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Did someone mention WPTV LMU housing?

Oh thank god someone else is worrying about this too haha! I'm all the way in North Carolina and I am killing myself trying to find reasonably priced, safe and close housing to LMU for this fall. I've come across a couple websites. Has anyone found any message boards on the schools website?

I couldn't find any message boards either, neither in mylmu nor on their websites.
Which websites do you find best and legitimate for housing?

@readitsomewhere I don't wish to exceed thousand dollars for housing. anything less is better. if you are looking for something in similar range then count me in!
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Chris W

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is the only way to get the contact information to sign up and pay for membership? is it legit?

Yes it's legit. It's a well known institution here in Los Angeles. I used it with great success to find my first place out here 14-15 years ago.

For free you can try craiglist... but then you have to worry about scams. Beware of the ones on Craiglist that sound too good to be true - they usually are and involve a sublet for an awesome place and an awesome price from someone out of the country where you send them money and they send you the keys... and then the keys never arrive.

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I used Westside Rentals when I lived in LA as well. Ask around, most of the time you can get a "shared" account from someone who already paid. But, yeah, +1 for WSR.


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I tried west side rentals a few times, didn't really worked out for me, but it worked out for others. I would also suggest trying out padmapper and even sites like rent.com

EDIT: also, as Chris mentioned, be very very very careful of scams. the "i live in a different state, just send me the deposit and i'll send you the keys" is the most common scam. If you can't go in and take a look at the apartment/house and they refuse to meet you in person, they're most likely scammers.
also beware of subletters. sometimes they're actually not allowed to sublet but they do it anyways.
Hey guys. Long time member here... I'm going to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for the MFA in Directing this Fall.


Hey guys, has anyone been offered admission from the waitlist at USC yet?


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Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone from last year who was admitted to Northwestern might be available next week(the 19th-26thish) to show me around campus? I wasn't able to visit earlier in the year and now unfortunately during admissions, Shannon says they can't accommodate applicant visits though the program office. I've got somewhere to stay and would be coming from Detroit. Feel free to PM me or reply on this thread - if any of you see this! :)


Question to anybody who got into Northwestern's MFA program in past years - is there anything you can tell me about what was asked during your interview?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I plan to review my application materials to make sure I can answer any questions about them clearly and have also written some notes on films, plays, and television shows in case questions related to those come up. :)

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