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  1. courteroy

    Submit multiple Applications to different USC film programs?

    Do you guys know if when applying for USC grad school, you're allowed to apply to more than one discipline or do you have to choose ONE? Come Fall, I'd like to apply to the producing program AND tv writing program. If this isn't an option, I'd love to know now so I can figure out which route to...
  2. sharkb8

    2nd Year USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA Student, AMA

    Do it. Ask me things. And I will tell you answers. Yup.
  3. Abraam Dawod

    USC Graduate Application

    Hi All! I'm wondering what are the contents of USC's Graduate Application Form? Is it primarily arbitrary information such as undergraduate university and GPA? Or are there also sections for extra-curriculars, etc.? Does USC (particularly Film Production MFA) pay no attention to...
  4. Abraam Dawod

    What makes a great Letter of Recommendation?

    Hi All! I'm a Canadian undergrad student looking to apply to USC Film/TV Production MFA Fall '22. I was wondering what makes a solid reference letter (content? author?) and what I can do at this moment that can help me get some solid letters in 2022. Right now I'm relatively close with a film...
  5. Abraam Dawod

    Letters of Recommendation

    Hi All! I'm a Canadian undergrad student looking to apply to USC Film/TV Production MFA Fall '22. I was wondering what makes a solid reference letter (content? author?) and what I can do at this moment that can help me get some solid letters in 2022. Right now I'm relatively close with a film...
  6. M

    Question about Loyola Marymount scene

    For the LMU app, it asks for you to write a 5 page scene, with multiple prompt options, one of them being "A lovers' quarrel where something gets broken." For my USC elevator scene (where two people get stuck in an elevator), I actually wrote about a lover's quarrel inside this elevator. So...
  7. laooki

    USC Animation and Digital Arts B.A. Fall 2020

    Hey! I'm currently a senior in high school right now, and I was hoping to meet fellow SCA applicants and receive some advice for my application. I've been looking around the internet for SCA animation portfolios, but I can hardly find any that got accepted. I was wondering if anyone was willing...
  8. G

    Which community college is the best for transfering to USC film school?

    I'm mainly going to focus on finishing my G.E but since I'm a international student all the c.c info from google seems like an ad :( I want to take film making classes too(NOT MEDIA) for some extra experience, so I would really appreciate the recommendation & other info
  9. M

    Creative Portfolio List

    Hey all, Does anyone have advice on what to include in the creative portfolio list? I am specifically referencing the ones for USC and Chapman. Over the course of my life I have written 6 feature screenplays, at least 10 short films, 30+ short stories, etc etc. Many of these are not very good...
  10. Chris W

    USC School of Cinematic Arts - Stark Producing Program 2020

    Deadline is November 15th Who's applying this year? https://cinema.usc.edu/admissions/procedures/producing/procedures.cfm From the site: The Peter Stark Program is highly selective, accepting 24 students out of an average of about 250 applicants each year. Personal statement: Answer the...
  11. S

    Collaboration Question for USC Film and TV Production

    Hi, I'm applying to the USC Fall 2020 program as a graduate student. I'm working on my Collaboration Questions essays. The prompts are - 1. A project that you have been a part of that failed. 2. A project that left you feeling proud I am planning to write one essay in an interview format and...
  12. KatieeveD

    Applied USC - Writing for Screen and Television 2020

    It's my first time applying.
  13. justin

    USC Collaboration Prompts

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me clarify how many words is "one page?". Most of USC's prompts explain the word count and format EXCEPT for the collaboration prompts. Is one page the amount of words for a doubled spaced or single spaced page? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  14. storyteller

    USC Scholarship

    Does anyone know when International Students receive feedback for the scholarship applications? I have to submit financial proof right now to receive my official letter and was wondering if I should wait a bit to see if I’ll get a scholarship
  15. E

    MFA Film Photo Option for Visual Submission - USC / NYU / UCLA

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying for the MFA Film program, specifically the cinematography program at USC, NYU, and UCLA. Each school gives the option of submitting a Video or Photo visual sample. I have been doing photography full time for the past couple of years...
  16. S

    USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA Film & TV Production Fall 2020

    Hey all! I’ve been working on my application for Fall 2020 and was wondering if anyone else is applying this year!
  17. Chris W

    USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA Screenwriting Fall 2020

    Who's applying this year? Fall Admission Deadline: November 15th Required supplemental application materials per USC: The following supplemental materials must be submitted via the SlideRoom application for admission consideration: Autobiographical Character Sketch (please upload in PDF...
  18. IDEK

    USC "Quality Points"?

    Hi! I'm getting my USC Writing for Screen & TV application together and I saw this: Does anyone know what "Quality Points" are? It appears to be some calculation of Credit Hours and GPA. Does anyone know anything about it?