1. nvf101

    USC or AFI? (For Directing/Film & TV Production)

    Hi all, long time commenter/lurker and first time poster here. I find myself in the really fortunate and unexpected position of having been admitted to both USC and AFI for Fall 2021 and I’m in the process of figuring out which one to commit to. Since I am always bowled over by the insights and...
  2. A

    USC Film & TV Production or Chapman Film Production?

    I was accepted to both programs for B.F.A. Chapman gave me a half ride and USC gave me no money. I know the old adage of "in Hollywood, connections are everything," and it seems to me that USC has the best connections. But I feel like Chapman aligns more with my values. My biggest fear is making...
  3. C

    USC Writing for Screen and Television OR CHAPMAN TV Writing and Producing?

    Hello everyone!!!!! I am super excited to announce that I just heard back from USC today and I got into SCA with a screenwriting major!!!!!! The thing is, I’ve spent the last couple months planning my college experience at Chapman (i got into their Tv writing and production major back in...
  4. C

    Admitted (w/o Interview) USC SCREENWRITING UNDERGRAD

    The application was so much fun!! I just sent in a bunch of writing samples they asked for and got in! I was notified today (March 30th) that I was admitted!
  5. R

    [Fall 2021] Help with choosing film schools... USC vs Columbia

    I thought it might be useful to start a thread for people trying to decide where to go now... Personally, I'm having a hard time deciding between Columbia vs. USC. I'm definitely someone that values storytelling and writing more than access to great equipment (I know that, according to online...
  6. J

    BA and MFA difference?

    I was just wondering what are the differences between film undergrad and grad studies, more towards USC. I already have an undergrad degree from the UK in a different subject and I'm trying to decide on wether to get another Bachelor degree or a Masters. Both of the courses are very similar on...
  7. rainydays

    USC Film Production vs. Chapman Directing MFA Help

    Hi everyone! I was just accepted it both USC's Film Production MFA and Chapman's Directing MFA and I'm extremely grateful as I have absolutely no experience in film. However, I'm at a complete lost on which one would be best for me. I've included my pros/cons below for each, and if anyone could...
  8. M

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC MFA

  9. rainydays

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Film and TV Production MFA Fall 2021

    This site was incredibly helpful.
  10. M

    USC vs LMU Film and Television MFA

    I have been admitted to USC for film and television production but without any current financial aid or scholarships. I haven't heard from LMU yet but expect to get accepted and hopefully with scholarship. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on my situation and which I should choose. Is USC...
  11. Being Creative in Stillness: A Conversation With Nolan Lampson, Film and Television Writing freshman at USC

    Being Creative in Stillness: A Conversation With Nolan Lampson, Film and Television Writing freshman at USC

    Nolan Lampson ( Member @kukichiyo3) sits in his dorm room with his roommate, who is folding laundry and listening to Air pods. Their walls are covered in posters for hit indie films like The Florida Project. Lampson has spent all of his freshman year working out of their small...
  12. isla

    Admitted (After Interview) USC Film & TV Production MFA

  13. B

    Waitlisted (After Interview) USC Film and TV Production

  14. R

    Admitted (w/o Interview) USC MFA - Writing for Screen and Television

    My fun 11th-hour discovery: you don't see the required essays for scholarships until you check that you're interested in financial aid. Silly me left checking that for last. Happy to report that my heart survived the packs of Red Bull I consumed in the last 24 hours to submit on time.
  15. N

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) USC Film Production

  16. N

    Waitlisted (After Interview) Peter Stark 2021

  17. folio

    Denied (After Interview) USC - MFA - Fall 2021


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