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Hello folks,

I'm an international student wanting to become a film director. After a lot of research, I'm divided between those 3 schools. Which one do you guys believe it is the best film school? I know that Ringling has a good animation program, but what about live action?

I have three big questions: 1) Which one has the best film program (generally speaking)?
2) Which one has the best equipments, available for students?
3) Which one has the best location/internships opportunities? >>>> I know that the obvious answer is Art Center, because it is in LA. But I heard that in Ringling they have a studio where some mates (like Kevin Smith) shoot some things and the students can work on those projects. And SCAD is in Georgia, there are a lot of films being made there. But has SCAD ties to those productions?

Btw, I'm talking about

Art Center College of Design
Savannah College of Art and Design
Ringling College of Art and Design

And right now this is my order of preference (Art Center first and Ringling third).

So, what do you guys think, which of those three institutions is the best for an international student who wants to become a film director? (I'm a freshman undergraduate btw)

Thank You Very Much.

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