Annual Fundraiser Drive - Let's make the site 100% member supported and ad free!

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One goal that I have for is for it to be completely member supported and independent. Just like Consumer Reports doesn't accept money or advertising from companies hawking their products, I want to be an independent resource for film students that is free from the influence of film schools and other institutions.

Banner Ads are currently how the site makes money and pays for the costs of running it, but let's face it... banner ads really stink and mess up the browsing experience. They are intrusive and advertise things that I'm not necessarily behind as I don't really have much control over them. HOWEVER they are currently the ONLY source of funding for the running of this site and the development of all its features such as the new Application Tracker.

I would like to change that. I would like to be able to REMOVE ALL ADS on the site and have it be 100% MEMBER SUPPORTED.

Is this something that you're interested in? Has helped you in your search for a film school?

Help the site be completely 100% member supported and ad free by making a donation to the site.

You'll get a fancy "Supporting Member" badge, your own User Blog page, the ability to put links in your signatures, and have unlimited post editing time. You'll also know that you've helped make it so that I can finally kick banner ads to the curb.

If the site receives enough donations I'll be able to turn off banner ads for EVERYONE and be able to add even more great features.

So if the site has helped you or is helping you apply to film school, please consider making a donation to make this a reality. Let's make this a completely 100% member supported site and kick banner ads to the curb for good.


All payments are through PayPal and go to the site's parent company "S-Films, Inc."

Thank you so much everyone for all your support! I hope the the site has been very helpful to you and I strive everyday to make it better.

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