Bachelor Degree Ineligibility for US Graduate Film Schools


It has been a dream for me to attend Film School in the US to get the correct grooming to be more successful in the field. Unfortunately, I have received rejection from most schools in the US even before my merit or credentials could be processed all owing to the fact that I have a three year bachelor degree from India (which is a standard for courses like Economics and Business in our country).

At this point I received emails from Syracuse, American University, Texas at Austin and USc stating that my degree is ineligible. It has now become extremely frustrating given that it becomes very pointless to complete a masters in India and then go abroad to do another masters (which is apparently their requirement).

Only four film schools in the US had said they would accept the Three Year degree which were: NYU, Chapman, Art Centre College and Brooklyn College.

But then just recently my application at Brooklyn College was processed and I had cleared the mark and received an interview notification. I even gave the interview which went fairly well but then after all of this hassle I was informed a week later that the University will not accept my degree as equivalent to a US degree (Even though the WES evaluation states that it is).

I feel helpless at the moment and I have a bad feeling all the other potential schools would also reject me on this basis which is totally unfair.

Would appreciate it if someone could give me tips on how to overcome this problem or suggest schools that accept a degree of three years length?


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I found a resource that you might find super helpful! They provide opportunities for Asian natives to pursue their respective fields. It's not film school, but it might be an alternative! I know they also help fund grad school, too. I wish I could have answered more of your questions!



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I am in your boat buddy. My three year degree is from Australia, and has been deemed non-qualifying by UCLA as well as USC. However, USC actually told me that if the School of Cinematic Arts like my application they can choose to waiver the 4 year bachelor requirement. That said, I wasn't that hyped on USC anyways so decided not to go through with an application.

I am applying to AFI, NYU as well as Columbia who have all confirmed to me that they accept my degree. All top film schools (and coincidentally my personal top choices)! So there is hope, our selection is just a little smaller.


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I'm so sorry to hear this and while I can't do anything to help, I find this ludicrous, because many countries in the world (e.g. the UK being a big one) issue 3-year bachelor's degrees.
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