlist

    Hey guys, I'm a lurker here, and I don't really post information or opinions or the like, although the information posted here has been of tremendous help to me. I was, however, waitlisted for USC's Production MFA for the Fall of 2019 and guaranteed a spot for the Spring of 2020, I believe at...
  14. WriterGirl33

    Chapman Film Production MFA vs USC Film and Television Production MFA

    What are your thoughts on both programs?
  15. storyteller

    USC MFA Film Production Application - What are they expecting?

    Hey everyone! I am planning to apply this year for the Film Production MFA program and I'm already working on my application! For the writing sample I've opted for the film concept (I already have a movie idea on my mind) but I was wondering about the format. Does anyone know what USC is...
  16. M

    USC Film & TV Production 2019

    Hi, Who's applying to USC Film & TV Production this year? Let's kill some time here while we wait for results.
  17. GoAndLoveSomeMore

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC- Film and Television Production 2019

    Second Time Applying, Invited to a skype interview
  18. GoAndLoveSomeMore

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC- MFA Film and Television Production Fall 2018

  19. Catchyfan

    USC MFA Film & Television Production Spring 2019

    Hi everyone :) Just started this thread for USC Spring 2019 applicants to connect with each other. Anyone else planning on applying? Please feel free to post here. Good luck to all of us!;)

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