Did you apply for the other schools?
I got into FAMU which is where I'll probably head to unless I get off the waitlist. Still holding out hope. 😅

I've also applied to NFTS London which is another long shot.


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I also applyed for chapman, usc, ucla, and Columbia. I get offer from chapman, usc, and Columbia, reject from ucla and waitlist by AFI. I want to learn Cinematography the best so my first choose is AFI and second Chapman. I don't think I can get in to AFI anymore because I don't think there will be someone not going to AFI's cinematography program if they get in. So, I think I am gonna go to chapman.
You’re planning to take Chapman over USC- that’s awesome, and I’m not a cinematographer, but I’m curious why? I mostly wonder cause you mentioned the importance of AFI’s name but USC has a better name than Chapman- but Chapman does model after AFI- is that why?


ak47ksha, what do you think of NFTS? It was my dream program for years, but they don't even have a possibility of a scholarship, so that always held me back...
The program looks so great I had to apply. But they start in January so the decisions come out a bit later than everyone else. The tuition is less than most of the colleges in the US. Most of which I think I can cover with a student loan from India.

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