Applying for the Cinematography MA at NFTS without a BA?


New Member
I was wondering if there are any of you who have applied for MA at NFTS, without doing the BA first?
I saw NFTS mentioning the fact that they consider students without any degrees, but I wonder if anyone has ever done that?
And if you did so, how much of a filmmaking experience you've had?
Personally I do photography for quite a few years now, nothing too serious though. I was always passionate about film and I wanted to go to film school already 10 years back, though my life went on completely different path and just right now I have realised I would like to pursue my long time dream. Also worth mentioning that I'm thinking of applying for year 2023, so I could take this next year on building a portfolio, and doing some short filmmaking courses which LFA or MET offers. Any suggestions or recommendations welcome!

All the best X

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