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  1. How to get into USC Film School (or any film program) - PART 1: The Personal Statement

    How to get into USC Film School (or any film program) - PART 1: The Personal Statement

    USC receives thousands of applications per year. How are you going to stand out? What are film schools looking for? In this article series I've gathered some of the best advice from the past 17 years on the forums on applying to film school. According to the Application Tracker...
  2. M

    Interviewed USC SCA Fall 2019 Transfer

    Applied as an external transfer for Pasadena Community College. 4.0 gpa, general ed units completed, transferring with 80 units.
  3. Best Los Angeles Film Schools

    Best Los Angeles Film Schools

    (Photo by Miles Gehm) There are many places to attend film school but there's definitely something to be said to going to school in the heart of all of the action. Below is a listing of the top LA Film Schools and it's surrounding area ranked by the review system as of January 2019. If you are...
  4. L

    I need help with my USC SCA personal statement (animation BA)

    I really don't have anything to write about besides how filmmaking has impacted my life in a positive way, which i know is pretty generic. here's my essay so far: (some background info, i made two short films and im putting them in my portfolio section, and theyre 5 minutes in total. is that...
  5. F

    USC (BFA) Film and TV Production 2017

    Hey guys! I saw that there was a really nice USC Film and TV Production graduate forum going on and figured us undergrad applicants could really use one too! We could also make our own undergrad tracking sheet (if there isn't one already). So let's go! I have some questions about interviews and...
  6. panda

    Hello! Current USC Film School Writing for Screen and Television (MFA) student here. AMA!

    Hey! Last year, this forum helped me survive the waiting period (soon-to-come for all of you, it's as horrendous as it sounds) and the stress that comes with sending your writing off to people you've never met. I thought I'd come back and host an AMA-style thread if you have any questions...
  7. Mdub_2013

    Peter Stark Program Fall 2017

    Hi all - I'm Maria and looking to apply to the Peter Stark Program, wondering who else has begun their application essays.... Also, I see on the USC site that they don't require GRE scores, but on previous forums I see people are taking their GRE. Does anyone know if that's an official...
  8. Shai Garrett

    UCLA vs. USC Undergad Film School? Which would/did you choose and why?

    I was recently accepted to both UCLA and USC's film schools but I am having a very, very tough time making a decision. I will be a freshman this fall and I'm 100% sure I want to be a filmmaker. Throughout my life I have always been interested in writing. I started writing short stories in...
  9. A

    USC Visual Sample Video VS Photo Option

    Wondering if anyone can give any pointers on whether there are any advantages or disadvantages to choosing one or the other when it comes down to submitting the visual sample (applying to undergrad btw). I'm assuming that in the majority of applications they receive they'll get videos. I've...
  10. M


    Hi guys, I am applying for the Spring 2015 semester for U.S.C. I am also applying for the fall 2015 for University of Texas Austin, Columbia, NYU, and potentially Temple. Basically, I wanted to network; I have friends interested in film, but for me personally, I feel as though it is an...
  11. mcholman

    USC MFA Fall 2014 (film & tv)

    Hey everybody! I saw there wasn't a thread for fall 2014 applicants, so I thought I'd start one and connect with my fellow worrywarts as we wait! I applied back in October, and naturally haven't heard anything yet. Sound off if you're out there!
  12. O

    Scholarships for international students

    Hi everyone! I've applied to Columbia, USC and NYU MFA in film directing. Can anyone advise me some scholarships for international students???
  13. Smileylanie

    USC School of Cinematic Arts Personal Statement

    Any and all feedback would be very helpful! My personal Statement: Up until recently I used to feel guilty or make excuses for who I was. I always tried pleasing everyone. Before having the dream to behind the camera, for about three years I had the dream to be in front of the camera...
  14. Brasspistol

    Last days before USC and Chapman fall 2013

    So it's the last few days before Chapman and USC's deadline for fall 2013 applications, I've taken to re-doing my cinematic personal statement for USC, and restructuring my whole video essay for Chapman. Mostly, because of Hurricane Sandy. That ***** threw off my schedule and destroyed some of...
  15. B

    USC Film Production for Fall 2011

    Hi guys, has anyone started preparing for the fall 2011 program on Film Directing / Production? If so, hop in and share with us how far you've managed to start. Because i am starting now. Not sure when the deadline will be for the 2011 class. USC website stated no later than December 1st. I...