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  1. N

    ISC-SCA Help

    Sup y"all, I'm applying to USC-SCA for Fall 2021 and I did not do either SAT or ACT (Graduated in 2018, took time off due to health issues). What do I do?
  2. Chris W

    An Interview with a USC SCA Admissions Committee member

    Huge thank you to @USCSCAAlumni/Faculty for agreeing to do the interview and to @Svaja Paka for doing such an amazing job interviewing them. :) Here are just a couple of the reactions you may experience as I did while reading the interview. :)
  3. jeanius

    Interviewed USC SCA film/television production Fall 2019

    To stay kind of private Id rather not put my test scores up and open to pm people if they are really interested.
  4. jeanius

    USC SCA FEB 1st Submission Applicants

    Is there a thread for this already? Wonder if folks who applied for Fall 2019 on Feb.1st have heard anything?
  5. G

    Help with personal statement!

    Hi there folks! I'm applying for the USC Summer Program in Cinematic Arts, which asks for a personal statement with a 500 word limit. As I'm from the UK, typically I'm not naturally very aware about how personal statements are written in the US. Stylistically, my impression is that they require...
  6. Mdub_2013

    Peter Stark Program Fall 2017

    Hi all - I'm Maria and looking to apply to the Peter Stark Program, wondering who else has begun their application essays.... Also, I see on the USC site that they don't require GRE scores, but on previous forums I see people are taking their GRE. Does anyone know if that's an official...
  7. Matt Ramphele

    Help me decide! NYU or USC for sitcom writer (Columbia pending)

    Hey Kids, so I'm a South African screenwriter (specialising in sitcom) and I have no idea what to pick! I have received a fellowship from NYU (full tuition) and I've received the George Lucas Scholarship from USC ($25 000 out of $60 000) and, as an international student, I only have six months...
  8. A

    USC Interactive Media

    Is there anyone here who is part of USC's IM program, or happens to know anyone in the program? I'm curious about portfolios from successful applicants, and whether previous game design experience is necessary? My prior creative work has mostly been film-related. Screenplays, short stories...
  9. F

    USC Spring 2014 MFA Applicants (Film & TV)

    Hello everyone! I'm new to posting in the forums, but have been dabbling in it for a while doing grad school research. Since there's no thread for those applying for the Spring 2014 USC's MFA Film & TV Production program, we might as well start the conversation!

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