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  1. mothersuperior

    Interviewed USC Film & Television Production MFA

  2. q64

    Question regarding application to grad school at the same university as undergrad study

    Hello all. Long time lurker. I am interested in applying to USC SCA production program for BFA degree. After I complete my undergrad, I am interested in pursuing MFA in production at USC SCA. But according to an alumni, this is heavily discouraged because preference is given to applicants...
  3. AK006

    Is my GPA too low for Film School?

    I have an extremely low GPA i.e 1.7 from my undergraduate. But I have extensive 6 years of work experience, working in front of the camera as well as behind the camera for leading brands such as Coke, Honda, Suzuki, etc. I want to know if I work hard on my GRE, and write an amazing SOP. Do I...
  4. jondg

    How do you know if USC confirmed receiving your transcript?

    Hello! I applied for USC's Film and Television Production MFA for Fall 2021. Does anyone know how we can confirm if they received our transcript? I just want to make sure I submitted everything perfectly because it would be a bummer if they didn't go through my application because of a missing...
  5. amichan

    Is all hope lost for my USC MFA application?

    Hey guys sorry for the dramatic title hahaha this is more of a vent because I already know there's nothing that can be done, but just wanted to get it out here. Before requesting my transcript to be sent to USC, I waited until the last day of my semester (which was also my last semester as...
  6. C

    Introductions Let’s see which school I end up going to in the spring

    Hey guys!! I’m currently a senior in highschool applying to USC, UCLA, LMU, and Chapman as a screenwriting major! I have a 3.8 or 3.9 academic gpa, and I’ve spent most of my life in the film industry working as an actress, and I learned through working with other amazing screenwriters that I...
  7. Septopus7

    2nd Year AFI Screenwriting Fellow, Accepted USC Screenwriting Applicant, Multi-Year Applicant Person - AMA!

    Hello applicants, Septopus here. You might have seen this article I recently posted, re: my experience applying and getting into AFI, USC, etc. I wrote at length - way too at length, probably, like did anyone actually get through that thing, cause I sure didn't - but thought I would reach...
  8. After Three Years of Rejection, I Got Into The Two Best Film Schools in The World. Here Are The Five Things I Learned...

    After Three Years of Rejection, I Got Into The Two Best Film Schools in The World. Here Are The Five Things I Learned...

    So...you’re applying for film school, huh? I mean, that’s just my assumption. Not sure why you would bother reading this otherwise, especially with where we are currently in The Cycle of Applications. These next couple weeks are pretty much when all the major film school programs have their...
  9. A

    Are there any International students(especially from India)here who in USC SCA Film and TV?

    Please respond!
  10. C

    Applied USC MFA Film Production

    First time applying
  11. J

    Applied USC Film and TV Production MFA Fall 2021

  12. aleigh123

    Applied Peter Stark Producing Program 2021

  13. C

    USC Exact Deadline - Does anyone know the exact time/ time zone of the USC Nov 15th deadline? (Help!!!!!)

    Does anyone know the exact time/ time zone of the USC Nov 15th deadline? Somebody just said are you sure it’s not “by the 15th” aka midnight of the 14th (tonight) and now I’m panicking but I don’t see an exact time anywhere. Please help !!!!
  14. thespian

    Applied USC Writing for Screen & Television MFA Fall 2021

  15. C

    USC Essay Formatting? (Film & TV Production)

    Does anybody know if for the one-page long collaboration question essays — is there any formatting we need to follow? Basically — I’m wondering if I can do 10 pt font single spaced to keep it to one page or is there a font size/ spacing rule we should follow? Have scoured their info and haven’t...
  16. Cody Young

    Applied USC - Peter Stark Producing Program - 2021

  17. M

    Who should I reach out to for USC Stark application?

    Hi all, I am applying to the Stark Program for next fall, and I was wondering if there is a specific person I can reach out to so that I can further express my interest. I have read that Michael Lane is a part of the process and that he contacts admitted students, is he a good person to email...
  18. C

    USC Screenwriting creative supplement formatting - single or double space?

    Hey guys! I'm applying to USC for their John Wells Division for Writing for Screen and Television, and I'm currently working on the supplemental scripts and essays I need to write. On their website it doesn't say anything about the formatting for the essays? Like for the greatest life challenge...
  19. marianass45

    Help with graduate application and USC id code!

    Hey guys, how are you all doing? Hope everyone is safe during corona times. I'm applying for the first this year for MFA in Screenwriting and, as an international student and first-time applier, I have some doubts about the whole process. Mainly my two big concerns are: 1- Should...

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