1. F

    What is USC Film School's Acceptance Rate?

    According to data from the over 3,300 film school applications in our database the current acceptance rate for USC film school is 29% for undergrad, 25% for MFA Film Production, 24% for MFA Writing for Screen & Television, and 25% for Peter Stark Producing Program (MFA). Fo more...
  2. F

    When do USC film school decisions go out?

    According to the stats from the over 3,300 film school applications in's database, the earliest USC film school decision decision dates reported as of today are March 23 for undergrad, February 11 for MFA film, and February 20 for MFA Writing for Screen & Television. Full...
  3. Chris W

    First week of 2022 back from Christmas break will be remote learning at USC! (Here we go again?)

    Remote learning for a week and boosters required: Given the current spread of the Omicron variant of COVID, many of you have questions about USC’s plans for return in January and we wanted to provide specifics as soon as possible. For students, our residence halls and housing will open as...
  4. jenovard

    Applied USC Peter Stark Producing Program

    The essays have a very strict word limit so I recommend getting an editor to help you refine what you'd like to say after doing the first few passes yourself. I also designed a resume/biography document that somewhat encompasses everything I might want to say about myself and showcasing my history.
  5. audr3y


    I liked how it asked to add more to the resume than you typically would include. It was a lot of short essay questions with varying character limits rather than one or two longer essays.
  6. Z

    Interviewed USC Fall 2022 MFA in Film and Television Production

    It's been alright! I struggled with what to submit for the media sample since it had to be five minutes or less. I kind of wish I had just made a short film specifically for submission because I'm not sure if what I submitted had enough of a story to it or was compelling enough. It was more of...
  7. F

    Feedback on USC cinematic arts personal statement?

    I'm applying to the animation and digital arts major. I feel a bit weary about the middle but any type of advice is greatly appreciated. Let me know, thanks. When my dad told me a story about his mother—a woman who took grand steps to further the lives of her children, grandchildren, and...
  8. C

    Applied USC MFA Fall 2022 Writing for Screen and TV

    Loved this application. Felt there were a lot of opportunities to show off unique voice and style. Excited to hear back. Wishing everyone lots of luck!
  9. julesbeegood

    Interviewed USC MFA in Film & Television Production - Fall 2022

    This application was pretty tough for me, just because it required so much info and writing, which made completing it time-intensive. I'm currently staying with my parents to help out after an unexpected family death, on top of working full-time, so I wasn't able to dedicate as much time to the...
  10. carolinadolago2000

    Applied USC MFA in Film & TV Production Fall 2022

    Again, another super difficult application ( I also applied to UCLA).... It took me a long time to write all the documents, and one of the reasons that made me most anxious was the fact that on the two submission platforms everything would have to match in order not to be disqualified... Being...
  11. P

    USC Film/TV Production MFA Media Sample - Existing project or brand new one?

    I can’t exactly tell what’s expected for the Media Sample for the USC MFA Film and TV application - do we have to make a brand new original video for the purpose of applying to USC, or can we use a video we’ve already made in the past? I would prefer to submit a project I worked on two years...
  12. carolinadolago2000

    USC MFA Film and TV Production - Writing Sample Option-1 Format

    Hello! I'm Carolina do Lago, and I'm currently applying for the MFA Film and TV Productions for Fall 2022. I have two questions about the Writing Sample option 1 - A description for a four-minute film that contains no dialogue. It can be fiction or non-fiction. The story has to be communicated...
  13. N

    Applied USC SCA Film & Television Production

    The application process itself was straightforward. Everything is really clear and easy to follow. I'm also grateful for all the available resources and tips found online, especially on here. It's all helped form an idea of what they're looking for.
  14. jenovard

    USC School of Cinematic Arts - Stark Producing Program 2022

    Hi all. This is Jonathan in Tokyo. I sent in my application to Peter Stark last week and figured I'd make a thread to see who else has applied and how it's going. I run a commercial production company in Tokyo but I want to move into TV/Film (Sci-fi/Sci-fi Horror) in Tokyo/LA. BENTO LABS I'm...
  15. Y

    Which one do you like better, LAfilmschool or NYFA or Calarts?

    Hi, I'm an international student. Now, I am looking for a university while studying English. Currently, I went to the second year of college and wanted to transfer as an undergraduate. I'm looking for a place with a low Duolingo score because my English is not good, but I can say that my...
  16. S

    USC Film & TV Production BFA Fall 2022

    Hey everyone! I'm currently in the process of applying to USC SCA film/tv production as a senior in high school. If anyone has any tips or doesn't mind sharing their work that got them into the program as well, it'd be greatly appreciated! I'd also love to reach out to any seniors applying this...
  17. N

    Can I talk about a two-person collaboration in my USC Film Production app?

    The prompt for the collaboration written piece asks us to "describe a project that you worked on with multiple collaborators that left you feeling proud and fulfilled." Are they strict with how many collaborators a project had? I have a project I'm very proud of and would like to talk about but...
  18. W

    Denied (w/o Interview) USC MFA Film and TV Production

    It was a little strenuous, but I was more prepared this time around. I took more time to make my video sample. I worked more on my cinematic statement than I had before. I wish I had more time to work on my dialogue piece, but it was better than my last one. I had stronger references this time...
  19. S

    Upload bank statements for USC official offer - how long is the processing time?

    Hey folks: I just got a notice from Usc where I am academic eligible for Spring. But before they issue a official offer, I need to upload my bank statements. I got a message where the Usc admission officer said the deadline to have documentation approved was September 23rd. Unfortunately, when...
  20. A

    Applied FALL 2022 - USC Graduate Writing for Screen & Television MFA

    Struggled a little bit with the creative prompts, but finally got two pieces that I'm really happy with. I'm really proud of this application, and we'll just see where this goes.

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