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Hey y'all, my name's Daniel. I went to a small private film school for my undergrad, and then became a starving artist. I ultimately settled in doing research for a law firm and making decent money, but it's been killing me inside to be away from film, since that has always been my real passion.

So I'm gonna go back in and get my M.F.A in film production, hopefully directing. I'll be applying during the 2019 cycle, which gives me time to really nail down my applications and hopefully go to a great school that can set me up with the contacts, equipment, and motivated classmates I was lacking during undergrad.

I'm really hoping to get my portfolio and applications in line so that come 2019, I can get into UCLA, Chapman, or USC. If any of you guys have tips for me on what I should be doing, I would greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to being on the forum with y'all!
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