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I also applyed for chapman, usc, ucla, and Columbia. I get offer from chapman, usc, and Columbia, reject from ucla and waitlist by AFI. I want to learn Cinematography the best so my first choose is AFI and second Chapman. I don't think I can get in to AFI anymore because I don't think there will be someone not going to AFI's cinematography program if they get in. So, I think I am gonna go to chapman.
You’re planning to take Chapman over USC- that’s awesome, and I’m not a cinematographer, but I’m curious why? I mostly wonder cause you mentioned the importance of AFI’s name but USC has a better name than Chapman- but Chapman does model after AFI- is that why?


ak47ksha, what do you think of NFTS? It was my dream program for years, but they don't even have a possibility of a scholarship, so that always held me back...
The program looks so great I had to apply. But they start in January so the decisions come out a bit later than everyone else. The tuition is less than most of the colleges in the US. Most of which I think I can cover with a student loan from India.

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To those that applied last year.... Be sure to update your application in the Film School Application database with as much info as you can.

See this example application to see how you can fully utilize the system:

The more data the better to help future applicants. Thank you! 🙏

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