AFI - Directing 2019


I'm glad you enjoyed your interview! I am slightly less nervous now after reading your latest update. I will be flying in because I want to see the campus.

Also, I'm just curious. Who interviewed you?

I was interviewed by Andrew Wagner and Jianna Maarten. They were both so kind and welcoming. Do you have the same two scheduled for yours?


Dean have you received an invitation to interview yet? It seems so slow! I've had three more views on my films last week, but perhaps that doesn't mean too much.
Sorry missed your message. Nothing to this day. I don't think I will be invited :). I'm invited for AFI screenwriting so I'm ok with this.


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I had mine yesterday, it was incredibly easy going, it felt more like a relaxed conversation than anything else. They do wanna know if you have a financing plan and want to be sure you're aware you'll be dedicating all of your time to AFI during the conservatory, but other than that, they just wanna know who you are in general.

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