AFI Cinematography 2020


That’s true! But all the requirements for the application is announced. So it is possible to start working on it!

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From their site:

Cinematography applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. One example of original work that best demonstrates talent, ability and experience as a Cinematographer. The Moving Image submission can be no longer than 20 minutes in length, and you must be the sole Cinematographer on the project. The submission should demonstrate your narrative ability.
  2. Complete a “Ten-Sixty” video assignment with the subject of the video being “Disappointment”: 10 shots of video with total duration of 60 seconds. No audio but music is allowed. No significant text, fancy transitions or color effects allowed. This should be a narrative video of 10 images, up to 60 seconds maximum TRT. We are interested in seeing your story-telling skills. Creativity is key and does not have to have large production value, so you may use your cell phone for the project.
  3. Still photographs portfolio provided on a merged PDF. One image per page. No montages, no screenshots. The presentation of your images is noticed. Please limit file size to 25mb or smaller.
Supplemental Submissions (optional):

  1. A second example of an original work that best demonstrates your talent, ability, and experience as a Cinematographer. The moving image submission can be no longer than 20 minutes in length, and you must be the sole Cinematographer.
  2. A summary “reel” of up to three minutes
  3. A short sample of documentary work you may have done
Submissions will be accepted via YouTube or Vimeo links within the online application; all submissions should include whether or not the project was completed at an educational institution and the format(s)/camera used for each. DO NOT PASSWORD PROTECT THE VIDEO LINKS YOU PROVIDE IN YOUR APPLICATION.

Online applications and portfolio requirements must be received by 11:59 p.m. CST on December 1, 2019.

Good luck everybody!

Inquire / Application Information


Anyone out there who has started the application process for the Cinematography program fall 2020?
I’ve started the application but I’m a little stumped on what they’re looking for with the “still images” the instructions are unclear


I'm not sure! My interpretation is that you showcase your best photos, in a representative way.
If it is unclear to you, you could ask them? They have responded pretty quickly to all my questions!


I have a question regarding "Ten-Sixty": Does anyone know what color effects means (specifically)? Is it LUTs/Color grading? Or effects/color filters?
It says: "No significant text, fancy transitions or color effects allowed".

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While everyone is waiting for more info PLEASE take a moment to review the program on our site as an APPLICANT: (it can be anonymous)

List your pros and cons and why you applied to this program. If you can, please also review all of the other programs that you applied to on the site. It will help others A TON. :)

You also assign start ratings to:
  • Alumni
  • Campus
  • Career Assistance
  • Equipment
  • Coursework
  • Professors
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
You can review a film school as an:
  • Alumni
  • Current Student
  • Admitted Applicant
  • Current Applicant
  • Rejected Applicant
  • Official Tour
  • Unofficial Tour
  • Interview
Thank you! It'll be a HUGE help to the site and fellow applicants. :)
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