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I think I have it unblocked now... This is just a preview of how clueless I am when it comes to technology. You'll see more when I am crying in an editing room or gettting kicked out of Chapman for breaking a cine-thingy. I'm a writer, I need a chair, a keyboard, and a Dr. Pepper. Put me near anything with a web address, wires, or a power button and I'm lost. Hand me a pencil, a notebook and some 3x5 cards and I'm home.


Hello fellow film schoolers...After two trips to Los Angeles, hundreds of hours of conversations, sitting in on classes all over the freaking country, I HAVE DECIDED TO GO TO COLUMBIA!

It's been really hard because UCLA is literally half the price, but there is nothing I can really do to convince myself to leave New York. UCLA is an amazing program, but Columbia is for me.


Congratulations Sa...........nice to know that a decision has been made.......i would have really gone crazy if i had as many options as you had..........Congrats again.......
Firstly congratulations are in order - a lot of congratulations!!! After 22 pages of ups, downs, and tough decisions, I'm happy to see that this one left a few surprises for the third act (I literally yelled WHAT!? with excitement when Jayimess got in to USC :) - Go Trojans!!).

Anyway, I stumbled across this forum because I'm starting my apps for Fall '08 to USC, UCLA, Columbia, NYU (and because of this thread I'm 80% sure I'll apply to Chapman). But I was surprised that no ever even mentioned Northwestern. Any thoughts? Did anyone consider Northwestern's Writing for Screen and Stage Program? If anyone is at all familiar with the program I'd appreciate the insight, because everything I have read (save this forum) cited NU as having an impressive program (so impressive that at present NU is my second choice to USC).

Congrats again to everyone - your stories have been truly inspiring.
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i had checked the program too last year but they had mentioned that there are no batches for 2007......i donno about this year though......they dint have batches for 2006 either......
That's strange... because the NU website seems to suggest differently (

Also, I emailed program assistant Lauren Ludwig about my intent to apply this fall and she didn't mention their not accepting MFA applicants. Granted I emailed her last March (I like to plan ahead), but, even so, you'd think she would have at least hinted that they may not accept applicants for the upcoming year(s).

B4bad, could you post a link to where you read that?
Oh I see - they've suspended their production program. I'm guessing that doesn't reflect highly on the film program in general... Nevertheless, I'm pretty heart-set on screenwriting.

Did anyone consider Northwestern's writing program?


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I looked at NW's writing program, but much like Columbia and NYU, I couldn't get over the stage requirements. The suspension of the film MFA was VERY disturbing to me as well.

I also think it's important for me to get the heck out of the Midwest.

Come on over to Trojan country. I went through a lot of pain to get there, and I can't express how effing happy I am. I literally smile every day because of it...and it's really, really funny that you yelled out "WHAT?!?!?!?" when you saw I got in.

I did pretty much the same thing.

Sa, I'm kinda bummed you won't be in LA, but I'm so happy you followed your heart.


Yeay! People seem to be in good spirits. I am really really excited for you Jayimess. I am excited for me too! :) I think things will be just fine, and I'm soooo happy I don't feel crazy anymore...

Funny thing, yesterday I went to see Francis Ford Coppola speak at Columbia (they also showed a 1 hour long doc on the making of his new film Youth Without Youth). In the Q&A, he talked a lot about his experiences in film school at UCLA and how it was great! Haha! How ironic.
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Its okay, your going to COLUMBIA! You cant feel any regrets; I mean Im sure your an amazingly smart person, done your research and chose the best fit for you. Plus youll be with me and BillyD:)
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