Anyone hear from UCLA TFT about interview yet?


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I understand that the only way to get admitted into the film program at UCLA is for someone to get an interview with UCLA. Has anyone heard anything from them as in have they emailed or called you to schedule an interview? I'm nervously checking my email everyday!! Thanks guys!


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I heard back from ucla 3/14 saying I made it to the interview round, and I just had my interview today. I hate to be the one to tell you that, but if it were me I wouldn't want to be left hanging, not knowing whether I made it or not. I'm sure the reason you didn't actually get a call yet was that the admissions decisions aren't posted until late april, and then they can notify everyone at once, rather than personally emailing 500+ applicants.

I'm here just seeing what other applicants' interviews were like because I'm honestly freaking out. haha you know how that post-interview feeling is, nothing is ever right, regrets and not mentioning certain things. It's terrifying.
I was nervous at first, but after when they started asking questions about my background I felt less nervous.

Hey, I will send you a Private message with more information from my interview ( it is a better way to chat)


I had my interview on the 30th at 1:30PM. A little scary at first, but the conversational tone was welcome, and I was surprised to realize that about 40 minutes had passed by the time we wrapped it up. Hopefully that's a good sign :)
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best of luck to those lucky ones who already had interviews! Does anyone know if they're done calling people for them? How was the interview process like for you guys?


It was just as they claimed, a fairly casual conversation with a non-aggressive group of people who simply wanted to get a feel for who I was.

This, of course, does nothing to combat the crushing post-interview anxiety that I am sure 29 other people are currently suffering from... though it does make telling people about it later more boring than one might initially anticipate.


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I had my interview on the 29th as well! I will PM some of you see how it went as well. It honestly was very casual and for future applicants nothing to stress over.


My advice for applicants would be definately stress over your submissions - the creative, critical and personal essay. The interview is important, sure, but far less easy to 'manage'... you kinda just gotta go with the flow for it.

The submissions, however, you can make perfect.

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