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I am applying to NYU’s Dramatic Writing in the fall and just wanted to know what you personally think they are looking for in an applicant? Also, why did you decide to attend NYU?



NYU DDW takes 24 students per year. NYU tries to achive an equal mix of playwrights, tv writers, and feature writers. Often, though, each year skews differently.

Spend most of your energy on your writing sample. Then your personal statement. If you're granted an interview, research the person. Read their work if its available. Practice a few interview questions with a friend (you can find sample questions on this site).

I got into AFI and NYU. Below is a link of my reasoning behind my decision:

How I chose between NYU Dramatic Writing and AFI Screenwriting.

I'm tagging @Lifeisnoholiday. Perhaps he has more to add.

Good luck, and don't hesitate if you have other questions!

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