2017 Applicants - Want to know one of the biggest application mistakes? IFI is doing Q&As this week

Int Film Institute of New York

IFI Director - Misael Sanchez
The International Film Institute (IFI) supports all aspiring filmmakers as they work towards an education in film. During the application period for film schools, we're here to take your questions!

One of the most common mistakes when submitting an application to a school is focusing the personal statement on "why you have always wanted to be a filmmaker". Instead, focus the personal statement on a challenge in your life that has inspired personal growth or change. The program already knows you want to be a filmmaker. Take this opportunity to inform the faculty about your experiences outside of film and focus on how to tell that story in a way that will highlight your storytelling ability.

What else do you want to know? I'll respond to your questions in this thread until November 1! - Misael Sanchez
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