American Film Institute (AFI) - Directing

Degrees Offered
2 Year Conservatory
Tuition Range
$40k to $50k
$59,348 first year $61,425 second year
Hey all. So I applied to both the Directing and Screenwriting tracks-- assuming one's portfolios are of similar quality, has anyone had experience with being asked to interview for both tracks or just one versus the other? Do you get to choose after interviewing for both or do they generally only pick to interview for one track? I guess this is a general question for any school with a Production + Screenwriting track.
In their FAQ section, I remembered a somewhat related question. Their response was:

The AFI Conservatory is designed for those who want to advance their craft in a specific discipline. Most applicants are committed to only one discipline, but yes, you may apply to more than one area of interest. You must submit a separate application (including a discipline-specific narrative statement, submission materials and application fee) for each discipline to which you wish to apply. Due to the collaborative nature of the program, successful applicants will be accepted into only one discipline. It is suggested you do not apply for more than three disciplines in the same academic year.
So it sounds like you will only get accepted into one. Not sure if they narrow it down at the interview stage or later, but you will not likely get to choose and just hope it's the one you can be fully dedicated to.

As far as other schools, a lot of them only allowed one application per year. I think USC allowed multiple but I'm unsure what their process is.

Good luck!

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