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El Mateo Verde

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Hey All,

So, my education path has been most nontraditional. I attended the University of Arizona right out of high school and performed miserably. I enlisted in the navy for six years and returned to school afterwards. I currently hold a greater than 3.8 GPA since I went back to school.

Here's the kicker, I have an overall 3.13 when my poor grades from the U of A are calculated in. I want to know how I am going to be judged against fellow applicants. I would like to believe that a committee would look at the facts and I can sell a heck of a story. You know, the whole "I joined the Navy,turned my life around, and now I'm off and running".

I believe I have a competitive reel, but am a a little worried that it won't even be viewed. Any Suggestions for me?


CSU Long Beach has a GPA requirement of 3.4 for the film program. I know, not easy.

They might review your application and even admit you if you have an exceptional reel.

Since they have a great film program, I would recommend giving it a try.

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