BREAKING: Trump suspends Immigration because of COVID :(


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Hmm... It's kind of hard to figure out without the EO issued yet, but I think incoming international students can breathe a sigh of relief since student visas are non-immigrant visas. The same with the O-1 visa, which is what many would apply for after completing their studies if they want to stay in the US.

Not to mention, the order might still be challenged in courts, so I'm crossing my fingers it won't mean much for most of us.

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since student visas are non-immigrant visas
Oh good. I saw that on my news feed and I was like oh shit I hope that doesn't mess things up for the international students. :( That would suck big time for so many people on this site.

Don't want to open up a political wormhole of death on this site.... There are other venues for that. Just sharing and trying to make sense of the craziness of this time.

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