1. E

    USC v Northwestern Screenwriting

    I’ve committed to USC, but somewhat out of the blue got accepted to northwestern this past week and they’ve offered me a scholarship. It’s not full tuition, but it’s going to be a lot less debt than USC, which is obviously a major concern of mine. USC really sold their connections (both to the...
  2. M

    Interviewed USC SCA Fall 2019 Transfer

    Applied as an external transfer for Pasadena Community College. 4.0 gpa, general ed units completed, transferring with 80 units.
  3. jeanius

    Interviewed USC SCA film/television production Fall 2019

    To stay kind of private Id rather not put my test scores up and open to pm people if they are really interested.
  4. jeanius

    USC SCA FEB 1st Submission Applicants

    Is there a thread for this already? Wonder if folks who applied for Fall 2019 on Feb.1st have heard anything?
  5. J

    USC Waitlist

    Hey guys, I'm a lurker here, and I don't really post information or opinions or the like, although the information posted here has been of tremendous help to me. I was, however, waitlisted for USC's Production MFA for the Fall of 2019 and guaranteed a spot for the Spring of 2020, I believe at...
  6. Shmorca

    USC External Transfer for Dual Enrollment High Schooler - Needs Advice

    Hello! I'm Maia, 16 years old Sophomore in High School. I was recently given the opportunity to participate in a Dual Enrollment program, which essentially means I can attend college for free instead of Junior and Senior year, and graduate high school with an associates degree in the arts. My...
  7. S

    USC vs NYU - Screenwriting

    I've seen a bunch of different discussions about this, but some of them are from a couple years ago, so I was wondering what current opinion was on the subject. I've gotten the general consensus that USC is better for connections, but NYU focuses on more independent, "smaller" films. But, NYU is...
  8. DaniBruncati

    Chapman MFA Film Production vs USC MFA Film and Television Production

    A little bit of background, I was offered admission to Chapman's Film production program with an editing emphasis. Today, I found out I was waitlistef for USC's film and television production. USC has been my dream school since I was in high school and I was heartbroken when I got rejected as an...
  9. C

    MFA in Screenwriting: USC or NYU?

    Hello! Last week I got an acceptance letter from USC. I'm ecstatic to know I've been accepted there, it's really a dream coming true! I also interviewed with NYU today and it went quite well, so I think I may have some chance to land NYU as well. Thus I thought I might do some research, in case...
  10. G

    Help with personal statement!

    Hi there folks! I'm applying for the USC Summer Program in Cinematic Arts, which asks for a personal statement with a 500 word limit. As I'm from the UK, typically I'm not naturally very aware about how personal statements are written in the US. Stylistically, my impression is that they require...
  11. D

    Applied USC - MFA SCREENWRITING 2019

    first time applying; just graduated from cal in december with a bachelors in english i’m really nervous ugh
  12. A

    Applied USC - MFA Film Production Fall 2019

    First time applying as an international student. Have some background on film, but nothing too big (worked in some productions here and there)
  13. Shmorca

    Getting into USC School of Cinematic Arts: Advice and What Are My Chances?

    Hello! My name is Maia. I am a sixteen year old sophomore in high school, and I aspire to attend USC School of Cinematic Arts in some capacity, either for their Film and Television Production Program or their Screenwriting Program. Unlike most, it hasn't always been my lifelong dream, but now...
  14. D

    So I just read some threads from 2015

    Turns out those who got rejected never received emails??? They just got their letters in the mail around mid-March (which, if you ask me, is cruel). Apparently, someone had done this thing where they logged into: (just put in your USC ID and birthday) and...
  15. Travis Leake

    Waitlisted Without Interview USC - Writing for Screen and TV 2015

    No info about waitlist position is available.